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The Stare

The Stare is a creepy story about a girl who takes the subway one night.

The Stare

A girl was sitting on the subway late one night and she noticed that the woman sitting across from her was staring intently at her. The woman was sitting between two old men. The girl kept looking away, but the woman wouldn’t break eye contact with her. The stare was beginning to freak the girl out.

At the next stop, a new passanger got on. It was a tall man in a grey trenchcoat. He sat down next to the girl.

The woman paid no attention to the man in the trenchcoat. She just kept staring at the girl, who was getting more and more creeped out as time went on. The two old men didn’t even glance in her direction. She pretended not to notice, but each time she glanced at the strange woman the stare continued.

When the train was pulling into the next stop, the man in the trenchcoat got up to leave. Suddenly, he grabbed the girl’s arm tightly and as the doors opened, he dragged her off the train.

The subway doors shut and the train pulled off, leaving the girl alone on the platform with the man in the trenchcoat. She started screaming for help.

“Calm down”, said the man. “I just saved your life. I didn’t mean to scare you but I had to get you off that train. The woman sitting opposite you was dead and the two men beside her were propping her up. “


  • Haha cool…that was an awesome story. I remember reading it before. That chick in the pic looks tall. Ugh…I hate when people stare….happens too much.

  • “The women sitting opposite you.” “The women sitting opposite *from you.” It doesn’t make sense, Was it a typo?

  • Hi this is my story about my new life my name is Rachel and me my mom and my dad are the new neighbors we were so exited to ahd moved into a new house i was exited to meet new friends but it was time for bed and so she got she took a bath in her new bath not gross or discusting but peor clean then she washed her hair brushed her teeth and went to bed and her brand new bed. I said “im so exited about this i can’t till tomorrow!” exitedly. But I heard somthing unusual I heard ths screaching noice screeeeeech screeeeeeeeech screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech it got louder and longer i had to deal with that sound the whole time …….TO BE COTINUED

  • This is basically like another story on this site except the man in the trenchcoat was a doctor and before getting off he told the girl the woman was dead :)

  • I formed a prediction that the woman was distracting the girl from noticing the man in the trench coat, and then he would kidnap her and then they would kill her.

  • That was awesome… Didn’t see that coming!!!! Keep posting stories like this!!! Sfk rocks!!! Wooohooo…!!!😉😁😁😁

  • If someone stared at me, I would stare right back until my eyes water. Then I would start laughing. Although I’ve got more ways to make them stop staring. Well, dead people are a whole ‘nother case. :)

  • Wow it wz so unpredictable ,i thot da man wz a serial killr wu wntd 2 kill her lol :O curse my twisted mind

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