Scary Car Commercial

Watch the Scary Car Commercial here and use it to play a prank on your friends. It’ll give them a real shock.

And here are video clips of people who were pranked with the scary car commercial.


  1. kittiezrcute says

    wow creepy… one a scale of 1 to 10, how do u feel bout this pop up? ill give it a 5. peoplez ples say ur answers. PLEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. KC Royals2016 says

    My study hall teacher showed us this! We were like “Mr.Vickery what the heck” and then the thingie jumped up and we all jumped and Mr.Vickery was just cracking up at this guy named Jake because and fell out of his chair. Then he was showing us clown sighting videos. He’s awesome!

  3. Pet Cemetery Girl says

    I was turning the volume down as it happened and I totally freaked out! I thought the video was longer!

  4. Popcorn Buddy says

    omg! every time i watch this I scream and after 5 seconds i start laughing my head off which then makes me sound like a freak!!! but its funny

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