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Security Camera

The Security Camera is a scary short story about two boys who encounter a terrifying ghost in a convenience store at night.

Security Camera

Security Camera

There were two teenage boys who had been best friends since they started school together. They both managed to get part-time jobs working the night shift at a local 24-hour convenience store. They started at midnight and finished at seven in the morning. It’s known as the graveyard shift.

Because the boys were working overnight, it soon became very boring. There were never very many customers and they mostly spent their time sitting behind the checkout counter, talking, watching movies or playing computer games on their iPads.

One night, they were sitting at the checkout counter as usual, eating sweets and chatting about nothing in particular. The monitor for the security cameras was behind the counter, but nothing ever happened, so they only checked it occasionally. The monitor’s screen was split into four, displaying footage from security cameras at the checkout counter, the food aisles, the magazine rack and the parking lot outside.

When one of the boys happened to glance at the monitor, he noticed that there was a woman standing in front of the magazine rack, with her back to the camera. She had long, flowing, black hair that reached down to her waist.

“That’s weird,” he said to himself. “I didn’t hear the door chime go off when she came in.”

He didn’t think too much about it and went back to watching his movie. But something was strange. Half an hour passed and when he glanced at the monitor again, the woman was still there. She didn’t show any signs of moving. He wondered if she was reading a magazine, but when he looked closely at the monitor, he saw that the woman’s hands were empty. She was just standing there, staring at the magazine rack.

“Hey,” he whispered to the other boy. “Do you think she’s trying to steal something?”

His friend also had the same thought and nodded in agreement. The woman’s behavior seemed somewhat strange so the teenagers came out from behind the counter to investigate.

One boy went down the left aisle and the other went down the right, but when they peeked around the shelves, they were surprised to see nobody there.

“Where did she go?” asked the first boy. “She would have had to pass by one of us.”

Just then, they heard the sound of the toilet flushing.

“What?” said the second boy. “How did she get to the bathroom?”

The boys went back to the checkout, but when they looked at the monitor, a chill went down their spines. The woman was standing at the magazine rack in exactly the same position as before.

“That was fast,” said the first boy, puzzled.

“Too fast,” said his friend.

Thinking there must be something wrong with the security camera, the boys went back to the magazine rack. Just as before, they found nobody there. Cold sweat was running down their backs. They both looked at eachother wide-eyed and frightened. Then, without a word, the boys returned to the counter.

This time, when they bent down and peered into the monitor, the security camera showed that there was nobody at the magazine rack.

“She’s gone,” said the first boy. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned to face his friend.

“Wait. Don’t move,” hissed the second boy urgently.

Both of them froze, staring into the monitor.

“What is it?” whispered the first boy.

The second boy’s voice was shaking. “Don’t look behind you,” he hissed.

The first boy was mystified. Reflected on the screen of the monitor, he could see his own face and his friend’s face. Suddenly, he noticed it. Right between their faces was the reflection of a third face. A deathly pale face. A woman’s face.

The boys were too scared to scream. They just stood there, staring at the monitor, trembling. A few minutes passed and the ghostly face faded away.

“I think she’s gone,” said the second boy, breathing a sigh of relief. Nervously, he looked over his shoulder and found no one there.

The first boy wiped the sweat from his brow. His heart was beating fast.

“I don’t think so,” he said.

Both boys stared at the monitor again. The woman was standing there at the magazine rack. Slowly, she turned around to face the camera and grined. Her mouth split open from ear to ear. She held up a bloody knife and ran it across her throat in a threatening gesture.

The two boys didn’t pause for a second. They immediately ran as fast as they could. Crashing through the front door, they spilled out into the street and didn’t look back. They only stopped running when they arrived home.

The next day, the two boys called the convenience store and quit their part-time jobs.

Today it’s no longer a 24-hour convenience store. It closes at midnight and reopens at seven in the morning.


  • @101Horrorgirl101
    First is the worst second is the best third is the one with the really hairy chest.

  • Y’see, why be scared of a *ghost* if like, if you can’t touch the ghost, that must mean it isn’t sentient, so it can’t touch *you*, either.

  • “Playing computer games on iPad”??? How can one play ‘COMPUTER’ games on ‘i-pad’??? BTW cooool story!!!

  • yes, eerie, it does look like a man holding a gun >_<
    Great story btw. I liked it.

  • I was listening to a scary techno song and just as I read the part when the boy saw her on the screen for the first time, the music picked up and scared the crap out of me. haha

  • haha i commented in 2013 i knw im a little bit late but still i like this story creepy i would have left after she wasnt there when they checked the aisle the first time.

  • first of all,jeff is mine,so mind ur own businesses:) and secondly,where does he fit in all of this?

  • Isnt the woman like he slit mouth women and i agree with 1997PianoGirl13 i would of punched her face then run for my life lol

  • ….JEFF IS MINE!!!! ….o////e ….Ahem, well. Great story. If I knew there was something creepy behind me I would have punched her/his/its face & run.

  • @B-Lovely me too. Kuchisake-onna SCARED ME SO MUCH. This is a creepy story, I like it.

  • ATTENTION: Does anybody else think the security camera looks like a person or robot holding up a gun? Or is it just my crazy imagination?…

  • I agree, I call myself demented. Lol, that was funny but yea I agree with you dude. That story was Good, omg!! I would have been so scared and it sounds so real!

  • I bet those boys made at least a little bit of 💩 in their pants. Lol. Tell me if you guys agree

  • Here is a translation just for you Dimka:
    Oh my Gosh. That’s so scary. A couple years back when I was 13, (15 now), my friends and I were having a sleep over. We got bored so we had my sister,(19 now), drive us around for a little while. We decided to drive by the cemetery. We saw these people standing around the oak tree in the middle of the graveyard. We heard a very, very faint screaming. We pulled over and decided to check it out. We stood at the gate and my friend decided to yell,”Hello!?”. The people turned around and had these weird yellow eyes. They started yelling what sounds to me as giberish, but it’s some curse thing or something. We ran back to the car. When we got back, we looked up the cemetery. People used to hold satanic rituals there until it got burnt down during one if there worships. The place was rebuilt around 5 years ago. It was so scary. I’m never going there again. There were also a bunch of unmarked graves there…

  • @dimka Oh, I most definitley know how to spell. I just used abbreviations and such to make it shorter. I am typing from my phone and it is rather tedious considering the size of the keys. Please forgive my inadequate spelling. I give you my sincerest apologies. I am certain that you do not always spell things right when texting and such, so I suggest that you are always keen with your spelling. The next word you misspell, you will not hear the end of it. Sincerely,Scary Lady.
    A girl who DOES know how to spell.


  • this kinda scary O_O but i wonder if i have job like them two boy then that will be interesting :D i want see ghost, good one not scary one

  • Now that was a good one! It was scary enough with the ghost on the monitor, but to find out that she was slit from ear to ear was really creepy. Seeing her face between them on the monitor must have been a brown trousers moment. Lol

  • omg thts so scary one time a couple of yrs bak when I was 13 (15 now) me nd my friends were havin a sleep ovr nd we got bored so we got my sis (19 now) to drive us around nd we decided to drive by the cemetery and we saw a bunch of ppl gathered arnd this huge oak tree in the middle nd we cud hear lik RLLY quiet screams so we went nd we wanted to check it out so we got out of the car and went ovr to the gate nd we just stood thr nd my stupid frend yells hello nd thn the ppl turned and yelld this rlly weird stuff and the eyes were lik a weird yellow color nd we ran bak to the car nd wen we got home we lookd up the cemetery nd thr r a bunch of unmarked graves thr nd ppl used to do satanic worship thr until someone burnt it down durin one of the worships they rebuilt it like five yrs ago it was so scary I’m nevr goin thr agn

  • gr8 story!Speaking of stories, I HAVE ONE!!!
    TITLE:Together Forever Mommy

    Once a mother was telling her daughter how much she loved her.”Will we be together forever mommy?” asked her daughter.”Of course we will”Her mother replied.Days passed and the girl asked the same question and got the same answer.1 month later, the little girls father came back from the war.”DADDY!DADDY!DADDY!”the little girl squealed.A couple days later, the girl’s parents got into a huge fight.The mother was outraged and killed the little girl’s father.The mother buried her husband’s body.The girl came in and kept asking where her father was.”Maybe she knows where her father is, so I must kill her too.”the girl’s mother thought.”Do you ♥ your daddy?” asked the mother.”yes.”the girl replied.Then the mother sliced her daughter in half.”spend time with your father, okay?”then the mother walked away.A few days later, the mother whispered “I ♥ you Mika.We will be together forever.”Then the mother held a gun up to her head and pulled the trigger.THE END

    (the little girl’s name is Mika)

  • Can we have more of those drew daywalt clips? Mockingbird and there’s no such thing were awesome! Although mockingbird was quite sad

  • hey guys this reminds me of Drew Daywalts short “Suicide Girl” look it up on youtube if ya want

  • This reminds me ever so slightly of Kuchisake-onna, because the woman had her mouth slit like that.

  • why scare stores are boring to me i am not scaerd of anything at all WhY PLZ POST A SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY SCARY STORY PLZ NOT TRYING TO BE MEAN OK

  • that was really creepy, im listenin 2 beez in the trap by nicki minaj lol. i like that song, but the story was awesome, so freaky

  • Why do old ghostly women always scare us to death but if they are alive, you just want to kill them xD

  • lol 101horrorgirl101, dat is a really scary story when u look through a camera and u see someone behind u and ur waiting until she/he kills u. i like it. da picture is really funny ;P

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