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Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a scary game to play at sleepovers. It originated in Russia where it is popular with kids and teenagers and it is known as “Сладкоежка гномом” which means “Sweet Tooth Gnome”. This ritual involves summoning a gnome that will eat your chocolate.

Sweet Tooth

You need at least 2 people to play this game. The more people you have, the better.

The game must be played in complete darkness. It should only be done at night, after midnight and before dawn.

During the ritual, you have to be very quiet. Do not laugh or speak louder than a whisper.

To play the game you need the following: A bar of chocolate, a mirror, thread or thin string, a pair of scissors.

Step 1: Take the mirror and place it on the floor, directly underneath the light in the ceiling. The mirror should be facing up.

Step 2: Tie a long thread around the bar of chocolate and suspend it from the light above, so that it is hanging just over the mirror, but not touching it.

Step 3: Everyone sits in a circle around the mirror. Every person in the room must play the game. If someone doesn’t want to play, they have to leave the room until the game is over.

Step 4: One person holds out the scissors and prepares to cut the thread. Do not cut the thread yet, just get ready to do it.

Step 5: One person gets up to switch off the light. Then, they must quickly rejoin the circle.

Step 6: The person with the scissors cuts the thread. You will hear the chocolate bar fall onto the mirror. Everyone should chant: “Sweet Tooth, Sweet Tooth, please come” three times.

Step 7: Everyone must remain silent and wait. Soon, you will hear a rustling noise. It is the sound of the gnome unwrapping the chocolate bar. Wait until the rustling sound stops, then slowly count to ten.

Step 8: One person gets up and switches on the light again.

There are several things that may happen:

1. The gnome may eat the chocolate.
2. The gnome may leave teeth marks or bite marks in the chocolate.
3. The gnome may leave a present of more chocolate for you.

This ritual is very low risk, but you have to be careful to obey all the rules. If you don’t, the gnome could bite you or escape from the mirror into our world. If the gnome escapes, they say it will hide in your house and bite your toes while you sleep.


  • Can someone please tell me if this works? XD I want to try it sooooo bad! But if it doesn’t work I ain’t wasting chocolate. XD

  • If any of you watch Spongebob who remembers the guy who screams chocolate

    Reply 1 if you think he will play reply 2 if not

  • Well I won’t do this, and if someone calls me a coward for my choice, what do they expect me to do? Eat the chocolate and get allergies?


  • Cause everybody likes getting their toes bitten off right? Also i’d like to say i’m pretty sure your fat friend is going to eat the chocolate so, ya…

  • Noooooooooooo… Don’t take MY chocolate!!!!😈😈😈🍫🍫🍫🍫😈. MY CHOCOLATE!!!

  • i would laugh to every thing i do one time this happend

    Friend: Im gonna make a vido and u better not LAUGH!!

    Me: WHAAAAT?! I do NOT laugh at every thing.

    Friend: Yea u do .

    Me : Fine wat ever u say . Contuine with your vidio.

    Friend: Hey guys its me ! So i went to the mall and ….

    Me: ( giggles)

    Friend: ( looks at me)

    Me: Im just ….. um…

    Friend: As i was sayin…


  • All i can imagine at the end is “NOM NOM NOM…TOOOOOOEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Am I the only one?

  • Tried it but after 10 seconds of waiting i could not hold it so I ate the chocolate. I`m addicted to chocolate XD

  • This game is crap. I think someone in the circle is supposed to be the “gnome” and suddenly realize that the game is crap, then eat the chocolate him/herself. Me and my friends literally waited for like 10 minutes after my friend almost broke her back attaching the thread to the light, and no gnome of any kind appeared. This game was a waste of my life. So thanks.

  • Chocolate is prescioussss… This game is scary. Trust me, i play it every night.

  • Psshh oh yeah…it’ ll leave “more chocolate”…mmmhmmm…the kind u shouldn’t eat! Haha…no seriously is that what it would be… Or what?

  • ……………………….never doing this my chocolate is too precious PROTECT TTHE PRECIOUS(in smeagols voice from lord of the ring)

  • i hate chocolate…! >.< yuck ,. Anyway u forgot .. The line of closing eye…!! If not that wat was the used of "may" cos u r already witnessing the event…! :v lol

  • Well having my toes being bitten by a gnome is better than risking my life to just wander around opening the door then forget what is dangerous and what is not…

    But one problem… That Mean I had to sacrifice bar of chocolate…!

  • It sounds fun, but i wouldn’t sacrifice a good bar of chocolate for this! :P

  • I wish the gnome is a good one and leaves more chocolate bars behind… I am a chocolate fan too, you see … Nice ritual though

  • Me too I would be more happy if it was somewhat dangerous like red door yellow door but I really appreciate good job again SFK :)

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