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RED is a spooky story written by a member of this website called musicismyeverything. It’s about a new girl at school who has a weird obsession with the color red.


I walked into my classroom just as the bell rang. I really couldn’t afford to be late again. As I tiptoed to my desk, hoping the teacher did not notice, I saw a new girl. She must have been new, because I didn’t remember ever seeing her. Then I realized that she was wearing all red. Everything was red. Her hair, her shirt, her pants, everything. She must have really liked the color red.

My teacher started the roll call for attendance.

“Lauren Rebecca Aflen.”

I called out, “Here!”

She continued on until she came to a new name. “Reilly Ellen Davidson.”

I looked around and saw the girl in red raise her hand.

“Welcome,” said my teacher, smiling at the new girl. “Girls, I would like you all to say Hello to Reilly. She will be your new classmate for the semester.”

The teacher handed out small notebooks. She explained that they were journals, but she wanted us to treat them like diaries.

“I will not make you share them out loud, but you have to do the assignments because I will be grading you on effort.”

I hated writing in journals, and I have never kept a diary. I didn’t want to be like those idiots on TV who felt like they had to record every single boring and dreary moment of their pointless lives.

*Wednesday, October 8th, Dear journal, There is a new girl who is wearing all red. Her name is Reilly. She seems normal, other than the peculiar preoccupation with red. Sincerely, Lauren*

I smiled to myself. This would be easy.

*Thursday, October 9th, Dear journal, Reilly is wearing all red again. She even painted her journal red. I think she has a red obsession. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Friday, October 10th, Dear journal, I joined art club today. Guess who else did? Reilly. I sat at her table, and when we were painting, I glanced at her. She was a really good artist, but everything she painted was red. She even brought her own paint. It was all just shades of red – Maroon, Scarlet, Vermilion and Crimson. I also noticed that at the bottom of her paintings, she always signed her initials – R.E.D. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Saturday,October 11th, Dear journal, When I was walking home yesterday, Reilly came running up behind me. She introduced herself and said that that she had just moved into the neighborhood and, get this, apparently she lives next door to me. She also invited me to her birthday party, which was weird because I barely even know her. I wonder if I should go? Sincerely, Lauren*

*Sunday, October 12th, Dear journal, I told my mom about Reilly, and she thought that it was great that someone my own age moved in next door. Then she said that I should go to her party because it would be rude to turn her down. I guess I will have to. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Monday, October 13th, Dear journal, Reilly wore all red again today. I am starting to think that her whole wardrobe is just various shades of red. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Tuesday, October 14th, Dear journal, I sat with Reilly today at lunch. What was weird was that everything she ate was red. Even her sandwich was on tomato bread. She didn’t see me giving her funny looks, though. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Wednesday, October 15th, Dear journal, Today we got assigned partners for a project at school. Of course, I was partnered with Reilly. I wasn’t too happy, but she seemed overjoyed. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Thursday, October 16th, Dear journal, I am starting to fear that Reilly is becoming obsessed with me. Today she came to my house with a batch of cookies. She made them with red food dye. I think she is trying to make me like red as much as she does. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Friday, October 17th, Dear journal, Today at art club, we were painting again. Reilly painted a picture of a boy (in various shades of red, of course). I asked who it was and she said it was her brother. I never knew she had a brother… Sincerely, Lauren*

*Saturday, October 18th, Dear journal, Today was Reilly’s birthday party. When I arrived, she greeted me at the door. Apparently, I was the only one who could come, or perhaps I was the only one she invited. When I asked her where her parents and her brother were, she just said they were out shopping. I found it weird that they would just leave, on her birthday of all days, but I didn’t question it. Then, I saw a big tub with red stuff in it. It smelled a lot like iron. I asked what that was for, and she said that we were tye-dying shirts. I told her that I did not have a shirt to tye-dye, but she said she had one for me. I said that I had to go to the bathroom, and she said okay. On my way in, I saw three paintings. They were the paintings she made in art club. One was of her mom, one of her dad, and one of her brother. They were all signed R.E.D. I walked around the house, trying to find the bathroom, when I walked by a small room. It smelled really bad. Curious, I opened the door. When I looked inside, I started to scream, but I stuffed my fist in my mouth. In the room were three dead bodies. They must have been her mom, her dad, and her brother. They were all drained of blood. Quietly, I closed the door and ran out the back to my house. I didn’t tell anyone about what I saw. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Sunday, October 19th, Dear journal, I am scarred from yesterday. I cannot get the image of the lifeless bodies out of my head. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Monday, October 20th, Dear journal, I tried to avoid Reilly at school, but I failed. She asked me if I wanted to go trick-or-treating with her on Halloween, but I said that I was just going to stay home and eat candy out of the bowl. She seemed disappointed. Sincerely, Lauren*

*Tuesday, October 21st, Dear journal, Reilly was running with scissors today, and she tripped and stabbed me in the leg. Someone called 911, and as I was waiting, the teacher wrapped a cloth around my leg. Reilly was forced to clean up the blood, and I noticed that she squeezed the mop into a bucket. When no one was looking, she but the bucket in her locker. Weird… Sincerely, Lauren*

*Friday, October 31st, Dear journal, I got out of the hospital today and I know she is here. My parents are gone and I got a picture in the mail. It was a red painting of me. It was painted in my blood and signed R.E.D. I know what this means. I am going to die. I can’t escape. She is coming. I can hear her. She is…

That was the last entry that Lauren wrote. The police looked at Lauren’s blood covered body and picked up the journal. As they looked through the journal, every page had, scrawled in red, the letters R.E.D. On the very last page, they found a note: “Lauren knew my secret about red. I had to kill her. Now we will both wear red forever.” R.E.D.

(musicismyeverything says: Please let me know what you think of my story. It would help a lot)


  • 10 out of 10 R.E.D Paintings for the story great job musicismyeverything

    Also very good story Nefisscawy!!

  • Hey sfk… here is a little work of mine:
    Nail Polish Remover:
    There was a girl named Amelia. She is 11 years old. One day, she went out shopping with her mother to a shopping complex near her house. After surveying the things that she needs, she went to an accessories shop with her mother. She wants to buy a nail Polish remover while her mother wants to buy a nail Polish for herself. Amelia went to search for the nail Polish remover. When she found one, she thought that the name for it was a bit odd. The name of the nail Polish remover is ” Nail remover”. Thinking it was a slight error, she just buy it without wasting any time. After she paid for it, she and her mother went home to her house.
    When Amelia reached her house already, she went straight away to her room to remove her nail Polish from her toe nails. After finish waiting for it to dry,she starts to realize her toe nails was very dry. It also looks very pale. Thinking it was normal, she just let it.
    Amelia painted her nails with a pink colour nail Polish. Amelia loves the colour pink very much. After finish waiting for it to dry, she realized her toe nails are starting to crack and some of it breaks to pieces and fell off. She starts to worry. She screamed and fortunately, her mother heard her scream.
    Amelia’s mother ran up to her room and was shocked to see her daughter faint. Amelia’s mother sent her to the hospital for check up. The doctor told her that she died because of the nail Polish remover she used. The doctor examine the nail Polish remorse she used. It contains a very poisonous poison that makes cells ruined ( I don’t know what I’m saying ;p ) and cause death. Amelia’s mother was really sad.

    Hello sfk I’m gonna be really happy if u post this in tell me your story. Feel free to change the grammar or anything inside this story. Hope everyone likes it!

  • Dear SFK and musicismyeverything,
    today i read a story about a girl who is obsessed with red colour. it was amazing and i luved was also very unique.

  • OH GOD!!! That’s creepy! half waay through the story, I figured something like this would happen… 10 OUT OF 10!!! I love it!!!

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