Rules of Survival

There are certain rules of survival in horror movies. The movie Scream had some rules, but they weren’t very useful. Our rules are much better and teach you exactly how to survive a horror movie.

Rules of Survival

1. Don’t walk around saying “Hello?” like the killer is going to reply “Yeah I’m in the kitchen. Want a sandwich?”

2. If someone says “Oh yeah, that’s the house where Old Man Jenkins was murdered” then it’s time to move house.

3. If your friend gets bitten by a zombie and says “Maybe I wont turn into one”, kill him. Better safe than sorry.

4. Upstairs? Bad idea. Outside? Don’t go there. Phone? Never works. Gun? Don’t drop it. Car? Won’t start. Neighbors? Never home. Police? Always die.

5. If something licks your hand in the darkness, it’s not your dog. Your dog is dead.

6. Stay away from places like Amityville, Haddonfield, Camp Crystal Lake, Elm Street and the entire state of Maine.

7. If you’re running around completely naked, you might as well just murder yourself.

8. If you are black, you will be the first to die. I don’t know why, but for some reason, in horror movies, black people always get killed first.

9. If you are annoying or a wise-ass, you will die before the black guy.

10. If you are a hot blond girl with big boobs, you will die before the annoying guy and the black guy.

11. If you open the door and there is a man standing there, holding an axe, he didn’t come to chop firewood.

12. Never go to the toilet alone. If needs be, poop your pants. It’s much safer.

13. If you see a clown, RUN. That clown isn’t hanging around to make you some balloon animals!

14. Leave slow or clumsy friends behind. Every man for himself. Somebody’s got to live to tell the story.

15. Don’t split up and look for clues. Everything you learned from Scooby-Doo is wrong.

16. You know that creepy clown statue upstairs that is freaking you out? Well it’s not a statue.

17. Never say “I’ll be right back” because you won’t be right back.

18. When you’re walking around a spooky old house, at least try turning the lights on!

19. If you’re running from the killer, you’re going to trip and fall down at least twice. More if you’re a girl.

20. If you trip and fall, don’t lay there with the “Ow it hurts” face. Get up and continue running!

21. If the killer is chasing you, you don’t have to run fast. Just faster than your friends.

22. No matter how fast you run, the killer will always be right behind or in front of you, despite the fact that he is shuffling along at a slower and more dramatic pace.

23. On a stormy night, you will find an open window that you were sure was locked. It didn’t magically unlock itself!

24. Whatever you do, remember that the killer will never forget what you did last Summer.

25. If you’re pointing a gun at the killer, don’t say “If you move I’ll shoot! I’m serious!” Just shoot him already!

26. Just lay down on the floor and pretend to be dead. Hey, it works for bears… doesn’t it?

27. Never back out of one room into another without looking. It’s always behind you.

28. If you see something moving, hit it with a baseball bat… even if it turns out to be your friend. Swing first, say sorry later.

29. Listen to the advice of all the people in the movie theater who are yelling at the screen!

30. Don’t trot round the house shouting, “Hey! is anybody there?” Of course there’s somebody there, dummy!

31. Never take a shower. Killers love showers. Anyway, sweaty people are slippery and harder to catch.

32. If you’re a girl, get a boyfriend. He’ll be horribly murdered in front of you, but at least you’ll live.

33. If you hear weird noises, don’t go to investigate. You’re not Dora the Explorer.

34. Stay out of the library. It’s one of the worst places to hide. Seriously, it’s like a labyrinth of getting murdered. Do you realize how easy it is for a killer to hide behind a bookcase?

35. If you’ve beaten the killer into a bloody pulp and you’re sure he must be dead, take the opportunity to dismember, burn, eat, blow up or otherwise destroy him.

36. If somebody claims that there’s nothing wrong, something is horribly, horribly wrong.

37. If you’re asked to babysit during a storm, on Halloween, on Friday the 13th or during a full moon, just say “Sorry, no can do”.

38. Don’t pick up hitchhikers and don’t hitchhike. If you do both, then the worst case scenario is: You could end up picking yourself up and murdering yourself.

39. If one of your friends is injured, leave them behind. Even if it’s just a skinned knee. That qualifies as an injury. Leave them.

40. If you friend gets shot, don’t, under any circumstances, do CPR. This will only make them die faster!

41. Always have your keys at the ready. You don’t want to be fumbling in your bag going “Oh where are they? I’m sure I have them here somewhere!” while the killer closes in.

42. Drips are never good. If you hear a dripping sound, it’s blood. Likewise, if you hear a clang, it’s a meat cleaver and if you hear a thunk, it’s a severed head.

43. If there is a scary legend, believe it. It’s real. It doesn’t matter of the legend says the killer has an onion for a head or a bear trap for a mouth. It’s real and he’s coming for you tonight.

44. If someone says “It’s just the wind, guys. Everything’s fine. Stop overreacting”, you should reply “Yeah well I hope I won’t overreact when you’re dead and stuffed beneath the floorboards”.

45. Avoid screaming, crying, whispering, panting, wheezing or breathing heavily when you’re trying to hide. Killers are not deaf.

46. Never bend down to spit out your toothpaste. When you come back up, there’ll be someone standing behind you in the mirror.

47. Don’t go to places with weird names like Terror Lake, Hell Hollow, Devil’s Den, Screamerville, Skull Valley, Dead Man’s Crossing, Spook Hill, Ghost Creek, Bloody Springs or Slaughter Beach.

48. Never go downstairs to check out a weird noise. Especially not in your underwear.

49. If your friends go to check out a strange noise and don’t return, don’t go looking for them. Just make new friends.

50. If your son starts telling you “I see dead people”, put him up for adoption!

51. If you’re babysitting a kid and they tell you they saw someone scary at the window, tell them to stand at the window and wave while you go hide.

52. If you’re running from zombies and your friend trips and falls, don’t worry. Leave them behind and say “I’ll see you again when you’re a zombie!”

53. DO NOT hide where you obviously could be SEEN… like BEHIND a LAMP! *idiot*

54. This is the 21st Century. You have a cell phone. Why does nobody in horror movies call 911?

55. If you’re black, stay away from white people. They’re too curious – always checking out noises and getting killed.

56. Have a fat friend. They will come in useful. If you run into the killer, you can use them as a human shield.

57. When you hear the music change to “ch, ch, ch, ch…ah, ah, ah, ah”, you’re as good as dead.

58. If you and your friends are running from the killer, trip up your friends. You can always make new friends, but there’s only one you.

59. If you are babysitting and the phone rings, don’t answer it. Just go home and leave the kids to fend for themselves.

60. Always check the back seat of the car. 9 out of 10 times, the killer will be crouched there going “Aw dude, you caught me!”

61. If you come to a deserted town, it’s probably been deserted for a good reason. Take the hint and stay away.

62. If you’re not sure who’s the killer and who’s an innocent person, shoot them all and let God sort them out.

63. If you see something mutating, don’t stand there with your “OMFG” face and wait for it to finish mutating. Kill it with fire and get the hell outta there.

64. I’m a leader not a follower… but if we’re going into a haunted house… you’re going first.

65. If some idiot in the group says “Let’s split up”, tell him “OK you go that way, the rest of us will go this way.”

66. Never under any circumstances run upstairs if you are being chased. Once you get upstairs, there’s nowhere left to go.

67. If you’re hiding from the killer, put your phone on silent.

68. Make sure the killer is dead. if the killer isn’t dead they will just keep coming back like team rocket.

69. OK under the bed is not a real hiding spot. What self-respecting killer WOULDN’T check under the bed?

70. If your BestFriendForever trips and falls and screams “Don’t leave me!”, change their friendship status to BestFriendForNever.

71. If you find your friend stabbed 78 times and lying in a pool of blood, dont go “OMG what happened?” You KNOW what happened.

72. When you find your friend stabbed 78 times dont comfort her. Run! She’s gonna die anyway. There’s still one person you can save… YOU!

73. The killer never dies the first time. Wait until he gets up, then kill him again.

74. When you’re driving at night and you hit someone, don’t stop to see if they’re OK.

75. Hide in the fridge. Killers don’t get hungry and stop for munchies during a murder spree.

76. Never look behind you while running away. When you look back, the killer will be standing in front of you.

77. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas and your cell phone is fully charged.

78. Whenever a puppet or doll turns to you and says “Let’s play”, it doesn’t REALLY want to play.

79. If you knock on the door of a creepy old house and it opens by itself, don’t go inside.

80. If objects in your house become possessed and start attacking you, don’t run into the kitchen. That’s where the knives are!

81. If you hear a little girl singing a nursery rhyme, say “Feet don’t fail me now!” and start running.

82. Don’t stop at a gas station and ask the creepy old man for directions. He’s not going to help you.

83. After you shoot the killer, don’t drop your gun.

84. If someone hands you a videotape and says “If you watch this you will die in 7 days”, don’t break out the popcorn.

85. If you see something weird, tell someone. Don’t just go “Oh, I must be imagining things.”

86. There is a killer in town and the police have asked us to give you the following safety tips: Stay in well-lit areas, do not travel alone and, whenever possible, always wipe front to back.

87. Never get into a car. It will either not start, break down, run out of gas or you will lose the keys. Either way, the killer will be hiding in the back seat.

88. If a policeman arrives, don’t get your hopes up. He will be killed just before he reaches you.

89. Find a good hiding place and STAY THERE. If the killer can’t see or hear you, WHY WOULD YOU MOVE?

90. If you are buying a house and the real estate agent is all like “well, yeah, full disclosure – there were some murders that happened here”, buy a different house.

91. If you hear something creepy in the distance, like a dog’s yelp cut off mid-bark, don’t investigate. The killer is there. Also your dog is dead.

92. Never attempt to pull off the killer’s mask. You won’t like what you see.

93. Never assume the killer is dead. Shoot him, stab him, chop off his arms, legs and head, then burn the pieces and put them out with holy water. If possible, rocket his charred remains into space. Even then, he probably won’t be dead.

94. If you have any history of mental illness, you will discover at the end of the movie that you were the killer all along.

95. If the walls of your house bleed, do not attempt an exorcism. Move very very far away. Because there’s blood on your walls. Blood! On your walls! YOUR WALLS ARE BLEEDING!

96. Never kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend. Smooching couples are a magnet for deranged serial killers.

97. Never yell things like “It’s over now” or “We made it”. That guarantees that it’s not over and you won’t make it.

98. If you spot a weird dude in your garden holding a chainsaw, he is not there to trim your hedges.

99. Don’t get drunk or do drugs. Escaping from a killer is much harder when you’re stumbling around and singing to yourself.

100. If you’re going on vacation, Google the name of the area. If the first five search results are news stories about Missing Persons, take a holiday somewhere else.

101. Don’t go outside just because you hear a noise. That’s like coming out and saying “Here I am! I’m ready to be murdered now!”

102. Protect yourself. Find a weapon. Gun, knife, chainsaw = weapons. Umbrella, mop, lamp = not weapons.

103. Don’t drink alcohol or do drugs. Killers in horror movies have an extra-special hatred of drunk or stoned teenagers.

104. If your Dad goes insane and starts hacking down your bedroom door with an axe, don’t try to reason with him. Jump out the window.

105. Upstairs? Bad idea. Outside? Don’t go there. Phone? Never works. Gun? Don’t drop it. Car? Won’t start. Neighbors? Never home. Police? Always die.

106. If you hear a scary noise and find out that it’s just the cat, the next scary noise you hear won’t be just the cat.

107. If one of your arms or legs gets chopped off, don’t let it get you down. Later on, you may be able to replace it with a chainsaw or machine gun.

108. Don’t sacrifice yourself to save someone else. Usually the person you saved will die anyway.

109. If you see someone in a mask, don’t assume it’s just one of your friends playing a prank on you.

110. If your parents murdered a serial killer years ago, the killer will return to murder you. Strangely, he will leave your parents alone.

111. If your girlfriend is a hot cheerleader, dump her for the weird chick that nobody likes. Weird chicks never get killed, cheerleaders always die.

112. A good strategy is to say “No! Kill me instead!” That way, the killer will leave you alone and murder everbody else. Reverse psychology.

113. Don’t make friends with rednecks or hillbillies unless you want to be down on all fours, squealing like a pig.

114. Never make a plan, because your plan will take into account everything that could possibly happen, except for the one thing that actually happens.

115. If you throw away a doll and come home to find it waiting for you, immediately leave the country. There is no other way to get rid of it.

116. If the calls are coming from inside the house, get outside the house.

117. When you find a strange weapon, immediately grab it. Later on, this will be the only weapon capable of killing the monster.

118. If you are shooting at a monster with a big gun and it has no effect, don’t take out a smaller gun and start shooting.

119. If a girl with long black hair starts crawling out of your TV, hit the OFF button on the remote before she gets all the way out.

120. If you’re being chased by a killer and you meet one of your friends and they ask “what’s wrong?”, don’t stop to explain. Just shout “Cantstoptotalkkillerchasingmeseeyoulater” as you pass by.

121. If all else fails, make friends with the villain and help him kill everyone else. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


  1. popsicleunicorn says

    i’m mad smart myself so, i screwed as good😭 Hope the killer doesn’t get me 😛

  2. TamasakiLion says

    For #95, I thought even if you move, the demon still follows you???

    (btw, I feel kinda old reading this ;-;)

  3. Ghostlove63 says

    Killer: “where are you…”
    Me: “I’m not here…”
    Killer: “okay… See ya!”
    Me: “bye!”
    Killer: “bye!”

  4. KatShipsGarmau says

    84 and 119 Are From The Ring. My Fav is the one that says If someone says That if you watch this ur gonna die in 7 days. LOL XD

  5. TheDarkArchangel says

    Omg you replied to my comment.
    😢😢😢 Im your biggest fan and I love your stories!

  6. GhostGirl says

    I have a story of my own. This is a true story. This actually happened to me. I’m new on this website, so I hope you like it!
    I was at my aunts house, and I was staying the night. I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. You might think i’m making this up, but it was the night of the dance at our school, and it was Friday the 13. I went to the bathroom, and when I was washing my hands, I looked up at the mirror. I was puzzled for a moment, because I didn’t remember changing my hair to black. Then I realized the girl in the mirror wasn’t me. There was a girl with black hair, and white skin. She had stains of blood all over herself. She was looking at me, and then she started pounding on the glass. I saw it start to crack, then I looked at the light. It was off. I switched it on, and she disapeared. I was shaking. Then I realized, that was Bloody Mary. I looked at the time. It was three a.m. I hope you liked it. Scaryforkids please post this story. Thanks! Also, a tip. If you get a new doll, don’t leave it in the basement. And don’t name her Sam. If you hear someone chanting China Doll, China Doll, Grab some thing sharp, open the door, and stab the doll. Then, burn it. And if your sister wants a doll for her birthday, show her all the Chucky movies, then ask them if she still want a doll. If she still does, sell her for a dime on ebay. Hope you liked my advice. Thanks! ~ GhostGirl

  7. candyheart15712 says

    LOL!!!! i LUV the tips !!

    but i wish SOMEONE will FINALLY make a scary movie where PEOPLE HAVE BRAINS and the chareters’ actions will be like a real person will do !!

  8. thebatpuppy says

    73. or just kill him 70000 times first and burn him and hope his ashes don’t murder you.

    also yay! I’m the weird girl!

  9. horrorconnoisseur says

    Nice job but several repeats of the same information. Several contradictions as well, and surprisingly several rules you missed.

    1. If the killer is wearing a mask he/she is most likely someone you know.

    2. Don’t be a smart ass. Killers of all shapes and colors love irony.

    3. If your friend “escapes” the killer and is soaked in blood, check to see if your friend is actually injured. It might not his/her blood.

    4. Unless you are a 2 dimensional cartoon character talking animals and self moving inanimate objects are never good signs.

    5. If you made it in the car, you are gunning it for safety, and the killer jumps in front of the car, DON’T STOP!

    6. Never turn your back on an un-barricaded window if you are just inches from it.

    7. If you wouldn’t believe your situation if somebody just told it happened to them, don’t tell the police the whole story. Turn “The village witch got angry at my girlfriend for cutting in front her on Taco Tuesday so she resurrected Jack the Ripper to exact her revenge” into “A maniac with two knives is killing my friends”. Saves time and is more believable.

    8. If you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Don’t trust anybody’s word when bodies are found.

    9. If any door is glowing, don’t open it.

    10. Don’t be mean to anyone because payback is a . . . Well you know

  10. TheDarkArchangel says

    Some of these are so f###ing racist. Black guy always dies first… I MEAN WTF???
    And there were like 10 rules that say: leave your friends behind… DUDE THATS SO SELFISH WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU???? (actually… when I think for a sec… I would probably follow all those rules)

    scaryforkids says: It’s not actually racist if you think about it. It’s pointing out how the movies are racist because if there’s a character who is black, he is always the first to get killed.

  11. allaboutscary says

    Really Funny!Love ’em all and I agree……the killer is never dead!People are just so dumb and think they are dead,but their not.Duh!


    ha…ha…ha…ha… Can’t stop myself from laughing….. Each and every tip was hilarious…. i am surely gonna send this to my friends….
    Especially the team rocket, dora the explorer and scooby- one!
    I just love cartoons.

  13. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    Wow took a while to get here but anyways…how about just letting go, going with the flow and see what happens? Haha…

  14. Username_Invalid says

    So true and hilarious ! Made me laugh so much that my mom kept asking what was so funny :D

  15. dead_meat says

    way too long.. i am sure i will die reading it before getting killed by an axe murderer or killer clown !!!

  16. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    A TIP: if you wake up and see something creepy staring at you out of the darkness, it’s not your family pet. Just jump out of the window.

    Haha. I made that one up. I’m not sure if it’s on the list.

  17. bunnygirl says

    If a killer was chasing me i would be like OMG HOLY SHET! YOU ARE LIKE MY TOTAL HERO CAN I HAVE YOUR JOHN HAND COCK?!?! killer: NO YOU CAN NOT GET AWYA FROM ME *runs away* Me: HELL YAH!! *fist pump*

  18. GhostGirl666 says

    For some reason I always try the last one in my dreams, but it never works. I still get hacked by a meat cleaver or burnt in the heart by some sort of flame thing

  19. I luv fashion says

    TIP: never say something like eg. I need 2 go 2 the toilet or I’m hungry/ thirsty. U do know tht u can’t just stop it!
    YOU: wait I need 2 pee!
    KILLER: Ok ill wait outside then give u a 10 sec head start
    YOU: kk will be about 2 mins
    2 mins later…
    YOU: done
    KILLER: kk when d’ya wanna start?
    YOU: alright ill count 2 three 1…2…3… Go!
    10 secs later
    KILLER: ready or not here I come!


    Libz x.

  20. Ms Scare says

    Lol If your walls bleed dont be like ” thats strange ” Move!! Away!! Now!! Lmfao

  21. creepypastafangirl says

    Does anybody find it odd that I’vememorized these rules? I am so weird. By the way, lying down on the floor and pretending you’re dead might not work. Just a thought.

  22. GhostGirl1607 says

    OMGOMGOMGOGMOMG this was the funniest thing I have ever read most of these made my laugh so hard my mom was like “whats so funny?” and everytime I tried to read to her one of the jokes I would burst out laughing like the one something about it says well i forgot think it said “If the children ur babysitting tell u there is a scary person standing outside ur bedroom, tell them to stand by the window and wave to the person while you go and hide.” LOL THATS TO FUNNNY

  23. Slenderman says

    I’m probably going to make a horror movie now, starring me as the only one with sense who everyone thinks is a wuss.

    There’s a tip.
    Always be a wuss. If someone calls you a baby, reply with “That means I live longer than you” if they don;t get it, they will.

  24. SuperFunGirl says

    KIller on your way
    Its time to die
    Let it be a day
    Let it NEVER be a sci-Fi
    Everyone will chase you
    Run and run until its time
    ~Sorry if it sucks i know it doesnt make sense sorry~

  25. Nini Noggin Head says

    These are pretty cool. I’ll remember them if I ever end up in a horror movie lol. Although I would also say that putting your face near giant strange eggs is also a bad idea.

  26. bunnygirl says

    My nuber one rule is make out with the killer if girl roundhouse kick her in the face take her wepon an beat the crap out of her then shoot her with a potato gun!!!!

  27. BieberzMyne says

    lol, me and mt friend were reading this. she started dying when it said if ur babysitting an g the kid says he sees something, tell him to keep waving so you can go and hide. and she said that if some white chick with long brown hair starts coming out you TV, turn off the TV so its only waist-in, lift up er arms, pull of her shirt and start tickling her stomach and underarms. if she white 9/10 chances shes ticklish hehe, i should know

  28. BloodymaryBloodymaryBloodymary says

    tell me is this good?
    Driving down Greere Rd. was always creepy late at night. You are all alone on the road always, never another car in sight…until you reach the bend in the road.

    After the bend in the road, all of the sudden you look in your rear view mirror and you see another set of headlights besides your own leading the way. Usually no one ever really pays too much attention to this besides the obvious question, “Where did that car come from?” and then continue on their way. After a few minutes pass by you’ll notice the car gaining speed, getting closer and closer to your own vehicle.

    You start to get a little on edge and speed up; as you speed up so does the car behind you. You are reaching maximum speed on this crazy, curvy road trying to be as careful as possible to keep control of the car. Seconds later you feel yourself being jerked forward as the car behind you is ramming your rear bumper. At this point you are freaking out and irritated all at once to the point where you pull off the road as quickly as possible, to see the car that was once behind you speeding past you at about 90 miles per hour head on into the trees ahead..

    You gasp for air, terrified but rushing over to help. You approach the vehicle, hands trembling, and you open the drivers door to see a women all bloody, head through the windshield, her thighs half cut open from her flying forward and the lap belt catching her, glass stuck in her hands and wrists. You immediately dial 911 on your cell phone to report the accident.

    And in a flash you turn around because you heard a noise in the woods, seeing it was only a raccoon. You turn back towards the crashed car…and it’s no longer there. Vanished, nothing but the road ahead.

    You start screaming, thinking you’re going absolutely mad! You rush back to your car, get in and lock the doors. “What could possibly be happening?”, you ask yourself.. As police are arriving, you look in your rear view mirror, and there the women sits in your back seat! Still all cut up, blood everywhere! You are way to terrified to completely turn around so you close your eyes hoping it will all go away..when you hear a whisper in your ear.”He was my only love”, then the voice fades away and you open your eyes and she’s gone.

    By the time the police knock on your window, you’re shaken and you explain to the officer what just happened. Then he explains to you a story.

    Twenty years ago a women named Delilah got a phone call from the hospital telling her that her husband was in a critical accident and was shot in the chest. So she grabbed her keys and rushed to be by his side but it was a stormy night and with her eyes full of tears she accidentally swerved off the road and crashed into a tree instantly killing herself..her ghost will forever haunt Greere Rd..

    Please be safe and don’t ever make late night drives like I did; you never know what just might happen..

  29. Megan Davis says

    Omg first comment I have ever posted on scary for kids
    These are some crazy but useful rules
    I love this site @scaryforkids keep posting

  30. Heartbreak says

    There is a limited amount of things that will make me sprint like hell. A killer chasing me is one of them.

  31. rashona says

    Hey ! scary for kids can you post my story? it’s an original , here it is :
    The Lunchlady
    Cassie was new to elk grove middle school. She loved it , great teacher’s , she had friends and her grades were pretty decent. But one thing that confused Cassie was why everyone would bring their lunch to school , and not but even though the seemingly nice lunch lady would prepare 30 meals and set them on the counter of the kitchen overlooking the cafeteria. No one ventured to buy lunch , which made cassie very curious as to why. She decided one day to buy lunch , and prove people wrong the lunch isn’t harmful or whatever they think was wrong with it. So one day while everyone was eating there lunch in the cafeteria , Cassie stepped into the vacant lunch line and smelled the delicious looking foods – Pizza , Salad and soup in a little red cup. AS students watched in utter shock , she picked up the pizza and quickly walked to the lunch table she sat at, the lunch lady watching with a perky smile on her face. Cassie started eating and soon found a long red hair in her pizza. She thought it was gross but said to herself “is this why people won’t eat the lunch their crazy to be scared of one little hair.” at that moment Cassie dropped dead and the laughter and yells of students eating lunch turned into gasps and faces of terror as the lunch lady calmly walked to cassie lying on the cafeteria floor and with the tweasers she was holding pulled off a piece of her long blonde hair and carried it back to put in the food in the kitchen , and to the next unknowing victim repeat the cycle over again….
    thanks for reading ! not really scary but oh well :D

  32. KatyPerry_MyBitch says

    Death Bold and Dead Girl, Nice conversation, if u knew each other personally, u wud get along great!

  33. furrykinz2234 says

    hiya guys it me again i was reading this story on another scary story website and wanted to share it…
    Stranger Fiction

    “No not clean my room!” said Bradley

    “now young man!” his mom said

    bradley walked in his room to clean it and while he was cleaning his closet he found a crumbled up paper ball in the corner of it, he was about to throw it in the trash when he saw some writing on it. he sat on his bed and began to read,ANYTHING BUT CLEAN!

    “once upon a time there was a little boy who was reading a book when suddenly there was a knock on his door.”just then there was a knock on bradeley’s door he opened it up and no one was there but he thought of it as just a coincidence.he read on,”the little boy ignored the knock and soon he heard a tapping at the window the boy ignored it” bradley then again heard tapping on the window although he ignored it to and was starting to feel scared but he continued to read the old story” after the tapping there seemed to be some peace for a little while and sudden;y the lights starting flickering off and on and the boy’s door slammed open and he felt somethign sharp pierce his skin and he screamed.” bradley thought to himself wow this story is great!
    ill make copies of it on my computer and then even more copies!
    just as he was about to do so the lights started flickering and his was slammed open….

  34. xchildsplayloverx says

    oooooh your weird aimee *jokin* you have some pretty cool stories you should post more xD

  35. Dead Girl XXx says

    Oops… I havent posted in a while! :O Im sorry guys ^^
    So, stilllll no post right? :/ This is getting totally boring :/
    But furrykinz, ur cat story was so touching :’3 I feel like writing a story for my school newspaper with the name “My bunny the Princess of rabbit warriors” x)
    Woooow… u sure have lots of pets o.o And, its so amazing, how they protected u :’D It’s not getting carried away, i like hearing those types of happy+sad+touching stories :’)

  36. furrykinz2234 says

    i might get carried away with this but anyway, here goes…. in memory of my baby Ham and my other baby diamond (ya i know i have two babies but i loved them both Diamond gave me up to 16+ kittens-born at different times- and also my cat midnight helped with that & Ham well he was just my baby my Aunt bought him from an old friend who was going to put him to sleep as a kitten and we were both the same age when we met-3- so i didn’t have alot of sense when i wass lil and named him Ham he was fierce and gave me scars on my legs when he was a kitten but he was still my baby) and in memory of my cat Fido (he died at the age of 12 from old age) we name him that because he acted like a dog when he was young for instance when my papa would come home from work he would be waiting at the gate for him and when my papa got out fido would run and jump up on him to greet him he was a gentle and sweet cat same goes with my cat spook who was my aunt’s when my Aunt lived with us (before my Aunt left she let us keep Spook we named her that because she was like my aunt she would hide in bushes and jump out and scare you she was so sweet and she died when she was 19 which was when i was 6 and yes i am crying in real life right now just talking about these cats that made my life so much fun and so sweet then there is littlebit we lost her in Katrina and she was fido’s sister when we came back from tennesse she was gone but all my other cat’s were safe (they all jumped on the roof and were safe so we figured she was out on a walk when katrina hit)so if you were me you would understand why i am crying right now, they all protected me and guarded my doorstep (escpecially Diamond) i miss them so much now i only have 1 cat 1 bunny and 1 fish (idk what happened to all the kittens they dissappeared with their mom and their grandmother (midnight and diamond) i can’t say to much about midnight she wasn’t around long enough for me to make a relationship. and i see i have gotten carried away talking about my cats that were always there for me.

  37. furrykinz2234 says

    oh wait i forgot to change the name it was supossed to be

    My Cat the Princess Of Cat Warriors

  38. furrykinz2234 says

    hey guys this story is true and it happened to
    Cat Ghost Farm

    so i was sitting outside one day on the porch eating a popsicle when all of a sudden I hear and see my cat Ham who died a year ago because of illness and i was like wth so i threw my popsicle away thinking it was my popsicle. so anyway my ancestors must have liked cats because they had over hundreds of them and most of them died in the yard. everyday i come out i see a new cat each them looking like a regular. then one day i see this cat who kinda of calico but brown and gray and black it saw me an ran but when i turned around the corner of my house (my house is really big and there was no where the cat could possibly hide) it was gone ….went poof into thin air. then one night as i was sleeping in my bedroom a felt like something was jumping on my bed like it was trying to wake me up….i woke up and saw my old cat diamond (she was my little miracle because my cat spook had died and i wanted a new one so i went to the shelter and saw a cat that looked like spook but she didn’t like kids i was gonna name her diamond but then we say advertisement and the cat had a little diamond on its forhead) she was talking to me! she said Rachel i am sorry i left you when you really loved me but it wasn’t my fault it was your x-friends fault but i promise i will be there every time your in trouble and i will visit you every night to visit you and answer all your questions…. then she dissappeard. the next day i was walking to my friends house when all of a sudden a car came speeding around the corner, i was frozen in fear and couldn’t move all of a sudden i felt like a hundred paws pushed me out of the way. when i got up and turned around i saw my cat diamond and her warriors. dissapear but b4 she completely disappear she siad “i told oyu i will always b there for u.”

    the end this is true it was like she was a princess or something and i still miss my cat diamond even though i get to see her every night :'( and it’s night one of my best stories because it’s harder to put true things into words than made up words.

  39. theawesomeness says

    sry i havent posted in a while, i was busy. i hate my new school, half of the guys like me and only some of them are cute. anyways you guys have great stories. i really hae to go. tomorrow i am going to the mall and i am going to try on everything i see

  40. furrykinz2234 says

    ya know i just realized that he was probably pretending to be a priest and was a murderer in disguise as a priest so thats probably why if you read it you will see the story says he was from another country but no one rlly knew where

  41. furrykinz2234 says

    thx and idk why he killed her,he was probably on drugs and when he realized he did it he threw all the evidence away, but its true and this is how i know….i actually tried it

  42. Dead Girl XXx says

    omg… why did viktor even kill the little girl? O: Did he know that she lied and killed her? O: CREEEEEEEPY! O:
    I sooo love it O: Oh im not a daredevil btw :3

  43. furrykinz2234 says

    hey guys this is an urban legend it is not well-known either
    but its true

    Miss Mina

    Story behind the legend

    back in tthe 1900’s was once a little girl who’s name was Mina she was around ten and had blonge hair and blue eyes she never left her room with out her favorite little porcelain doll, she was love mostly by everyone because of she was cute and sweet.

    Then one day a new priest came into town he was from another country but no one knew where.he was in his mid 30’s and kinda creeped everybody out a lil bit. one day Mina thought she was’nt going to be scared of him anymore.
    she approached the preist and said to him “hi,… my name ia Mina” she said “well hi Miss Mina, my name is viktor have you been saying your prayers?” he said. the scary part was that he talked with a hiss in his voice and she thought praying and worshipping was sort of silly. she wanted to play more than pray. I must go” she said “mother is calling” She lied. she knew both of her parents were gone she lived with older siblings.
    one night her brother and sister left her home alone and came home that night and found her in her room dead. she was choked and had a slit throat. the killer was never found.most beleived that it was viktor but tehre was no evidence that proved it was him.

    the legend

    legend has it that if you sit in a dark room with all the lights off and sit in the middle of the floor and have a doll (or stuffed animal,whatever works)under your arm and say her name 7 times she will appear holding her porcelain doll with a bruised neck and scar around her nec k where she was slit. if you are really lucky she will appear holding viktor’s bloody hand as he stands beside her.some people hear a noise and some her a scream, but i warn you not to do it becasue you might be viktor’s next victim.

    well hoped you liked it and this is a little special for those of you who are daredevil’s

  44. Dead Girl XXx says

    Hey furrykinz, u’ve got a point there! :O :O
    What if Kashima Reiko came and killed the owner? O: I’m scared!!!
    Oh owner, dont die! We want new posts! O:

  45. furrykinz2234 says

    OMG! :O i think i figured out what happened you know the ghost of the japanese woman who lost her legs? she probably came back and killed the owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it may sound crazy but remember this one story was way to scary so the owner removed it maybe she wnated revenge on the owner for removing the story she wanted to spread :O :O :O :O :O :O

  46. furrykinz2234 says

    the name of that story is keyhole deadgirl this very website has it xD but anyway its a good story

  47. Dead Girl XXx says

    well, here’s my one ^^
    It was posted as a joke but i thought it is scary as well so here it is ^^
    A man went to a hotel and walked up the front desk to check in, and the man at the desk gave him the keys, and told him not to go to the room with no number next to his. The man went straight into bed but his curiosity didn’t leave him alone about the room with no number. He walked down the hall to the door and bent down to look through the keyhole. At the corner of the room was a woman facing the wall. He crept away from the door and walked in his room. The next day, he returned to the door and looked through the keyhole. But this time, all he saw was redness. He thought that the inhabitants of the room knew he was looking the night before and covered the keyhole. At this point, he decided to ask the man at the front desk and he said, “You looked through the keyhole didn’t you?” and he said “yes” and the man at the desk said,” I might as well tell you the story.. long time ago, a man murdered his wife in that room, we think her ghost still haunts that place.. the woman looked ordinary except her eyes… They were red.”

  48. Dead Girl XXx says

    You have a really nice imagination :D I love it! And i never pass a chain letter xD I actually don’t believe in stuff like: “‘I love you’…post this to 10 people and the next day your loved one will ask you out… If you don’t, your loved one will kill you…” lmao xD
    I’ll also post a story soon :D

  49. furrykinz2234 says

    guys i have another story

    Scary Little Girl

    Ashley sat in her aparment bored. she was unemployed and she couldn’t pay the bills her tv was broken and none of her friends were online so she had nothing in to watch and no one to talk to.Suddenly she had an idea. she went to her email and started typing “there was once a little girl who lived at the foot of a mountain,she was very shy and had no friends,her hair always would hang in front of her face giving her a strange appearance making the villagers dislike her day as she was walking home from school all the children of the town cornered her and started throwing rocks at her. they suddenly stopped when she raised her arm and pointed to a boy and said “you will die in 3 days” three days later the boy started vomiting blood and died before he could get to the hospital.soon the little girl started annoucing more deaths and people died on the predicted date. the townspeople had a town meeting and soon decided….
    The Next Day
    the man was led the girl into the mine when they picked her up and led her into a secret chamber where they tied her arms and legs to a chair. one of the men pulled a needle out and started sewing the girls mouth shut so she couldn’t predict anyones death. they sealed up the mine so noone coould find it. is you dont want her standing by your bed tonight then send this to 12 people or else she will be standing at your bedside tonight ready to kill you.”

    the next day ashley recieved 12 emails…it was the story she said “ha! they fell for it!” “pathetic!”
    that night after she brushed her teeth and went to bed she woke seeing the girl beside her bed. she tried to scream but couldn’t for the girl had sewed her mouth shut in her sleep…..the next morning her boyfriend came over and became suspicious when she wouldn’t open the door. after he got in he screamed…..there ashley sat in a chair her arms and legs tied to it (her arms in her lap) as she was holding her decapitated head with no eyes and her mouth sewn shut….The End!

    hope oyu liked it! :D and dont worry if you dont send the emails it won’t happen i made it up it was just a story about someone whos chain letter backfired so let this be a lesson to you never never never never never never make a chain letter (i didnt make a chain letter i made a story about a girl who made one)

  50. Dead Girl XXx says

    I have no idea :( If its shut down, the owner should atleast inform us o.o
    its more than 5 months after the last post! (i guess)

  51. furrykinz2234 says

    ok this story is called
    The Camera (this was one of my first stories it may not be as good as my others it may be way off of scary to btw)
    sally had always wanted a camera for her birthday and she finally had one. she waned to see if it was working so she tried to take a picture of an ant (she was very cruel to bugs) so she sqwuished an anthill and took a picture.all the ants had been killed not one of them left. that night she had a nightmare about ants comeing back to kill her from the DEAD.she woke up screaming and had ant bites from head to toe. the next she had tripped an old lady in the steet and a car ran over her killing her.she took a picture of that too. (she is very very bad) that night she felt like someone was someone was watching her.
    this is to be continued its better at the end but i gtg so it will be continued

  52. furrykinz2234 says

    wait nvm the website is back to normal now D: but maybe the owner will start posting again :D

  53. Dead Girl XXx says

    oh seriously? he was editing the website? :) Awwwww cant wait cant wait!! :D stories stories!!! :D

  54. furrykinz2234 says

    hey guys know do you know why the owner never came on? he was like editing the website :D yay i cant wait for more stories!

  55. furrykinz2234 says

    thx i didnt rlly think my poem would be good enough for someone to like it and yes i rlly did make the story up when i was 4

  56. furrykinz2234 says

    i gots a story! 9this one may not be one of my best i made it up when i was only 4)

    Strange t.v
    me and my friend were watching the movie chain letters it was at the part when the male was deleting the chain letter at his computer when the screen went blank. her dad was not home and we were only ten years old (like i said i made it up when i was 4 and i wanted to be 10 at that time)
    when suddenly we heard a knock on the door, thinking i was tough i opened it,a salesma was standing at the door trying to sell yard equiptment aka (also known as) chains. i slammed the door shut and me and my friend hid in a closet until her dad came home it was the strangest thing in my life.

    hope you like it!

  57. furrykinz2234 says

    hey guys this a scary poem i made up (im not good at writing poems so it may not be as good as my stories)


    some ghost are scary
    and some are merry
    and some are mean
    some arn’t seen
    and some have sharp teeth
    that will eat you when you sleep
    some just want help
    to get out here
    and when they yelp
    you better be here
    or else they will search
    for you and lurch
    watcha gonna do
    when they come looking for you?

    like i said it may not be good but im not good at writing poems

  58. theawesomeness says

    those are great stories. deadgirl i’m surprised by your story because i didnt expect u to write so soon or that much. i liked the doll one too. i am going to write a story, its coming off the top of my heads so dont mock me:
    there was once a girl named sarah, she enjoyed eating. she ate so much that she looked like a giant tomatoe. nobody at school liked her so she began to workout. that didnt work. a genie appeared and offered her medicine to make her jiggly fat go away. soon she became a sexy model, then she wasnt satisfyed. so she took too much mecication and became too skinny then she died because she was too skinny.

    the whole sexy model body popped in mind because i just make weird poses in the mirror and realized how lucky i am to not be a fat ass. everybody at my school cried because we watched the videos of Columbine high school. it was so sad. look it up on youtube. it was about the rachel challenge.

  59. Dead Girl XXx says

    Here’s my story ^.^
    -I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you-
    I was cleaning my room of the apartment i just moved to. The place was very dusty so i just kept cleaning all the spider webs and dusts in the room. I opened the cupboard of the room and started coughing. It was even dustier inside. But i noticed something lying inside. It was a little diary.
    Wondering who’s it was, i opened the first page of the diary.
    ’26th January,
    I saw a dream. There’s a ghost in this place. The ghost came and said “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you”. I’m scared.’
    I thought it was very weird, and turned to the next page.
    ’27th January,
    I’m scared. There are claw marks on my body. They’re itching. It hurts.’
    It was very unbelievable for me, even so, i continued reading it.
    ’28th January,
    I went to take a shower. There was blood dripping from the tap. There were words written in blood. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you.” I’m scared.’
    It was crazy, i thought. I continued.
    ’29th January,
    I saw the dream again. It came and warned me. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you.” I don’t want to die. I’m scared.’
    ’30th January,
    I’m lying in a pool of blood in my bathtub. I’m dead. It came and killed me. It said. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you.” I’m dead. I’m dead.’
    I closed the diary in disbelief, even though i had begun to get scared too.
    That night, I saw a dream. There was a ghost, it was very ugly and scary. It came and whispered in its haunting voice. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you.” It said. “Like I ate her, like I killed her.” I woke up with a jump. I was sweating with fear and my whole body was quivering. The dream was just like in the diary…
    The next morning, when i went to the bathroom, my body felt itchy. There were red claw marks on my body and in the mirror, there were words written in blood. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you. Like ate her, Like I killed her.” I was so scared that I fell right into the bathtub. I saw blood dripping from the water tap and ran into my room with a scream in horror.
    I was having a fever. I kept seeing that dream. The ghost came and whispered. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you, Like i ate her, Like I killed her.”
    I was going to be killed. With my whole body shaking, i went into the bathroom. Something grabbed me. Ugly hands. They pushed me into the bathtub. “I’ll eat you! I’ll kill you!” The ghost yelled with an evil laugh and my world became silent. Everything became black.
    The pages of the diary, which was lying on the table of the room, began to turn. It opened a page in which something was written in an ugly writing. “I’ll eat you, I’ll kill you. Like I ate them, Like I killed them.”

  60. furrykinz2234 says

    well i like r.l. stine because every thing he has a made has a lesson to it…. like dont be greedy dont steal ect. and besides the Haunting Hour is awesome! it says its for people under 7 and im older than 7 (dont be surprised because im actually 10 almost 11) and i get scared by most of his shows on youtube escpecially the episode “really you” you should watch it guys its scary oh and plz dont despise me because im 10

  61. theawesomeness says

    i dont like rlstine, his stories are too childish, but i like james patterson. i think stephen king is too old. but i will post a story after dead girl.i havent been on in a while cause i got grounded.

  62. Dead Girl XXx says

    ooh so that’s how it was done in the story right? I was having kind of a question mark in that one xD
    And LOL, i too, guess that’s what has happened to the ppl who posted xD the ghosts in the stories they posted came back to get them xD And i like r.l stine too… my fav horror author :)

  63. furrykinz2234 says

    have these ppl died are something i feel like everything they made up has come back to get them have they been killed ar something? i miss scary stories! oh well at least i still have r.l. stine :D he is so awesome i read watch and get my sense of horror from him try watching his show on youtube not goosebumps but the haunting hour. its so cool

  64. furrykinz2234 says

    and also deadgirl did you like how i put sincerly sally at the end? i was talking about the girl sally that was killed so there would be two things in my story first thing a killer doll and second sally as a ghost

  65. Dead Girl XXx says

    I totally have to agree with u :( I can’t even count how many months it has been before SFK’s last post :( I wonder when they’re going to post D:
    furrykinz oooh another story huh? :D It is creepy and neither am i going near a doll ever again xD

  66. Dead Girl XXx says

    GothicAngel lol im doing just fine accept that this site has not posted anything for ages! XD

  67. furrykinz2234 says

    hope you like my story! and i did have another one made up but it blew out my head b4 i could post it sorry guys!

  68. furrykinz2234 says

    guys ive got another story
    sally loved dolls and just had to have the doll. the doll had blonde hair,a red dress, and brown eyes. she asked the store clerk how much it was and he said it was free. in the car she noticed the doll had a string on it she thought that was strange because she hadnt seen it before but she pulled it anyway and it said 2…2…2…2…. she thought that was strange also. when she got home she put the doll on a shelf but by that time it was time for bed. the next morning she woke and found the doll lying righ beside her. she thought it was strange for she hadnt put it there the night before she just thought her mother had put it there. this continued to happen for 3 nights more. then one morning sally had not woken up and her parents thought that it was strange so her mom went to check and saw a red fluid flowing out the door her mom kept saying sally sally finally she opened the door and saw her daughter laying in a pool of blood then she saw the doll she pulled the string thinking that it was their daughters favorite toy and heard it say 3….3….3…3…3…

    i do not know how many the doll has klled to this day but i do know im never going near another doll ever again.


  69. xxsinfullysweetxx says

    Okay I love this site and all and always come here, But when are people going to start writing new stories? I miss reading new stuff they haven’t updated in awhile.. D:

  70. Dead Girl XXx says

    Guys im sorry i’ve not been on for sometime ^.^
    theawesomeness, ur laptop, broken? .__. Aww tooo bad .__.
    and furrykinz2234, ur stories are awesome! :D I mean it! Please write more, okay? :)
    Oh and sorry, my story’s still not done heh-heh ^_^’ Cora thanks for the tips xD

  71. Anonymous girl17 says

    i have one….
    The girl was waiting for her boyfriend one night. He had promised her that he would come at 8:30 PM but he was already 47 minutes late. The girl became furious with him so she went on home. The next morning, the girl found out that her boyfriend died while she was waiting for him. The police had said that he had been cut into tiny pieces and some parts of his body were missing as if someone had eaten them. The girl was so depressed that she ended up in a mental hospital. Every night the girl would somehow change and act strangely. She would howl like a hungry wolf or speak in other languages. But when dawn came, the girl would go back to normal. Doctors and priests thought she was possessed so she soon became a suspect. But they were wrong…. One night, the girl became really crazy. She scratched herself to try to skin herself and she would use her own blood to write on the walls. This night, she wrote “I have…” The next night, she wrote in another language, “another person” On the last night, she wrote “inside of me” but when the nurse discovered her last message, she was already dead. It appears that she had killed herself by eating parts of her own body……… lol I just made it up. I’ve always loved scary stories because my dad used to tell me tons of em. but the last story he told me couldn’t be finished because he had to work….T.T Thats the last time i ever saw my dad….

  72. theawesomeness says

    oh my gosh, i dont have a story today but maybe next time. if i write stories everyday people lose interest and when people lose interest then i lose fans. sry, life isnt sweet. :P sadly. sigh, i am tired and boy it hurts to keep my eyes open and its only 11 in the morning. life isnt sweet at all.
    And for screamxd when you get your laptop back:
    Thanks a lot for breaking my laptop, my keyboard is broke it wont type right. i am saying this as nicely as possible.>:(
    yeah, it took ten minutes to make that face!

    and furrykinz you wrote some really good stories i want to see more if you can. they are really good.

  73. furrykinz2234 says

    and i have another story but this one is true its not really scary or creepy but interesting also i was the one who saw this. Rachel was out at a hotel called Hollywood waiting by the gift shop for her parents to come out when she noticed a picture of Bob Hope and his wife (i don’t know her name) his wife was very pretty she was wearing a red dress with white polka dots and had a smile with both eyes open in the picture. after her parents came back she noticed this time in the picture that the wife had one eye closed like she was winking,one eye half open, and a slight smile.
    not scary scary but scary because this really did happen! and here is something that is cool my grandfather had met Bob Hope because he worked with him

  74. furrykinz2234 says

    hye guys ive another story!
    The Picture
    “ugh” said Jeremy “can school get anymore boring?”
    only 5 more minutes until the bell rang and then he would be homefree. he suddenly turned his attention to the window and saw a piece of paper fall from the sky. he was very curious and wanted to see what it was. so after the bell rang he ran outside and picked it up. he saw the most cutest girl he had ever seen,she looked like a japanese girl and was wearing a very cute uniform and was holding two fingers up like it was supposed to be a peace sign (which it was). he wanted to meet this girl so he asked everybody in school before leaving and tehy said they never saw her and that she might be from out of town. so he called it a day and went home. that night he heard giggling and scratching on his window from a fingernail. he looked out and saw the girl from the picture. he jumped out the window and chased after the girl as she ran away and lost her when she trailed off into the woods. the next day of asking people if they had seen her anywhere but everyone had said no. that night hhe heard giggling and scratching again so he did the same thing and ran in the street after the girl but a car hit him point blank. the driver who hit him tried to help but he was to late. so Jeremy lay there dead with a picture in his hand. the driver picked the picture up and saw a very cute girl holding three fingers up.

  75. theawesomeness says

    ya know wt is a bunch of BS! i have to wake up at like three in the morning! all because i cant ride the bus to school. i have to get my hour workout fitting into all that. and my is scary house is scary early in the morning. okay dead girl heres a story topic: Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day.
    theres a few. i hate v day. there are a lot of weird creeps in the world! i gtg bye bye.

  76. Dead Girl XXx says

    Cora… ur story was also great!! :D U guys sure are good at writing stories! Make more, make more and i promise i will also share a story here.. im currently working on one and i dont know what a crap it would be lol xD Ttyl bye!

  77. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Scarelover123
    Oh…My..God!! o.o Im totally speechless!! o.o It was a really unique and awesome story! I love it and thanks for sharing it here.. :D

  78. theawesomeness says

    wow scarelover, i have gotta say i am impressed. i think you mightt have a future at this. great job, okay here is my story.
    there are some things that you dont know about jcpennys. some things you dont want to know. but i am going to tell you anyways. there was once a little girl who was walking through the store with her mother. the girl stopped to tie her shoe and the mother walked else where. confused and suspicious, the girl tried to find her. by the cause of her shortness, she thought one of the dummies was her mom so she took its hand. to her it was cold but she didnt care. “Come on mommy,” she erged but no movement. to that the girl began to pull, but to her surprise the dummy fell. it didnt sound like plastic to the ground, this arose suspicion from others. the little girl turned around and saw blood seeping through the neck of the dummy and she screamed and screamed until she couldnt scream anymore.
    later that evening the police discovered that the dummy dresser had murdered people, cut off their heads, and painted them white to hide the fact that they were dead.

    hop you liked it! ttyl.

  79. Scarelover123 says

    this is a story that is like the hunger games but a diffrent thing between peeta and katniss. here i go, plz dont laugh-
    I stare into those blue eyes. They’re nothing but hatered. Has the capitol done this, or had peeta realized what a terrible person i am? how? what has he seen that made him realize this? “i want to go in.” i tell haymitch who starts to protest but plutarch says “let her. mabey it’ll help the boy.” he knows i would’ve gone in anyway. i step in and move a heavy bookcase in the way of the door. what i’m about to do will make someone try to break down that door. peeta’s hands clench once he sees me. “peeta.” i start. from the look on his face i can tell, his loathing for me will never end. i pull out a long blade from my jeans. i can tell he thinks i will hurt him with it, but instead i place it into the palm of his hand. “kill me, if thats your mission kill me. i’m not stopping you and no one can stop you because the doors locked.” haymitch is screaming in my ear now. i rip the transmitter from my ear, it burns and i know theres blood. peeta stares at me like i’m an alien. “go ahead, do it if your so sure i’m an evil mutt created by the capitol!” i shout. i put the blade to my neck and cut a little less then an inch. “there i’ve gotten you started. now finish me off!” and he does. the look in his eyes though, as i fall into unconsiousness, is sadness. agony. i cant ignore the tears however much i want to. the door breaks open and peeta drops the blade, covered in my blood and his tears. when i wake i see gale there, staring at me with pity. in those eyes i know we will never be. if we tried he would think i would do this again. and whose to say i wont? “katniss.” he says as i black out again. this time it’s cinna whose here to greet me. “cinna!” i exclaim and hug him. ” i thought you were dead.” i say only to here him say, “i am dead katniss, and so are you.” i look around and see prim, rue, even the fox faced girl. “come” cinna says. “you must see peeta, gale, and your mother. you must see how your death is affecting them, starting with peeta.” i folow cinna, expecting to see peeta’s face glowing with joy. i’m shocked to see his face in his hands, crying. “what have i done? what have i done! she shouldnt have died, oh please revive her. then kill me. i should die, not her!” he’s screaming at plutarch and coin. “i thought he’d be happy.” i say to cinna who just shakes his head and says, “they showed him the tapes, how important you were to him. no, how important you are to him.” i gasp as i look down. he’s holding the pearl he gave to me on the beach. “how did he get it?” i ask but cinna just shrugs. his brown hair shifting in his pale face. “shall we visit gale next?” he asks. i nod. i dont want to see my mother. gales state is actually better than peetas. he’s with haymitch, no tears in his eyes. somethings replacing it. “revenge, i want peeta dead so her death is not in vein!” he’s saying, although he is saying it halfheartedly. i look at cinna and in a whisper barely above a mutter i request to go back to the living. in no time i’m in my body, breathing. gale’s voice is nearby. peetas too, they dont know i’m alive. “you killed her. you are going to pay!” gale is saying. peeta’s voice is filled with sorrow and regret, “i know. just kill me. kill me like i killed her.” before gale can react i’m shouting. “it’s not his fault! i ordered him to do it! gale leave him alone!” in the second it takes to catch my breath gale,peeta,haymitch, and plutarch are infront of me. all suprised but peeta who holds me close, muttering “i know you could do it. i knew you were strong.” he says, tears dropping like raindrops off leaves. his short golden hair gleams even though there is no light. his perfect sea blue eyes are staring me in the eye. i lean forward and kiss him. “stay with me.” i whisper. “always” is his response.

    -i would have more because i made this before i’m going to post it but since it’s not scary i might have already lost your intrests. bye plz dont laugh

  80. theawesomeness says

    ignore that last comment, i was in a hurry. ugh, i hate shopping for clothes but my hair cut is epic. and believe me, i am leaving bread crumbs on my next walk. i am about to watch being human on hulu. i promise next time i will have a story. i already thought of it. it has something to do with jcpennys. ok bye, write more!

  81. Dead Girl XXx says

    Ur wc :D And i really liked ur story.. it was mostly funny, specially the end xD I love it anyway! :D New neighborhood, oh you said you were moving.. xD And lol, about the description of the boys over there! XD I hope i could be good friends with u too, it seems like we have one thing in common: a good sense of humor :D
    Neither do i have facebook and its boring these days with nothing to do.. And its non-stop snow over here as well! -.-
    oh so she’s ur sister… I thought she was a guy (frm the way she talk and all)xD… And thanks for trusting, i’ll not offend her :D.. Too bad for u though, the boys not being cute at all lol xD U might see some cute ones if u take more walks haha xD Bye ttyl! :D

  82. theawesomeness says

    thx deadgirl and lol ur name really does say girl. sry i dont pay much attention to things, and i was seriously tired so i wasnt at my best with the story. my hair is like a dirty blond color so when i do stupid things, like run into the door cause i thought i opened it, my parents call me blonde and tease me about it. i will hopefully write another story some other time but not now because i am going for a walk in my new neighborhood. there are lots of boys here, but who cares most of them had busted horse faces. no offense. and i really do hope we can be friends, if i cant have facebook i still have this. besides i have nothing better to do than be on my computer cause it is snowing like crazy here. we at least got seven inches the other day. oh yeah yesterday i went on a shopping spree and the main part of my room, where my bed and chair is, i covered it in posters so mwahahahaha.
    btw, screamXD is my sister irl. so try not to offend her cause she will go crazy and type weird things. not that i think you will offend her. just dont worry about it. i have to go for another walk. two days ago my mom told me to go for a walk, so my sister and i did. we got lost and right when we were so close to hame our mom told us to follow lambert rd. and that lead us so far away i was mad. then when we again were so close to home these boys at the play ground, park, wt ever you wanna call it, thwy were like hey, and they werent even cute! just walk away. i gotta go now so ttyl. oh yeah and furrykinz, honostly i think your story wazs great. you should write more. keep up the good work! peace out.

  83. furrykinz2234 says

    hey oh guys ive got a story!
    There was once a girl named summer who was very very very very very very very very popular at her school she had blonde hair,blue eyes,she had the perfect face ,and she was tall and slim. It was the night before halloween and she couldnt wait. every year her and her friends go out and prank people. but she didnt know the danger that awaited her when she went home that day. when she got home she was greeted by a horrible sight….. her cat,dad,brother,and mom hung by their feet with no head or arms she didnt know what to expect and she couldnt call for help because she had left her phone in her bedroom and she was to scared to go up there but she finally convinced herself to go call for help so when she got to her bedroom that was when she saw it…. a huge monster that look very intelligent but that wasnt all he was standing next to a man with a huge butcher knife she screamed and ran downstairs. then she saw something even more terrifying…she didnt see her parents cat or brother hanging….they were standing right beside her.the monster held her up and put them in the center of the brain washed zombies (the funny part is the cat imgine a cat standing on its back to feet acting like a zombie XD) and the pulled off her head and ate her brain and then ate her arms and legs.then the guycut out her heart and lungs (heres the most creepiest part) then he ate them and you know who that girl was?…. it was me! and your next whoever reads this!
    dont forget to comment on it
    and dont worry your not next

  84. Dead Girl XXx says

    Heehee.. ur wc and thanks, theawesomeness :D.. i guess we could get along really well ^.^
    Im a girl too and thats another reason why we could be good friends! (u can tell by my name btw xD)
    And.. ur story’s awesome! Im really speechless! o.o

  85. theawesomeness says

    ugh! post people! this is becoming a social site for like people to start there own conversations, not that i have a prob with it, it is quite interesting. i feel like posting a long comment
    Deadgirl i seriously appreciate you not thinking i am nerdy and support, thanks. i am a romance lover myself, thats the reason i read twilight over and over again but i skip all the jacob parts even though i am team jacob. its like how did dracula and creepy vampires that were ugly turn into cute and cudly vampires. what the hell happened. never watch vampire sucks and twilight back to back, it will make you crack up. hehe i am still not over it. you guys should go to just click browse and then scroll to the bottom til you see the search bar then type in your favorite show and oyu could watch it. no downloads.
    okay i am out of things to talk about. i havent been on lately because we just got a house i am so excited, even though i have to crochet my own blanket because my room is so cold. it was so not worth the twelve hour plane trip though. i was in asia for two years, but i am not asian. you know what messes me up. its why korean guys always where skinny jeans, it looks so gay. btw i am a girl. i have a story! i just thought about it and idk if it is scary or not, you tell me to those who read my comments:
    there was once a girl who was very popular at school (notice how i say was) until there was one night that ruined it for her, forever. she came home from school one day and found her parents sitting on the couch. her dad had the remote in his hand but he never changed the channel when a boring commercial was on. she went up to her room because she was getting on facebook. there was a comment from a guy she didnt add saying ‘your next.’ she thought it was a glitch, that it was for somebody else. soon there was a thirst scratching at her throat. she went downstairs for a drink and saw the remote her dad was holding on the ground and his hand was in the exact same spot. maybe he fell asleep, she thought. not wanting to wake him she hurried upstairs to check on her brother. he wasnt moving either, she assumed that they all had a rough day. in her room, a horrible sight awaited her. there was three pairs of lungs laying across her bed, of course she didnt think mush of it, she thought it was a joke. the only thing that changed her mind was a knock on her door. she openned it to find her dad starring down at her. his eyes were missing and there was a huge hole in his chest. her fell but only missed her by a little, she screamed a blood curling scream. her dad got right back up and her mom and brother came in the room, both missing eyes and lungs. they pinned her to the ground and tore her apart limb by limb until all that was left was a torso and a head attached. her limbs were thrown across the room. the last thing she heard was laughter before her head was pulled from her neck

  86. Dead Girl XXx says

    Oh my god
    post post post post POST POST POST!!!

  87. ennairanight says

    hey!:P am here waitin (board out my mind, not really lol:) for new stories:/ I need new stories!

  88. Dead Girl XXx says

    Please, SFK Please! :/
    For heaven’s sake post more stories… :/
    Pleeasee post more stories!! :/

  89. RjLovesLifex3 says

    Dang, I’m so bored!
    Seriously, make more stories!
    I always get on here to see if you made more posts, but I’m totally disappointed!
    Please, post more!

  90. blackkites15 says

    This is AWESOME! I’ll use this in a horror movie, but I’ll save the boy I like though…

  91. 101horrorgirl101 says

    HEllo people!!!!!
    when is the website going to post more??!! i am soooo darn boreddddd..
    Hey Kish, I haven’t been on for a while, how r u? I liked your story by the way.

  92. ChloeQueenOfScreams says


  93. lexalina101 says

    @Xx Death Bolt xX,
    here’s one!!
    BE the weird chick no one hangs out with (you’d be around to live at least and you never had any friends to begin with -_- jerks…)

  94. Dead Girl XXx says

    Ur idea for writing a book is nice (: Go for it, theawesomeness!! xD And its not nerdy, and ur not nerdy either lol xD And i am a romance lover and its gr8 to know u’ve started the best love life ever haha… it sort of is my dream ^.^ Ur moving in three days? well, thats unfortunate… :( gud luck anyway xD

  95. theawesomeness says

    i wanna start my own conversation XD. so to all the people out there in the world i want you to know that i am writing a book. irl though. i think that it will be useful for you to know that irl means in real life. we use this on the game wizard 101. i know i am nerdy but wt ever. that game is awesome. sign up for it. my name on the game is cori waterleaf. look for me.oh and for all you romance lovers out there. i just got a boy friend today! he is the one i have had a crush on for like ever. but the sad part is that i am moving in 3 days. :(

  96. rashona says

    Okay seriously WTF? why no new stories? huh? and why the f are you not submitting my comments? like seriously? wtf is ur problem? sure everyone else can comment but my comment can’t be posted wtf scaryforkids your site is getting less and less views if you don’t step up and post some new stories ! im getting sick and tired of waiting and having my comments not posted. -.-

  97. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    -.- there are too many comments in here, its making my phone slow, lets got to another story with little comments? X3

  98. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Thats a very good topic, we are both bored, we have so much in common xD jk so, what are your fav animals? Besides bunnies ofcourse xD

  99. Dead Girl XXx says

    Haha… very well, but did u do it? :P U that proves it :P Ur innocent haha… xD
    But for an example.. i’ll tell u what evil Aimee did 3:D
    One sunny day, Evil Aimee was walking on the road with her sister and was suddenly got very thirsty. She didnt bring money with her, so she couldnt buy anything to drink. She was complaining to her sister and yelling with anger. In that instant, something caught her eyes. A little girl was drinking a jugo, so evil Aimee thought of a plan. She went near the little kid who was alone and started talking to her. “Girly, can you see the little red butterfly that is flying around here?” She shook her head, confused. “Well, it went that way!” E-Aimee pointed out and the girl looked away. That moment, she took her chance and grabbed the jugo from the girl. The girl was crying and crying.
    The next day, evil Aimee went to the place where she met the girl, which she thought was her home. Luckily, she met the girl, who was very angry with her. Then she bought her a jugo and gave it. When the little girl was drinking it happily, She grabbed it from her again!! xD xD xD

  100. Dead Girl XXx says

    Hahaha ya that makes sense lol xD… Speaking of drowning, hmm… I remember once when i almost drowned in the sea when i was eight O.O Seriously, i thought i was gonna die!! but this sweet man came and saved me XD I sort of have phobia for the sea after tht.. i dnt knw how to swim either XD XD

  101. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    0.o hmm, i very much doubt a ghostly creature can drown so its probably a trap, nope, i wont help, plus im not a good swimmer lol

  102. Dead Girl XXx says

    I wud rather see a ghost lol xD I don’t wanna be eaten alive haha xD okay my question arises now….
    If u find a ghostly creature drowning in a river and calling out for help, will u trust it’s words and save it?? XP

  103. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Hmmm, i dont know, would you rather see a ghost or a legendry monster (lochness monster, big foot etc)

  104. Dead Girl XXx says

    I knw I knw that lol xD the text was complicated and it read like tht haha xD okay a bad dog cannot be good (sumtimes they can) xD soooo…. Anything to tlk abt?? Okay, ask me a question :D

  105. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Oh, ok xD when i read that part i was like, 0.o what? XD
    And Rocky can never be a good boy, hes a dog lol
    I love to see everyone laughing xP

  106. Dead Girl XXx says

    What r u saying? Lol xD.. I laugh at each and every joke haha xD and I knew tht u will love it hahaha xD jk.. And peewee said tht she’s happy cause Rocky feels like tht haha.. And she said not to be mischievous and be a good boy lol xD and Gud to knw ur fine too X3 X3

  107. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha, u laughed? XD, that doesnt happen quite often, but yes, i like to make people laugh
    Good, good, peewee is recovering, Rocky said thats good news xD
    I just chained Rocky, he is too mischevious, so hes sulking right now but he will be fine xD And im good =)

  108. Dead Girl XXx says

    Haha really?? XD XD imagine a dog wearing reading glasses lol xD haha u sure like to make ppl laugh dont u kish? XD anyway, ur plan goes well each time then jk xD
    I’m feelin okay, and looks like peewee is not feeling bad either (: (: how’s u and ur partner-of-a-lifetime?? XD

  109. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Apparently my dog just stares at me as if he knows what im talking about… Once i could have sworn i saw him reading a book wearing reading glasses, lol, jokes xD Just wanted to make u laugh, Aimee, hru today? X3

  110. Dead Girl XXx says

    And Chris… Peewee just keeps staring at the laptop and makes noises and i translate them to english lol xD She could never talk hahaahaha (even if i teach xD)… (and im neither a mind reader actually)

  111. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Kish
    Lol jk xD Okay buh-bye! xD
    @ Chris
    Is budgie a parrot? and haha…. Our pets are also good friends in SFK and they do talk oftenly lol xD Let budgie have fun…. LMAO xD xD
    Chris r u THAT interested in ghosts? Seriously, ur going for a run just to see them O_O I wouldnt even have thought of sumthn like that OMG! O_O_O(twin emotion xD)

  112. griffin88 says

    I’m going for a run, maybe i’ll see some ghosts, but yeah i’m going for a run as it’s 5 and it will get VERY dark in 30 mins so yeah…

  113. griffin88 says

    And my budgie says “SQUAK chirp chirp chrrrrip” What we can’t ALL have talking pets! (but i could teach mine to talk :D)

  114. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    XD Rocky said…and i quote “Haha, me eat u, really? Nooo” xD JK…
    Well, i g2g Aimee, i will see u tomorrow, take care =)

  115. Dead Girl XXx says

    Hahaha xD peewee replies and I quote: “Rocky, ur words are like riddles haha… Like, the thing u said just nw seemed like u want to eat me up lol xD.. Anyway, thanks. I’m going to a peaceful sleep now so talk to you later. Have a great time, Rocky!! :D” and thts what she said lol xD jk..

  116. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha, its ok take your time. I told Rocky, he said…and i quote “If u die, dont worry, my stomach is warm and u wont feel a thing.,. Just joking, get well soon” xD

  117. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Chris
    Woooow!! Another new friend!!! Too bad i was eating my lasagna when u all were havin fun lol xD (but it was delicious anyway) Ok, one more person owns the gift… =D
    Note: To get more information on this gift, ask from Aimee (Dead Girl XXx) immediately. Thank you.

  118. griffin88 says

    lol heres a hint :O look at the vowels besides u…,

    and you can call me by my real name Chris (my full name is Christopher)

    and i just remembered another puzzle from a book i read a while ago, but i won’t put it until someone solves my other one (or the owner puts up a new story whatever comes first)

    woah textwall :O

  119. Flufi says

    Since you all are waiting for a new post then here i a funny one: So I was home alone in a storm on night. It was Friday the 13. The clock struck 12. I was sitting on the couch eating popcorn when the lights randomly go out. “WTF OMG! AHHH EEP AHH EEK!! MOMMY!!!” I screamed as a flailed my arms running around in my underware in the dark. I tripped. I laid there with my OWWWW! WAAAAAA! face. I hear a thunk thunk clang clang drip drip. I said, ” Hello? Is anyone there?” An unfamiliar voice said,” Yeah, I’m in the kitchen, want a sandwich?” “HELL YEAH!” I said as I ran to the kitchen. I enjoyed a nice sandwich with Mr. Killer Dude. When I was done I stood up. I ran upstairs screaming. I knew I had to hide. I looked for a good hiding spot. I didn’t find one. Mr. Killer Dude came in. The only thing I thought of doing was turning on music. I turned on the radio and we danced. Then I was murdered. The End! :)

  120. Flufi says

    If you hear a noise coming from the attic, don’t go up there! If you are stupid and you do then bring a freaking weapon not a flashlight!*idiot* and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EEEEVVEEERRR go up there in your underware!

  121. 0_oDemonChild0_o says

    I’ve got sum mor rules
    Never assume the shadow in your closet is just your imagination
    If you find a strange book sitting on your bed BURN IT NOW even if your mom cums up and tells you she bot it at yur neighbors garage sale,… Why do u think they sold the book???!!!!
    Never make friends with the creepy kid in your math class you will always die
    If your going into a strange house ALWAYS CARRY A GUN IN YOUR POCKET along with a pocket knife matches and a big bottle of kerosine

  122. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha, yeah, i will write it real soon… *closes doors and windows* its just as an extra precaution xD

  123. Dead Girl XXx says

    Note: For your kind information, Evil Aimee has just been activated, so make sure you are safe at home and all the doors and windows are securely locked. Thank you.
    Bbuwwahahaha…. gotta know about those ‘signs’ xD..ha-ha-ha Then i’ll notice easily…Bwahahahahaaha!!!
    Note: For your kind information, Evil Aimee has now been deactivated. Now you may open the doors and windows. Thank you.
    “im glad i could talk to u…” Thanks Kish ur one nice guy really X3… And agree about Devilgirl… But hey, if u write the 5th part, she might comment to it as usual, then i can ask her ^_^ (its not like im saying this for my benefit haha lol xD)

  124. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha, yep, guys get shy too. There are the signs though… Anyway, thanks, and u are a fun person to talk im glad i could talk to u… Still no sign of Devilgirl

  125. Dead Girl XXx says

    No u r funny xD.. In other words, u have a good sense of humor, which is the first thing i believe that should be in a great person =D
    And about shyness… Really? omg xD I havent known before that guys have that thing more than girls…and they can hide it!!! Oh wow!!! xD U knw, girls cannot hide their shyness easily cuz they would blush immediately LOL jk xD
    And thanks for thinking that way =) U are a great guy too im really happy tht i made a frnd like u heehee X)

  126. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha, thanks, the funny part, i hardly get called funny xD And shyness is actually more common in guys than girls but guys can hide it, girls…well i dont know about them xD
    and u are an awesome person to talk to…

  127. Dead Girl XXx says

    And pleeeeaase DONT think tht im meaning “ur such a girl” when i said that being shy is mostly a girly reaction… xD Its not easy to imagine a guy being shy thats all i meant… so don’t take offense okay? =3 =3 =3 ^_^

  128. Dead Girl XXx says

    Haha thanks X3.. Ya, all my friends tease calling “Baby, baby!” becuz i watch cartoons lol xD.. Um, ‘shy’ is MOSTLY a girly reaction haha xD (But its natural even for guys xP)… About the singing part.. Ofcourse, Kish! U r a MAN! xD xD (i mean a guy.. but ur gonna turn into one anyway haha) Manly men don’t have girlish voices LMAO!!! xD xD xD xD Kish seriously ur funny!

  129. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Lol, interesting… I hardly watch cartoons but i still love them :P whats funny about rather shy? XD i cant sing, my voice is alittle gruffy…well manly i prefer to call it xD

  130. Dead Girl XXx says

    Yea looks like it xD…And, Nice hobbies =3 And..”im rather shy”??? Lol xD That’s funny! xD xD
    Well, i like reading.. it’s part of my energy lol xD.. And i love playing around with my pet too (It’s a white bunny called Peewee xD)… And, Still I havent gotten over the habit of watching cartoons with my cousins lol (but actually i luv watching anime haha xD).. Singing is soo much fun as well xD..And.. And.. making my sister mad is also one of my biggest hobbies hahaha xD…Then….um.. Well, that’s enough right? Maybe i said too much lol xD

  131. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Haha, u got a brain freeze to xD Well, i love animals, im always playing with my dog, or playing mobile games or games online. I like to read novels, mostly scary stories. And im always open for new friends though im rather shy xD Nuff said? What are your hobbies? X3

  132. Dead Girl XXx says

    Bwahahaha yep yep be careful if ur thinking of messing with e-Aimee lol xD
    Sooo…. um, what are ur hobbies? (seriously, i dnt knw anythin else to ask xD)

  133. Dead Girl XXx says

    Haha ya, just like at that time XD…
    LOL.. evil Aimee is the evil side of me haha.. When i transform into evil Aimee, i can make the impossible stuff possible bwahhhahahaha!! (actually not XD)

  134. Dead Girl XXx says

    I hope the guy running SFK sees our heart-breaking comments of patiently waiting for a new post… then he (or if it’s a she) would feel sympathy and start posting new stories one by one… lol xD Or a thousand altogether!! haha xD

  135. Dead Girl XXx says

    Yeeeaa, still no sign of stories, bleh… xD
    Okay fine.. we both (reader and writer) gets the appreciation =) Because when the writer writes, the reader/s gets to read it and enjoy xD Plus, when the reader/s read/s, the writer gets support xD So we both deserve the appreciation lol xD Ur most welcome =)

  136. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Part 4, as promised ;)
    Part 4- Back to the future
    Mary kept staring at the diary, not knowing what to think. She can’t be dead, impossible! This had to be a prank. She threw the diary away, she had had enough of this. As the diary fell, a piece of paper fell out of the book. It seemed to be a photograph. She picked up the paper. It was a picture cut out of the newspaper. The headlines said, “Bloody Killer Strikes Again”. For some reason, the words seemed extremely familiar. But from where, she couldn’t remember… She looked at the picture. There were 3 boys and 2 girls. She did not know the 3 boys and 1 girl. But the other girl brought chills to her spine… The other girl was her!
    Mary ran downstairs, to look for her parents. They didnt seem to be at home. She looked at the time, 1:45am, where could they have gone. She switched on the tv, and watched for a while. Suddenly, the tv flickered and a really ugly guy stared at her. He seemed quite old. He had an unearthly and wierd smile… “you believed” he said, his voice wierder than anyone she had ever heard before. “why do u keep coming back here?” he asked, “im finished with u”. He laughed an evil laugh, and lifted something up… It was Mary’s head!

  137. Dead Girl XXx says

    XD Unbelievable, but i am hahaha XD Jk
    And i’ve read the tap tap tap one around 21 times, honest o.O

  138. Dead Girl XXx says

    Haha yep i knew that u were joking but falling asleep instantly is so.. u knw, funny hahaha xD xD (i know u were joking in that one too xD) And just as u said, the story being interesting is good enough xD
    Actually ‘Hooorrayyy for SFK!’ xD xD xD and the stories hahahah lol xD

  139. Dead Girl XXx says

    That makes sense! =) And maybe, SFK might post many many many stories at one time as well.. That would be a dream come true!! xD xD

  140. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Yeah, and theres got to be alot of stories. We waited for a really llllloooonnngggg time xD

  141. Devilgirl21 says

    Maybe the waiting will pay off with a good story. For all were waiting the next story gotta b good!

  142. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Devilgirl21
    Yep, The same thing is in everyone’s heart now, devilgirl :/ We all are waiting for weeks and still a post hasnt shown up… This is tiring, isnt it?..

  143. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    @Devilgirl… Yep, u can call me kish, and i totaly agree with u, i have been waiting for weeks too

  144. Dead Girl XXx says

    And oh, i hope u dnt need to count ur fingers to add 1 and 1 lol xD Like i do…. hahahaha

  145. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Ok, Aimee, nice name. Lol, and no, thanks TO YOU for reading my story, i really appreciate it =)
    Part 3- Wierd diary
    Wondering how this book got here, Mary took the book to her room. She switched on her bed lamp and sat down to read. She opened the first page…
    “Monday 21 November”
    Mary read the date again. 21 november was tomorrow! Thats impossible. She looked at her phone. It was sunday, 20 november. She perfectly remembered that it was 20 november. What was going on… She got the urge which she couldn’t resist, to keep reading the diary… So she kept reading…
    “I was online yesterday with 4 of my friends, 2 girls whom i didn’t know and 2 boys (the girls’ brothers)” she read, “and i came across a scary story that caught my eye. ‘The curse of the treecutter’ was the tittle. So me and my friends read the story. It was about a treecutter who went insane and hacked people to pieces. Legend has it that if you believe the story, the treecutter will kill you. 3 of my friends and i laughed our heads off. But Ruth, my other friend, just sat there wide eyed. Before i could even tell her that the story was a fake, we heard footsteps from the closet. Suddenly, a toxic smell hit our noses, and God it stank! A gruesome laugh came from the closet. It made my hair on my neck stand. Then an eerie voice said, ‘you believe’. Goosebumps grew on my skin. Instinctly, we all began to run out of the room, Ruth being one of the first to run. I was the last to leave and i heard the sound of a chainsaw starting. We all ran in different directions, and that was the last time we saw Ruth. The next time we saw her, she was on the news… Murdered!”
    Mary looked at the book wide eyed. This had to be a prank, yes, thats it, someone was playing a prank. But she couldn’t help but wonder. She turned the page, and the date was sunday 20 november. The page had been stuck the wrong way, no wonder, now she understood. Something caught her eye just at the bottom of the page “Mary Mcqueen had been murdered!” she couldn’t believe what she was reading. She was Mary Mcqueen!

    Thats the end of part 3, hope u liked it Dead Girl. By the way, if u don’t mind me asking, how old are u? Don’t answer if u don’t want xD

  146. Dead Girl XXx says

    And i made another story up when i was in bed last night xD It’ll be a little stupid but hope it doesnt matter lol xD
    Here it goes and hope it’s okay anyway xD xD
    Name: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! xD
    My boyfriend and i were having a big argument in the hallway. We were shouting and yelling at each other with the case of seeing him give a valentine chocolate to my biggest rival, Rebeca. I roared at him and he roared back at me, and we were nearly beaten up by each other. At last, I screamed my last words at the guy. “You are no longer my boyfriend!” Then i stomped away, crying and squeezing my girly fist which could never be able to land a hit on his face.
    School ended late and it was beginning to get dark. I was still sobbing in tears so i decided to go head to the beach before i went home, just to calm down a bit. There was nobody there, and i was all alone until i saw a familiar guy sitting in the sand with his hands covering his face. I immediately recognized him, it was my former boyfriend who i broke up with just a few hours ago.
    I couldnt control my fury. I bit my lip in anger and took a little stone from the sand and threw it at him as hard as i could. He didnt move an inch, so i took another stone and threw at him again. I kept on throwing stones and shells at him, each one bigger than the last, but he still didnt move. Feeling even more hatred for the ignorance, i took a heavy stone and threw it at him, and it landed harshly on the side of his head. I saw blood flowing down the side of his forehead and i ran away home, feeling terrible.
    That night, i lay sleepless on my bed. I was feeling really guilty for what i had done at that time. I kept on mumbling to myself, “I hope he is okay. I hope that didnt hurt much.” But suddenly, i heard a voice from behind my bed. It was similar to the voice of my ex boyfriend. “That hurt…” the voice said. I suddenly sat up on my bed and looked behind me. There was the reflection of my ex bf in the mirror. My eyes nearly popped out. “L-Lyke?” I managed to stammer in horror. The blood still stayed flowing down his forehead. And I saw the horrible bruises made from the stones i threw at him that day, as he was shirtless.
    “I am not your boyfriend, you fiend!” His eye color changed into a demonic red. I tried to scream, but my voice didn’t come out. Then in a blink of an eye, he was out of the mirror, and he was in a disgusting form at the time. The ‘thing’ kept coming towards me, who was frozen with fear. “You should not have thrown those stones at me, girly. For i am just an innocent ghost in your boyfriend’s appearance.” I felt a sudden ridiculous pain. Then it was a deadly silence.
    When Lea’s parents got into her bedroom the next day, they saw the headless corpse of their daughter.
    Well, that’s it.. my stupid story xD xD It’s like a comedy isnt it? LOL xD

  147. Dead Girl XXx says

    Very well, Kish… :D Call me Aimee (or Aim will be fine too ^_^) :D And thanks again for praising my story xD
    Wow Wow Wow!!!! I can’t wait to read the 3rd part!! :D Ur story is amazing, Kish! xD Keep it up!
    PS: Its not too long, don’t worry… i wouldnt care to read it even if it takes all day lol xD… I luv heart throbbing stories like the one ur sharing xD xD Thanks again! ^_^

  148. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Thanks Dead Girl. U probably the only one reading those stories xD. And please, call me Kish. Ok:
    Part 2- The haunted nightmare
    Mary flipped through the tv channels, bored out of her mind. It was a sunday, sundays were always boring to her. Suddenly she stopped on a news channel. The headlines caught her eyes- “Bloody Killer strikes again” it said. She listened to the newsreporter talking about a murder that took place in an isolated house not far from where Mary lived. “The teenage boy was home alone” said the reporter, “his parents found him in his room, which was full of blood. His head had split in two. And once again, there have been no traces of the killer, no clues, no footprints, nothing! 5 children have been murdered and all of them were alone at home. The FBI and CIA have started investigating these murders, as the local police lack the necessary resourses and equipment to continue the investigation of this unknown killer… One thing we do know though, is that the children here are no longer safe….”
    Suddenly the tv flashed and went off. Startled, Mary checked the plugs. Everything was ok. What was going on? Suddenly, she heard a “bang” as a number of plates fell in the kitchen. She rushed to the kitchen and as got close, she smelt the terrible stench of a decomposing body. “A rat died again” she thought as she entered the kitchen. Everything was normal, no broken plates or pieces of glass. But the stench remained. Suddenly, she felt like throwing up and at the same time the room was spinning. She fell down and soon everything went dark…
    “Do you believe i exist? Did you read my books? Have you seen my movies?”. Words kept echoing through Mary’s aching head. She seemed to be in a dark room and a man stood opposite her. Her vision was blurry and she couldn’t see in the dark room. She heard a chainsaw start. “You don’t believe yet” said the same eerie voice “but the moment you do, im comming to get you”
    Mary woke up with a start. She was sweating and panting and her head ached. That was the wierdest dream ever, she thought. It was midnight now, she could have sworn it was sunday morning just a few minutes ago. She was in her room. She couldn’t remember how she got there. As she walked to the bathroom, she tripped over something. She switched on the light and bent down to pick it up. It was a book she did not recognise. One the cover it said, “Jason’s Diary”…
    Thats part 2, not really exciting im afraid. But i will make part 3 better. Hope its not too long for u to read, Dead Girl, and any other person reading… If its too long tell me, i will shorten it up =)

  149. Dead Girl XXx says

    Thanks Death Bolt ^_^.. I thought my story was a flop… :D
    And I really really liked the part 1 of ur story! I cant wait for the part two! :D Please continue it.. :D :D

  150. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    I hope u like this story, im not much of an author myself… (these stories are meant to keep u entertained and me too xD They are in parts, hope u like it) Here goes:
    Part 1- Death of the innocent…
    It was a hot day. Jason closed his diary and let out a sigh. Ever since the incident, he was afraid. Every minute could be his last, they could kill him anytime now. The diary was his last memory of what happened, everything from monday last week. If they did get him, he hoped his parents would read this diary when they come from work and know the cause of his death. Suddenly, he heard it. The heavy breathing. The toxic scent of a decomposing body. The deadly sound of a chainsaw. Exactly like the first time. The door opened… “No!” shouted Jason, curling up by his bed. “Please, i just believe u exist, dont hurt me”. The last thing Jason remembered was the evil laugh and an eerie voice saying, “You shouldn’t have believed in me”. It lifted the chainsaw and threw it at Jason. It hit him square between the eyes. Infact, the chainsaw went right threw his head, sending galons of blood all over the room, then everything went black…
    Again, yet again, another innocent soul fell victim to this…thing. But what was this thing? Why were innocent souls dying all over the world? Whats going on? The answers lay in Jason’s diary… Will anyone figure it out?
    Stand by for part 2, part 1 was just an introduction to keep u in suspense. Did u like it? Should i make part 2? X3

  151. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    XD, Dead Girl, that was pretty good, and very expectable, that usually happens, besides the skeleton part xD. Imagine the skeleton fastened its seat belt, xD
    I have a story to share too… On my next post

  152. Dead Girl XXx says

    Well, i made up a story myself… hope u like it (:
    Chris was driving his car on a high way late at one night. It was raining heavily and he could barely see outside the road. The road was deserted and he did not see a soul. He came across a cemetry and suddenly caught a glimpse of a nice looking girl around his age standing infront of the cemetry, soaked in water. Chris immediately stopped his car.
    “What are you doing here so late at night in the rain without a coat?” He asked. The girl didnt answer and just smiled. Chris told her to get in the car and that he would give her a ride home, so without a word, the girl got in the car.
    “What’s your name?” Chris started talking. The girl smiled. “Isabel.” She answered quietly. She told Chris the way to her house and he dropped her home quickly. He lent her his raincoat and said to keep it with her until he comes to get it back.
    Two weeks after that, Chris wanted to see Isabel. One night, he drove over to her house and waited outside his car, hoping that Isabel would come out to her balcony or come outdoor. After waiting for fifteen minutes, Chris decided to go back home but to his surprise, Isabel was sitting in his car with a smile when he got in.
    “When did you get in?” He asked in alarm. However, Isabel didnt answer that question and instead, she asked him to bring his raincoat from her apartment. Chris climbed to the third floor where Isabel lived and rang the doorbell. An elderly woman opened the door of the apartment. “What do you want, young man?” She asked.
    “Er… Does a girl named Isabel live here?” He asked the woman and she let out a sigh. “Isabel is no longer alive. She was dead three months ago in a car accident along with her mother and father.” A chill ran down his spine. He started to quiver. “Are you sure of that, madame?” He asked in a shaky voice. The woman nodded. ” I am Isabel’s grandmother. She is dead now.”
    Chris ran down the stairs as fast as he could, without even saying good bye. He zoomed out and opened the door of his car. The scene he saw was horrifying. A skeleton was sitting in his car, staring at him.
    Um, Im not any good at writing stories, but hope u like it :)

  153. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    @Dead Girl… Anytime, i honestly didnt think that was helpful xD Anyway, i hope they put stories soon, and i hope they put alot of stories :/

  154. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Xx Death Bolt xX
    Well, i read that.. and i think it could be useful.. Thanks =] =]
    Im not gonna stop browsing to Scary For Kids because i still love it…Um, hope a new story appears sooooon… T-T

  155. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Hmmm, still no stories, huh. I almost forgot this site just waiting for stories…
    Here are some ways to enjoy this “waiting game”.
    1-) Post your own stories here, im sure people would love to read them, and hey perharps u will give the site owner and idea or two, u never know if u dont try
    2-) (this is what i do most of the time) Randomly google up scary stories, like typing “scary short stories” or “scary horror stories” etc, u will find some great stories and sites out there, but dont forget this site xD. <— thats what i do most of the time, some stories kept me awake, some stories had me laughing and some stories just made me feel like breaking my computer. A word of warning though, some of the searchs may bring up sites that were…unexpected, so becareful what u click on, xD. Dont say i didnt warn ya. On second thoughts, forget that part xD its up to u
    3- Start random conversations in the comments perharps u will meet a person or two who are great to know.
    Besides that, i dont know what else to do, but im not giving up on this site, MOST and i said MOST, and i will say it again for the benefit of some, MOST of the stories are unique and u wont find them on other sites…i think
    Anyway, hope there will be a story soon…

  156. Dead Girl XXx says

    All of the excitement in Scary For Kids is almost gone because its been ages since the last post… Soooo Boring!! :/ Wish sumone would tell me another scary website more interesting than thiss…. :/ :/

  157. scream XD says

    wts gping on?! are these dudes drunk or something this is getting real lame!
    look at us we are writing stories our self

  158. Dead Girl XXx says

    *Boooooooorrinngg*…. -.-‘
    New posts, New posts Im in blue… Hurry up and come out cuz im waiting for you!!! :'(

  159. theawesomeness says

    ugh! we need some new stories. i been looking for days and nothing! do i have to find a new website. i reccommend it

  160. Horrorfanforever says

    I’d tell the killer he can have the guy who lives down the street. But if that doesn’t work, hmmm…I’m taking up track for sure XD

  161. HALLABACK says

    great tips, also remember to never ever bring a knife to a gun fight. or a cat to a dog fight. fyi

  162. Dead Girl XXx says

    LOL xD My friends say that to me… Better not come if you don’t wanna freak out xD

  163. brendanjoke says

    hey that was kinda offensive when you say don’t be black i’m black/dark brown what r u a racist?

  164. scared2death says

    @depressed ghost thanks got it from a book lol this also works when evil sivlings tring to get u and u and ur friend

  165. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ lexalina101
    Ofcourse! There’s this stupid pixie statue of dad’s in my basement! -.- I hate it, cuz it makes me feel like never taking a step in there….

  166. freddykruegerfan7 says

    Best tip ever.

    “if the killer falls over because he’s wearing a ridicuilously large mask, don’t keep running, kick him, stomp on his throat, do you want to die!?”

  167. pedro2011 says

    when in groups, always pick the ones that are slower, fatter, and dumber than you are.

    When you survive the first movie and sign up to do the sequel, forget the killer is just gonna get your ### anyway:)

  168. kiniu says

    if the killer has a chainsaw, and you just so happen to have a sharp object, dont stab his arm or cut it off then run off screaming and leave him with a good arm AND the chainsaw, stab him in the neck THEN get the chainsaw and cut him UP. burn him, pour holy water on the ashes and burn again. THEN you can run screaming.

  169. lexalina101 says


  170. Rowan says

    This is awesome ^_^ I will so use this! :):):):):):)::)

    The average demented kid on the block

  171. superninja says

    i got a tip. if the killer is chasing you and he trips, dont slow down just keep running as fast as you were running.

  172. sofiaisepic says


    Stay Funny, Stay EPIC!,

  173. Future*Ghost*Hunter says

    If you actually think about it and watch about ten thousand horror movies, all of this is certantilnly true :P

  174. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    “Don’t make friends with rednecks or hillbillies unless you want to be down on all fours, squealing like a pig.”

  175. Duality says

    Nice! However, if you’re black/annoying and know you’re gonna die, then DO get a hot blond gf. At least you’ll be having some fun while you’re getting shanked and bloodied repeatedly ;)

  176. dinofire says

    oh oh! and add
    go to china or any place other then australia and america. horror movies always start there, and NEVER spread or start at china. xD

  177. dinofire says

    if you need to go to the bathroom, go to fancy overcrowded bathrooms with like a million people in there at once.

  178. WeavileRoxxCANDY says

    Nice. I agree with most if not all tips given. Sometimes I’ll watch a horror movie and I’ll be screaming at the TV, because people in horror movies are always so F****** STUPID.XD I also saw some references from some of the other SFK stories.XD Like “Bear Trap”.

  179. nightmares says

    dos tips were so cool i almost peed on my pants reading em.i especially liked where u sed it dsnt matter wether or not som1 is guilty or innocent shoot nd god will tyk care of evrything

  180. _wafflez_1 says

    Lol. yea listen to the people screaming at the theater screen dont go ” is anyone there?” every time they ask tht…they die xD this was really cool

  181. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    And also stay in numbers, u will never be killed when u are with 5-10 people. But still, If u are killed, then its not a killer u are dealing with…
    When u hear a thump, never say its the cat, speacilly when u know u dont have a cat…
    If u hear strange voices, dont start talking, just keep running.
    If u wake up and find disembodied body parts of your parents in your room then theres something wrong with u…
    When they say do NOT go into that creepy old castle im sure they mean it…
    Never ask “is everybody ok?” because usually, no one is ok…
    If your bed keeps shaking never look under your bed,..
    If u hear the door opening or closing, there was a reason it did that and it wasn’t the wind…
    If u are trapped and the killer is infront of u holding a chainsaw, then just know u dead…

  182. superninja says

    Never go to the toilet???????? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!?????? Poop in you pants instead. LMAO Thats so gross

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