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Strange Photos

Strange Photos is a scary story about a boy who is terrified of a picture he finds in an old book.

Strange Photos

Charles found the old book when he was 12 years old. It was stuck in behind an old bookcase in the attic of his house. The cover of the book was missing and so were some of the pages inside. It was a book of frightening ghost stories but without the cover, Charles could never been sure if the stories were real or just made up.

Lying in bed at night, Charles would read the stories quietly to himself. They terrified him, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop himself from reading each one again and again. His heart would be pounding and his breath would catch in his throat, yet he still felt unable to put the book down.

There was only one illustration in the book, a solitary strange photograph in the middle pages. Charles could never bear to look at it. Something about the photo unnerved him but he found himself string at it for hours. He never understood why the photograph held such a strange fascination for him.

There was nothing in the picture that should cause him such fear and dread. It merely showed an empty metal staircase leading down into darkness. Could it be the fear of something or someone lurking in the darkness? Perhaps it was the fact that the rusty metal steps looked as if they were covered in blood.

For some reason, the photo terrified him so much that he finally reached breaking point. He ripped it out of the book and threw it in the trash. Charles thought that would be the end of it, but he found that he was unable to get the picture out of his mind.

When he fell asleep at night, he would see the empty metal staircase in his nightmares and he always woke up drenched in a cold sweat. The strange photo haunted him for years. As he got older, he would often be reminded of the photo and then the nightmares would start again. It was as if what he had seen in the photo could never be unseen.

Walking home from college one night, Charles took a shortcut through a dark alleyway and came upon a scene that seemed all too familiar to him. Up ahead, he could see the same rusty metal staircase that had haunted his dreams for so many years.

Charles felt a chill go up his spine and he had the sudden urge to flee. But his curiosity got the better of him. He had to find out why the staircase had disturbed him so much.

Charles approached the staircase cautiously, staring down into the darkness that lay below. In his terror, his mind began to recognize strange shapes in the pitch black. He could hear odd sounds and moans coming from underground.

As Charles stood at the top ofmthe stairs, he began shaking with fear. He was about to turn and leave when he heard something strange. A whisper or a low groan. He looked down and started screaming.

Strange Photos


  • When I saw the eyes I was this tan —> 👩🏽
    But now I’m —> 👩🏻 (Except brown hair) 10/10 creeeepy photos

  • Nice not scary but nice. This is totally unrelated but can someone tell me if I’m the only adult reader on this site it would be so weird if I was

  • I zoomed in on the photo and could not find them but then I looked to my left and saw eyes peering at me but they were not on my phone……… They were my boyfriends. He was looking at me from behind my phone. LOL.

  • 1 . I think it’s because of the fake wall
    2. Is it the two eyes lurking in the background
    3. I don’t know why he screamed

    Scardy cat-_-

    But good story.

  • 1) Not creepy.
    2) They’re only EYES.
    3) I think I’ve made my point.
    But either way, its a good story…

  • @Dimka, I have seen Gothica too! It didn’t remind me of that, but hey ho, if you say so. Me and my dad, whenever mum and my brothers are out we’d watch all the Horror films we could find! Normally I watch two films a night, the first night we watched The Girl in the Water followed by Gothica, then recently we watched The Hunger Games (4th time I’ve seen it. lol) followed by The Watcher in the Woods. Hey, do you know any scary films you could suggest to me? BTW, bare in mind I am ten, but please don’t say boring Disney films and that rubbish.

  • @AreYouBrave SERIOUSLY?! Thanks for probably giving me nightmares! YIKES! Creepy . . . I’m ten and then comment freaked the HELL outta me!! The only story that ever creeped me out was this . . . and ur comment!

  • JESUS CHRIST!! I was looking at the blur because I thought that was the scary thing, and I thought, “This is a pathetic story” and then I saw the trapped face. This is the first story on this site that really unnerved me! Congratulations SFK!!

  • @DJ_Freak no they arent. those eyes ar disgusting. i can see then in the first pic. but i also noticed th wierd light thing hanging from the cieling in the pic. awful

  • @bullies are losers yeah I can see them so how can the boy walked from there?? Does he walk on the water? Haha! not scary at all!


  • for some reason i didn’t see them, even on the close up! then after readin the comments i scrolled back up and saw them. i got pale and i’m already really pale.(redhead)

  • I saw the pic on top and I was liek, Um so? Kinda kreepy deserted place but whatevs…. Then I saw the same picture at the end and im liek, HOLY SH*T!!! I feel like im being watched. *turns around*

  • Of course, I’m like zoomed in all the way lookin for whats wrong with the picture when I finally saw the eyes I thought that we’re a binky then I look closer and like start freakin out when I see the eyes. Now I am afraid of stairs.

  • my gooseflesh wont go away!!! it kinda reminds me of gothika where the girl is stuck n the stair case O.O

  • the picture isn’t gory or anything, but the thing that really messes with your mind is the fact that it looks so normal, like something you see everyday, but then you just see a pair of EYES. Whoever invented it is pure genius

  • At first I was confused. But then I looked carefully at the picture and saw those eyes…….


  • My pants feel gushy and damp….Oh…..That’s why…..MOMMY I NEED MY BROWN PANTS!!! I seen this on [another website] and I noticed the eyes, and it never scared me. The story is what makes it scarier. Put yourself in his shoes, how would you feel if when you are looking down some metal, rusted, bloodstained steps and you look straight down and see a pair of eyes, nothing else, staring at you? I know I would scream. I already did. So did my mind. I’m sleeping in my parents’ room for tonight….And the rest of the month.

  • Did anyone else notice that the gleam at the bottom of the stairs looks like light shining on what looks like water, so it almost seems like bodies were dispensed into the water under the stairs? Or that the ‘rust’ might actually be dried blood on the stairs from the bodies that were dragged down them & then dumped into the water? The eyes may be the body of someone who is still partially alive.

  • omg i know this is inopropret but wat if a woman found that place and she had a loose dress on O_O

  • I read this before, and when I saw those eyes, they freaked the hell outta me!

  • the first thing i saw in the picture were the eyes,
    i spent ages looking for this pic to show my little sis…..

  • When I saw the picture I thought ” what’s so interesting about some old stairs?” then I scrolled down and I saw the eyes and I was like “ahhhhhhh!”

  • OMG i didn’t even notice that. I was already creeped out by the first picture, and now i see why! Holy crap!

  • They terrified him, but for some reason, he couldn’t stop himself from reading each one again and again. His heart would be pounding and his breath would catch in his throat, yet he still felt unable to put the book down.
    sounds like the me and the stories on this website XD

  • Right, so he first saw the picture when he was twelve, and now he’s in college. So the thing’s been under the stairs for 8 years? Not cool, bro. o_o

  • This pic is CURSED! idk if it’s just the scariness or if it’s always supposed to cause bad dreams cause that’s what iv been having!

  • HOLY CRAP! When I saw those eyes I almost crapped my pants! OMG OMG this one no doubt was the scariest thing I’ve ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that’s not really scary… they didn’t even tell us what stories he was reading!!! i was hoping i could find them on the web and read them rofl :)

  • I read this story and looked at the photograph and wasn’t frightened. I read someone’s above comment about the eyes in the crack, scrolled up a teeny bit, and BAM! Those eyes met mine, and my heart all but jumped out of my chest! That picture with that timing, scared the total bejezus out of me. I had to register just to comment on this, I want to scare my bro with this now. XD

  • Well, i literally just heard scratching sound coming from my basement…. my heart just skipped 5 beats

  • i saw this picture a like a year ago and i forgot how it looked like so i decide to look at it again but the blood looks nasty and
    eyes beneath the stair is just creepy is that person some mental person hidden under the stairs waiting to kill somebody??

  • 0_o Hold up,why the hell would you go down the staircase?And if I saw some freakin eyes id be outta there faster than u could say hi!Oh yea thats how fast.Rockin story though :]

  • Holy Crap. I read all the comments and I was like “What eyes?” Then I scroleld back up and the eyes were like bulging out at me. that is Was Freaking SCARY. I’m going to have nightmares now.

  • Wow i think i just sh*t myself. BTW if you cant see it, its where the crack in the cement is before the rusted stairs.

  • I was looking at that image on the top like “oohh, whats so scary about that light?” I looked all around it to find something hiding, but i couldnt. I noticed that crack in the floorboard, but i thought those were just cement rocks! Then…in the end…*shivers* EYEZZZZ!!

  • bloody hell… I didn’t realise what was so scary until I saw the eyes… I think I just soiled myself

  • me either no matter how scary something is i just like seeing and discovering more abbout it

  • The eyes…whats so scary about them? My FRIEND even looks scarier then that.Sure, those are eyes. But who’s are they? Where did they come from? Is it a witch? Is it Charles imagination? Is it a dream?

  • OMG…i stared at this pictures for an hour and i just noticed the eyes…this creeped me out..this is SCARY!!!!!

  • I have this photo hanging in my house.when i first got it from my grandmother,i knew there was some missing message.i asked my grandmother were she got it,and she replied “i found it next to area the photo shows”.A day later i noticed the eyes under the staircase.i went back to my grandmothers and asked why the’re are a matching pair of eyes.she didnt now.the same day i found out the photo was in a newspaper saying a guy named charle was kled their 5 years ago.aparently a psycho was hidden under there waiting for people to come.i found out where the location was and i went there.what i found was a skeleton with a kitchen knife in its chest with blood on it and ripped up clothing.

    True Story about my life.

  • it was ok i was freaker out at the image but the story freaked me out 2 and some of it didnt make sence

  • OOH NOEZ i know i’ve seen this before but when i read the story and look at the picture i was like brrrrr mah bones be chilled

  • ahh..okay. i got it. at first i was actually staring at the white blurry image at the middle of it then i was frightened of what will i read and see next. then i saw what the picture what was really been pionting out. it was a person who was traped? i don’t really know,but the pic really creeped me out

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