Snake Woman

The Snake Woman or “Nure Onna” is a japanese urban legend about a vicious dragon-like creature with the head of a woman and the body of an enormous snake. She has creepy snake-like eyes, long scaly arms that end in claws, sharp fangs and long, beautiful hair.

Snake Woman

The Snake Woman haunts the shoreline and preys on unsuspecting swimmers and fishermen. When she spots her prey, she rises from the water and paralyzes her victim with her eyes. She then uses her long, snake-like tongue to suck all the blood out of her victim’s body.

Despite her incredible length, Nure Onna can hide in deceptively shallow pools of water. She has even been known to use her beautiful face and hair to lure swimmers to their deaths. She bobs her head on the surface of the water and flaps her arms, pretending to be a drowning woman. When someone dives in to save her, she rises up, snatches them with her claws and drags them down to the murky depths.

Once she has you in her sights, it is difficult to escape the grasp of the Snake Woman. She can suddenly spring great distances to grab you, so the best way to protect yourself against her is to avoid walking alone on the beach at night.


  1. Dark_Destroyer says

    Huh ok….I’m no where near a beach so yeah…is it just me or does this kinda sound like lilith…I think thats her name anyways…

  2. Snakegirl62 says

    It’s sounds similar to the Basilisk in Harry Potter. Also what a coincidence….my username is Snakegirl62….

  3. Gigabytez says

    So the morale of the story is don’t try to save women from drowning.
    Japan is weird.

  4. starfire says

    Eww hate snakes and the women in the pic is not beautiful and why she only lives in water ?

  5. Ghostlove63 says

    I’m not going to beach alone after this story!!! Sooooo creepy!!!! But the woman look beautiful…

  6. zombie_pegasister says

    I love night swimming but I wouldn’t be at the beach by myself at night. Btw that would be so painful being paralyized and having all your blood being sucked out of you.

  7. animefruba says

    They have a rip off of her at the fair here in Florida it is just a lady’s head in a hole and a stuffed snake.

  8. anna2179 says

    I saw a movie recently don’t remember the name of it. It was a very beautiful movie about a demon that I think sounds a lot like her falling in love with a human man and ends up saving his life from drowning but the thing is he doesn’t know she’s a demon. Such a brilliant movie it brought a tear to my eye Q.Q I will post the name of it later today so you will know what’s it called but I’m not gonna insist on you watching it though I do think that this is the same demon their talking about here :)

  9. Paradise says

    Notice how most Japanese legends and stories that contain women usually make the women beautiful so it’s easier to lure the guy? GIRL POWER!

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