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Striped Sweater

The Striped Sweater is a spooky story written by a member of this website named Pete (with a little help from ScaryForKids). It’s about a group of boys who find some bloody clothes in the woods and stumble on an old, abandoned shack.

Striped Sweater

In the woods, near the school playground, there is a path. Students from the school are banned from setting foot on it. If you follow the path, it leads to a clearing in the woods where there is an old, abandoned shack with a rusty lock on the door. The students would often tell stories about the old shack, claiming that it was haunted and that any kids or teenagers who went there would disappear, never to be seen or heard from again.

One Saturday afternoon, in late October, a teenager named Ryan was hanging around with his younger brother Wayne and his best friends, Marcus and Brent. All four of the boys attended the school and Ryan, Marcus and Brent were in the same class.

They were playing football in the school playground when they saw two teenage couples going down the path. Wayne and Brent recognized them as older students from the school. The boys got the idea into their heads that they should go down that path and see just what the old shack was really all about.

Wayne led the way, followed by Brent, Marcus and Ryan. They had just gotten into the woods when they noticed a striped sweater lying there on the ground. When Ryan picked it up and turned it over, he saw dark stains on it that he thought looked like dried blood.

The boys continued down the path, laughing and joking about it. Marcus was saying that maybe it belonged to Freddy Kreuger or Jason Vorhees. He was just trying to scare the others.

All of a sudden, a flock of birds shot out from the bushes. It was a murder of crows. An ominous sign. The boys continued down the path for a little longer until they came to a huge ditch. The shack was on the other side of the ditch.

Ryan jumped across it first, then Marcus, then Brent, then Wayne. The shack was green, rusty and really small. When walked up and looked through the dusty windows, they saw it had two rooms. There were a number of tools strewn across the floor. As they peered through the windows, they were confronted by four big black dogs. Two Dobermans and two Rottweillers to be exact.

Behind the snarling dogs, there was a man with a knife in his hand. He had long black hair, a red and black striped sweater and a dirty face. He seemed to scraping something into a bucket and feeding it to the dogs. The man got up to sharpen his knife and the boys got a better look at what he was working on.

They were horrified when they recognized the bodies of the four teenagers they had seen going down the path before them. They were covered in blood and their corpses had been hacked up into pieces.

The terrified boys turned to flee, but they accidentally knocked over some paint cans that had been stacked outside. The cans fell over with a loud crash. The man with the knife turned around and spotted the boys. His face was twisted with rage and he started shouting and unleashed his dogs.

The teenage boys ran for their lives, the ravenous dogs hot on their heels. When they came to the ditch, Wayne, Marcus and Brent managed to make the jump, but Ryan slipped. He landed with a thud at the bottom of the ditch and one of the dogs pounced on him, sinking its teeth into his ankle. He managed to kick the dog in the face and free himself.

While the dog was stunned, Ryan climbed out of the ditch. Bleeding from his leg, he ran down the path, yelling for his friends. The man with the knife and his four dogs were still chasing him. He could see the others waiting for him at the start of the path. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that the man and his four dogs had stopped. The man was standing there, staring at the boys with a menacing look on his face.

When he reached his friends, Ryan collapsed from pain and exhaustion. The others picked him up and dragged him to the safety of the school grounds. While he was recovering, Ryan pulled down his pant legs to show them the bite marks.

The boys called the police and told them to come down to the school. A few minutes later, two officers showed up in a squad car. They went down the path with flashlights and were gone for almost an hour. When they came back, one of the policemen was carrying the striped sweater in his hand. Both of them looked pale.

“OK,” said one officer. “We found this striped sweater and a large amount of blood in that old shack. There was also some blood on the path leading up to the shack that was apparently hidden by the leaves. Aside from that the sweater is all we have as evidence. We didn’t find any man or any vicious dogs.”

Ryan lifted up his pants leg and showed them the bite marks. Then, the police took the boys down to the station for questioning. While Ryan was sitting in the office of the chief of police, he happened to notice an old, faded picture on the wall.

“That’s him!” he cried. “That’s the man with the knife!”

The chief of police looked puzzled. “That’s impossible,” he said. “The man in that photograph is Jack Monroe. He was a serial killer. Back in the early 80′s, he murdered a number of young couples. I was the one who caught him. He was executed 30 years ago…”


  • @DobbyisFree LOL great username! :P And I respect people who watch spongebob

  • “The best time to wear a striped sweater,
    Is all the time.
    One with a collar,
    Turtleneck! That’s the kind.
    ‘Cause when you’re wearing… That one… special… sweater…”
    -Spongebob Squarepants

  • Nice, and the title reminded me of spongebob, WHEN’s THE BEST TIME To WEAR A STRIPPED SWEATER???

  • @ the dreaded terror I’ll answer for bullies are losers. You also made comment asking where you put a poem. You do that in the Tell Me Your Story section. Also SFK will determine it as soon as they see it which should be within 24 hours I’m assuming. However depending on how long it takes for them to edit and/or post it it could be within a week, a few months, or a year.

  • @ bullies are losers
    What do you mean ’cause my comments on the story is that is was a great story but the ending was kind of predictable

  • those are burns on the sweater not dried blood does anyone else feel like they read this before but not in tell me your story or tmys so i don’t longate this comment

  • Trivia. There was a real shack in the woods by my elementary school which is where I got the idea for this. I think it’s gone now though.

  • @ scaryforkids

    Dear Scaryforkids,
    I am pretty new to website and I only check out new stories and poems as they really interest me.
    I made up my own poem and would like to send it to you, where should I post it and how long would it approximately take you pick it out and decide whether it is good enough to be edited then posted.
    Please reply as soon as you possibly can.

    Gratefully yours

  • @dragonslayer what the hell are u on about lool interesting read tho, I thing SFK should feature your segment under ‘funny stories’…. ;-)

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  • Here is the original story by Pete: “The Old Shack In The Woods” – In the woods by the elementary school playground there is a path. The path goes to a locked up shack that students liked to tell stories about. There tons of stories from that it was haunted to kids or teenagers would go there and disappear never to be seen or heard from again. There was even a rule against going in there during recess. One Saturday afetrnoon in late October Ryan who went to that school went there with his teenage brother Wayne and his buddy Brent who went there when they were kids and Ryan’s best friend and neighbor Marcus who also went there. They were playing football in the field and saw two teenage couples go down the path. Wayne and Brent recognized them as older students frm that school. Then we got the idea to down that path and see just what the old shack was really about.

    Wayne led the way followed by Brent then Marcus then Ryan. They had just gotten in the woods when they noticed a sweater lying there. They picked it up and turned over and saw dark stains on it which they thought was blood. It looked recent. They continued down the path laughing saying maybe it was Jason that got that guy. They joking trying to scare each ther when when a unch of crows shot out from a brush. They ducked and after a while Wayne gave the signal to get up. We continued down the path for a little longer when we reached the end. There was a huge ditch that had the shack on the other side.

    I jumped it first then Marcus, then Brent, then Wayne. THe shack was green rusty and really small. When we looked at the inside it seemed to have tools and two rooms. We walked up to it to see four big black dogs 2 Dobermans and two Rottweillers to be exact. They were facing a man with a knife. The man had long black hair a black leather jacket and a dirty face. He seemed to scraping it with something and putting the remains in a bucket and feeding its bones to the dogs as well as some remains. He then sharpened the knife then went on to to do another. We all gasped in horror. We recognized the bodies of the kids that went in before us. We turned to flee but the leaves were too loud as they crunched and then they unfortunately snapped a twig that made a loud noise as it cracked. Him and his dogs turned to them and began to chae them and they began to flee.

    Wayne and Brent jumped the ditch then Marcus then Ryan. Rayn unfortunately slipped and landed in the ditch and got bit on the ankle by of the Dobermans. He then jumped out and ran down the path yelling for his friends with the man chasing him with the knife that was still dripping blood from the murdered teenagers and his four dogs were in front of him. He could see the clearing and the others waiting for him. He ran outside and dropped on the ground to rest out of breath. He pulled odown his pant legs to show them his bite marks and then they started walking home. They looked back and saw the man and his four dogs looking at them in an angry and menacing way in the clearing.

    When they were out of sight they called the police in the school’s parking lot. They showed up in three separate cars. They went down the path with flashlights and were gone for almost an hour. When they cam back. One had the bloody shirt in his hand and one of them who looked to be in his late 50′s had a pale look on his face. “Ok they said said we found this and a large amount of blood on the path and also leading up to the shack that was apparently hidden by the leaves. Aside from that the sweater is all we have as evidence. We didn’t find any man or vicious dogs. Ryan lifted up his pants and showed them where he got bit. That scar never went away. Then he described the man. “That’s impossible. The man you’re describing is Jack Monroe a serial killer in the early 80′s who lived in that shack. I gunned him down myself 30 years ago”.

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