The Squidward creepypasta is a scary story about the animated TV show Spongbob Squarepants. It is mainly known under the titles “Squidward’s Suicide”, “Squidward’s Death”, “Squidward Dies” or “Suicidal Squidward”.

Squidward Creepypasta

As you may be aware, Spongebob Squarepants is a popular animated TV series that is broadcast on Nickelodeon. It began airing in 1999 and featured cartoon characters such as Spongebob and his friend with tentacles, Squidward. It is one of Nickelodeon’s highest-rated shows and is currently the longest-running series on the channel.

Despite being one of the best-loved cartoons on TV, few people are aware of a very disturbing incident that occurred in Nickelodeon’s animation studios, during the production of the series a few years ago.

In 2005, Nickelodeon’s animation studios had recently completed production on the SpongeBob movie and the entire staff was somewhat sapped of creativity so it took them longer to begin work on the new season of TV episodes. The delay lasted much longer than it should have due to a very upsetting problem with the first episode of Season 4.

The lead animators and sound editors were in the editing room to review the final cut of S04E01. They received a copy of the episode and gathered around the screen to watch. The title of the episode was supposed to be “Fear of a Krabby Patty”, but when the title card came up on the screen, it read, “Squidward’s Suicide”. Everyone in the room was more than a little confused.

The Spongebob Squarepants theme tune played as usual and the episode began with Squidward practicing on his clarinet, hitting a few sour notes. SpongeBob was laughing and Squidward stopped playing to yell at him to keep it down as he had a concert that night and needed to practice. SpongeBob said OK and went with Patrick to see Sandy. The bubbles splash screen came up, followed by the end of Squidward’s concert.

It was at this point that the episode began to get very strange. As Squidward’s concert ended, there was discontented murmuring in the crowd and they begin to boo him loudly and maliciously. Squidward looked visibly afraid. Spongebob was standing in front of the crowd and he, too, was booing. Even more odd was the fact that all of the characters had hyper-realistic eyes. They were very detailed and their pupils were glowing red.

The next scene showed Squidward sitting on the edge of his bed, looking very depressed and forlorn. Behind him, in his porthole window, a dreary night sky could be seen. The unsettling part was that there was absolutely no sound. Squidward just sat there in silence for about 30 seconds, then he started to sob softly. Then, he put his tentacle-hands over his eyes and cried quietly for a full minute. Gradually, the sound grew louder and a slight breeze could be heard in the background.

The camera slowly zoomed in on Squidward’s face and his sobbing grew louder and louder, full of hurt and anger. The sound of the wind became more severe, as if a storm was brewing. Very faintly, in the background, something that sounded like hollow laughter could be heard. It came at odd intervals and never lasted more than a second. After 30 seconds of this, the screen blurred and twitched violently and something flashed over the screen, as if a single frame had been replaced.

The lead animation editor paused the video and rewound it, frame by frame. Suddenly, something horrible flashed up on the screen. It was a still photo of a young boy. His face was mangled and bloody and one of his eyeballs was dangling out of its socket. His stomach had been sliced open and his intestines lay in a pile beside him.

The editors gathered around the screen couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They pressed play and continued to watch the video, hoping that it was all just some sick joke being played on them by the animators. On the screen, Squidward was still sobbing, but the sound was louder than before. There seemed to be blood coming from his eyes and running down his cheeks. The blood did not seem to be animated. It looked all too real. The wind sounded like a raging storm. The deep, unsettling laughter became more and more frequent.

Suddenly, the screen twitched again. One of the editors paused the video and rewound it. Another single frame photo flashed up on the screen. This time, it was a little girl. She was lying face-down in a pool of blood. Her left eyeball was hanging by a thread and her entrails were piled on top of her. There were deep cuts all over her back. One of the interns in the room said he felt sick and rushed out into the corridor.

The editor clicked a button and the episode resumed playing. Squidward was silent again and there was no sound at all. He put his tentacles down and his eyes were now done in hyper-realistic and detailed. They were bleeding, bloodshot and pulsating. He just stared at the camera, as if he was watching the viewer. Everyone in the room shifted uncomfortably. A few seconds later, he started sobbing again, but this time he didn’t cover his eyes. The sound was loud and piercing and screams rang out in the background. Bloody tears were dripping down his face as the wind began blowing again and the deep-voiced laughter returned.

Another still photo flashed up on the screen and the editor paused the video again. This time, the photo was of a different young boy. His right eyeball was hanging out of its socket and a large hand was reaching into his open stomach and pulling out his intestines. Everyone in the room gasped at this and one of the sound editors vomitted on the floor. Everybody was shaking and frightened. Someone rushed out to fetch a mop.

The editor stopped the video and said that he would call the producer and show him the horrifying photos contained in the video. Fifteen minutes later, the producer burst into the room and demanded to know why he had been called down to the studio. The editor didn’t answer him. He just pressed play and the episode continued on the screen.

Squidward was just staring at the camera, his face in close-up. The soundtrack became silent and a deep voice was heard whispering “Do it.” The camera pulled back, revealing that Squidward was holding a shotgun in his tentacle-hands. He suddenly raised the shotgun, placed the barrel in his mouth and pulled the trigger.

There was a huge explosion and realistic blood and brain matter splattered against the wall behind him. His head disintegrated and his body fell sideways and collapsed on the bed. The last five excrutiating seconds of the episode show his body on the bed, on his side, one eye dangling on what’s left of his head above the floor, staring blankly at it. Then the episode cut to black.

The producer was furious and demanded to know what the heck was going on. Most people left the room, feeling sick to their stomachs. Just a handful of people remained in the editing room, attempting to figure out what exactly had gone wrong with the episode.

The only explanation they could come up with was that, somewhere along the line in the production process, the video footage had been edited by someone. The logs were consulted and everyone who had worked on the video was accounted for. The editors attempted to analyse the video file, but there was no timestamp. All of the video equipment involved in the production line was examined for viruses, malware and other malicious files, but everything checked out fine.

Due to the nature of the photos, the footage was handed over to the police, but nothing came of it. None of the children in the photos was ever identified and the video files yielded no clues or physical evidence. To this day, nobody at Nickelodeon’s animation studios can explain what happened.


  • Guys I love SpongeBob and watched a video about this on YouTube, where it said they showed ‘clips’ of the video and it was just edited pieces and poorly-drawn stuff. This never happened and it isn’t real.

  • Probably the only one i have never heard before and i thought the spongebob one was scary lol 8/10 squidwards

  • i feel so SAD!!! About 50% of you guys probaly stoped watching spongbob cuz of this . i dont care bout this stuff! I LOVE spongebob and this can not get in the way of it. Sponge bob is a halituse tv show that i love !!!

  • The awkward moment when I read this, is that, I am growing up with the happy and fun version of Spongebob, instead of a depressing one like this episode. Squidward is my favourite character in Spongebob because he shows real emotions of human beings, such as angry, annoyed and so on. It seems that this weird episode shows how Squidward is finally succumbed to his stressful life and thus, resulting in his suicide. When a cartoon series got too real, its kinda freak you out. That’s how I feel right now, totally freaking out.

  • I saw the video it was funny apart from those poor dead kids that was horrible… Its on youtube

  • It isn’t real some guy heard the story and posted it on youtube my brothers friend said that the blood and guts was from an episode of the walking dead good story!

    I JUST WATCHED THE ORIGINAL EPISODE! it was sooooo creepy. and the blood DID look real not animated O_o

  • ahh spongebob likes squidward was he posessed becausehe said boo on squidward performance which is odd because he was usually the only one clapping at his performance together with patrick and it scared the crap out of me and what’s creepypasta?

  • thats scary poor squidward btw if i watched that I would’ve been one of the people to vomit on the floor besides my stomache churned just reading that I am hoping to have my own cartoon some day so I hope nobody does that to one of the episodes


  • This story wasn’t really scary…it just scars u because I been watching this show my whole life

  • heres what really happened:before people watched suicidal squidward(red mist),a man who worked at nickelodeon was fired and he wanted he made this suicidal squidward video to freak people out.and some how,he got it to air one time so that people would sue nickelodeon. nickelodeon quickliy got it off the air,but it had already been one ever sued nickelodeon,but there were reports of the video.

  • The video on YouTube is just a collection of old sponge bob video’s that were crappily edited.

    (Lol caps to get your aytention. btw my question is serious
    please answer it i beg you)

  • that … is … so … awesome. i love the eyes and how real they look. and the way the bodies were mutilated was totally interesting to read.

  • So basically, the only reason we are afraid is because they remind us of things and then makes them scary!
    Blood Rose

  • Hi guys!! Guess wat? to all those out there who r really creeped out by this… haha the first time i read this i was really creeped out too! Well, the only reason why creepypastas are scary is because they feast on memories… like, i really loved spongebob. So now when i read this, it reminds me of my tv show and that beloved grouchy neighbor with tentacles we all know and love! When it stirs up my experiences, i just am horrified!!! lol just wanted to say that!!

  • This and the “Dead Bart” story were the first two stories on here that really freaked me out.

  • this is disturbing, creepy, and the picture is really freaky.i love nickelodeon. XD

  • Oh…my…God…I can’t believe it. I think this is the first time I actually feel a little sick about a story I read…I have a feeling that I wanna throw up… ew!

  • i just watched this video on youtube its stupid at the end the video says your gonna die

  • Thats……thats twisted and really freaky. Wouldn’t there be someone working on it before it was given to them ?

  • Imagine that you are watching Spongebob Squarepants in the middle of the night and suddenly that particular episode comes on….scary stuff man,scary stuff….

  • omg i luv spongebob and squidward .this is creepy. i like almost al the spongebob characters like the master of nothing patrick and plankto and krabs

  • I remember on youtube, I saw that as a suggested video to something that had nothing to do with it.

  • that is the creepyest creepypasta ive ever heared!to tell the truth,i hope to see that acctuelly be broadcasted

  • MORE NEW STORYS PPPLLLEEEAASSSEEEEEE hey whats up bffl xxdelisous sceamxx or do i mean hayliy1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i hate this story you have changed my most 2 favortie cartoons the first is the cowerley dog show but i guess it is a good stoy because it was so scary i got my brother and his friend to like this site then i got my friend maddy to like this site then she got hr popular friend gray to like this site so who knows how many people he got to go to the site YOURE WELCOME

    Scaryforkids says: LOL. Thanks a lot pinkblood! I need more visitors. Plz tell everyone you know to visit my site. :D

  • I wa actually looking forward to watching spongebob because i haven’t seen it in more than two years due to me being in Korea and the Koreans making the characters sound gay, now i can wait a little longer D:

  • THAT was scary… I wanna see the clip. BUT with a lot of people around me. Lol’ That was pretty freaky though!

  • Omfg i want to watch this episode because it might be the scariest thing i ever watched. What an excellent storey too!


  • Woah… I watch Spongebob every morning at my cousin’s house. That’s really … creepy…

  • @Iwannebescared101 hehe i know(:nope I haven’t seen that,I’m talking about squidward lol

  • OMAIGAWD THIS SERIOUSLY TERRIFIED THE S*** OUTTA ME. This is probably SFK’s scariest story yet! oAo

  • @ silent creepz its just a story, and have you read sweet apple massacre or are u talking bout squidward?

  • Now this is a true creepypasta :D WE NEED MOAR!!! but guess who’s not sleeping tonight D:

  • Wow!! I don’t watch SpongeBob much but iz this real??????
    Sooooo creepy

  • OMG! Creepy , I LOVED IT :) but now im scared since squidward was always my favorite Spongbob character :(

  • Best Scary Story Ever!
    Spongebob Never Before Seen Episodes. 24 Episodes
    Including The Most Scarest Episode Ever.
    Warning This Episode Contains’ Blood And Gore.
    Coming Soon To A Store Near You

  • i have read this before one thing i dont get,if the girl was face down how do they know her eye was hanging out O.o
    @htfnutty4575 i read sweet apple massacre when i was little thinking it was just a story about mlp, scarred for life

  • @ iminlovewithscarystories there are video’s or clips of the show floating around on the web.
    @ xSilentcreepzx yes, its real. but i have 2 admit. it would make one hell of a halloween special.

  • Guys guys guys!!! Wat is creepy pasta? Is it a website? If it is then im so fickin happy rite now ^.^
    Scaryforkids says: “creepypasta” just means “creepy story”.

  • My bro showed me this and it creeped me out and I had nightmares for a day or two.

  • omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg srry i was dramatized 4 a sec, and wow i am freaked out, i watch spongebob almost everyday,now that is some scary junk sfk…. I WANT MORE OF IT!

  • Hey!!! This is a creepypasta! Ugh… My favourite creepypasta is Jeff the Killer :3

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