Science Project

The Science Project is a science fiction story about a very strange experiment in the classroom.

Science Project

Day 1

For this week’s science project, the teacher told us to create a star. It took a lot of trial and error but eventually, I managed to create my star. When I showed it to the teacher, she said it wasn’t a very good star because it didn’t look very stable. A few minutes later, something went wrong and my star exploded with a big bang. Now there’s just a bunch of rocks and stuff orbiting around the source of the explosion. My teacher said I had better do something about it or she’s going to give me an F.

Day 2

I managed to clean up the mess. I collected all the rocks and turned them into small planets. I made four big ones, two smaller ones and three teensy-weensy little ones. The teacher took one look at them and laughed. She said all the planets looked useless and one of them is so small, it doesn’t even qualify as a planet. That made me mad, so I was determined to prove her wrong.

Day 3

Today I created life. I don’t really know how I did it. It was kind of an accident. They’re just some basic uni-cellular lifeforms, but I think they’re pretty cool. I had to hide them from the teacher because I didn’t want to get in trouble. I put some of the lifeforms on the first planet, but it was much too hot and they all burned up. I put a few more on the seventh planet, but it was much too cold and they all froze to death. The third planet was the only one where the lifeforms could actually survive, probably because it has water.

Day 4

The third planet has become a bit of a problem. The lifeforms are rapidly multiplying and they’re also evolving. I don’t know how to stop it and I can’t ask the teacher, so I just have to let it continue and see what happens. Some of the lifeforms came out of the water and now they’re crawling around on the land. My favorites are the most advanced lifeforms. They spend all their time swinging from the branches of trees and flinging their own poop at each other. It’s very entertaining.

Day 5

Things are getting out of hand and I don’t know what to do. Something went wrong with the advanced lifeforms. They left the trees and started building settlements. Worst of all, they’re killing the less advanced lifeforms. I think they’ve gone insane.

Day 6

The advanced lifeforms are evolving at an alarming rate. They’ve become way too intelligent. They’re walking around on two legs and building things on their own. They’ve enslaved most of the other lifeforms and now, they’re even killing each other. Sometimes I catch them staring up at me with their beady little eyes. They really give me the creeps.

Day 7

Today my teacher found out about the lifeforms I created on the third planet. She got mad at me and called my parents. I’m in big trouble. I’m so sick of this whole science project and I just want to shut it down, but my parents won’t let me. They say I’m not allowed to destroy the lifeforms because it wouldn’t be moral or something. My Mom said I created them so now I have to take care of them. The thing is, I can’t stand them. They’re the most insane, evil and creepy lifeforms I have ever come across. I’ve given them nuclear weapons, so hopefully it won’t be long before they destroy themselves. Then, I can finally go out and play with my friends again.


  1. Anonymous says

    If he wanted to destroy us he may have killed us directly.
    His work should definitely fetch him full marks in project

  2. Devil_on_the_moon says

    I guess we evolved from poop flinging monkeys to humans. Also God hates us.

  3. scareX Abhi says

    so our god is that narrator who seems like an superior life form…
    …i said he’s an ALIEN cause he gave humans nuclear weapons to destroy ourselves…
    …thank god i don’t believe in him

  4. Sticking Knife says

    ahh…. lol…so that means that we all r part of a Science Project which is made by a really weird kid…who we know as GOD and HE hates us?!?

    hope this s not the reality … i shall give a 8.5/10 science projects

    wait…uhh….does the kid mean that this whole BIG UNIVERSE which is ENDLESS and beyond our IMAGINATION is made by Him as a simple science project??? if thats it, then ur wrong kiddy…bcoz hw can a kid make all thizz???…(O_O) weirdoo!

  5. DayliyahHasTheSalt says

    I think this means we should not use the nuclear weapons, because the child stated that he had given the advanced lifeforms the nuclear stuff, in order to destroy themselves.

  6. Aprajita says

    This one was really awesome!! So thst’s how we were made! Creepy our GOD hates us!

  7. The Light of Lilly says

    Great, very entertaining. The ending could have been more detailed. Write how the weapon got down there unnoticed, maybe this kid caused even more.

    – Noone is safe, for there are greater things than us

  8. Love angel says

    So this kid is God , so we were made my a kid who thinks we are creepy Lol :) best 1 SFK

  9. crazyjane says

    Coooooool af! Science version of the creation of everything.. Nice! One of my fave stories so far <3 10/10 advanced lifeforms

  10. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    I knew it! I always wondered how the world was made. Just kidding, but I’ve thought about it before. This is now my favorite story. YAY!

  11. snowwhite says

    So we are created by a school boy and we call him god…
    omg he thinks we are creepy when we looked at him…
    lol cool story…

  12. GamerJC says

    So now we know that who created our universe.And I think that this is a funny theory more then a scary story.

  13. Curious Shubhi says

    It seems like a comment on us humans as we read 6th & 7th day….. that we may end similarly too………


    So are we all humans a part of a science project? Nice and Creative story. I hope this fact is not the reality of us.

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