Scary Maze

Play the scary maze game online for free and prank your friends with the exorcist face. This Website has a lot more shocking scary pop ups you can use to trick people like the Red Dot Game, Hit The Dot, Tic Tac Toe and Bubble Wrap. You can also have a look at some scary maze prank videos and see the trick being played on other unsuspecting victims.

Scary Maze Game

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Scary Maze Game
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The demonic face at the end of the scary maze is a picture from the movie The Exorcist starring the actress, Linda Blair. Here is Linda Blair in scary make-up and here is what she looks like in real life:

Exorcist Face Linda Blair


  1. Mary Shaw says

    Omg the scary maze game isn’t scary… I played this game when I was three and I reached level six and then when the face popes up I was like… Really is that the best you can do??

  2. Princess Of The Dead says

    The with and without makeup of the exorcist girl looks like me before and after eating chocolate XD

  3. candyheart15712 says

    My laptop( the one Im useing right now ) is touch screen . So my sister played this for me ( cos Im a HUGE CHICKEN ) she tried to do it with the mouse then she was like ” Oh i know how u can win . ” She tried again then she touched the screen the finish line ! and it worked!!!! If you have a touch screen then play like my sister.

    ( if ur Celest , the one in my class try it )

  4. EllieStyles96 says

    I had the app for this game and all i can say is its not that scary after a few trys.

  5. Egypt_hetalia says

    @DreamingAlone ikr? i wish they would stop using that face,btw I LOVE your username

  6. DreamingAlone says

    They use that face to much. Try something scarier! Like dead-road- animals ( roadkill I mean)

  7. MahatirInsiders says

    this isnot fair i completed level 3 still shows my ugly ex-girlfreind :| when i touched the red thing on level3 it shows the exorcism girl the girl on the right was hot

  8. bloodypup13 says

    Oh my god!!! I knew it was coming b/c it said it would if you scroll down a little bit. The reason I got scared was b/c the picture of the girl popped up BEFORE I finished!! I’m still scared! ;(

  9. XxVampGirlxX says

    I was doing this on my friends iphone she told me it was cool and I played it and I was really into it and then the face popped up. I screamed and threw it across the room xD

  10. lizzy1234 says

    my ears hurt since i was listening to music on my computer while i was playing

  11. scarescared26 says

    when i first tried it i was in shock now i play it and i thing this game is a piece of crap

  12. Bloodymary says

    I played this when i was 2 and what i said to my dad was: “Daddy I’m gonna play the Scary Maze Game!!” My dad didn’t wanna stop me and said: “Go on ahead,sweetie!” and now im 10 and still scared for life of her….

  13. 101horrorgirl101 says

    OMG! My friends first showed me this game and I’m like, “Is something going to happen?” Because, well, DUH! It’s called the SCARY maze game! They also said keep the volume turned up.

    So when I was on level three I almost beat it when the face popped up at me! I screamed my head off and my friends were like “YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!”

  14. Midnight Spirit says

    Thanks for adding this information on the home page. Definitely one of the best websites online.

  15. lovememore8 says

    omg im new what it was gonna be but i had my volume up to loud and i almost peed my pnts!

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