Red Robe

The Red Robe is a creepy legend from japan about a girl who checks into a strange hotel and encounters an even stranger woman.

Red Robe

A Japanese girl traveled to Taiwan on holiday. She decided to stay in a cheap hotel to save money. When she got to her room and began to unpack, she realized that the hotel receptionist had given her room 66 on the 6th floor. A chill went down her spine. Technically, that was 666.

While unpacking her things, she heard someone knocking the door to her room. She opened the door but there was nobody there. She poked her head out and looked around, but she did not see anyone in the corridor. The girl figured it was just her imagination, so she shut the door and resumed unpacking.

Suddenly, there was another knock on the door. This time, when she opened the door, there was a woman standing outside wearing a red bathrobe. The strange woman was crying and shaking. She told the girl that she had accidentally locked herself out of her room. The strange woman also said that she was having problems with her hsband and she was really depressed and suicidal.

The girl felt sorry for the strange woman, so she offered to go down to the lobby and get a replacement key for her from the hotel receptionist. However, when the girl took the elevator down to the lobby, it was empty. She did not find anyone at reception.

She rang the bell on the desk and waited. After a few minutes, the receptionist appeared and the girl asked her for a replacement key for the room of the woman in the red robe.

Receptionist: “The woman in the red robe?… What woman in a red robe?”

Girl: “Oh, this strange woman, she came to my room because she got locked out of her own room.”

Receptionist: “What are you talking about. We have only one guest staying on the 6th floor today and that is you.”

Girl: “That can’t be true! Can you check again?”

Receptionist: “Oh, I know… You may not believe this, but it’s true. There was a horrible tragedy. A few years ago, a woman was staying here. She was in room 66 on the 6th floor. The very room that you are staying in today. She and her husband split up and she wanted to commit suicide. But, in her madness, she decided that she wanted everyone in the hotel to die with her. So she put on a white robe and, carrying a shotgun, she went from floor to floor shooting people. There was so much blood everywhere. It was horrible. She was insane and there was so much blood that her white robe was stained red. Ever since that day, guests who stay on the 6th floor say they see her from time to time.”

The girl was speechless.

The receptionist smiled as she walked out from behind the desk and pointed to a red stain on her own stomach.

Receptionist: “Look… see! This is where she shot me!”


  1. Horrorlover0666 says

    Lmao that receptionist had a little to much pride about getting shot

  2. Saliq_Khan says

    This story could be a plan for a master prank. Think about the reaction of the girl… Or any other test subject. Ha ha ha

  3. Random_Appearance says

    Two ghosts in one night? How scary can that be??? Lol…the ending! Hey, look, this is where she shot me, and now I am wearing a red shirt too… talk about being trendy!

  4. JustCreeped says

    Receptionist: Oh Blah Blah(Story) Then For Some Reason Here Is Where She Shot Me. WHY WOULD YOU SHOW HOW YOU GOT KILLED EVEN IF YOU’RE A GHOST!

  5. I call myself demented says

    At least that ghost was nice enough to tell her the story and not kill her after. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  6. deathbychocolate4 says

    i thoughtt the end was funny. i pictured the receptionest being all giggly with a smile when she said it lol idk why. and does anyone else find that picture extremely disturbing?

  7. B-Lovely says

    Pfft~ the ending made it hilarious to me. xDDD
    I just eat this stuff up I love it so much!

  8. TheHauntedStoryTeller says

    ^I agree with you trissy and Castlerock the end ruined it, it really sucked and like true how is she talking and moving and yeah midnight marie it is totally WEIRD.

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