Purple Mirror

Purple Mirror is a Japanese urban legend about a cursed word. If you still remember this phrase by the time you are 20 years old, you will die.

Purple Mirror

Years ago, there was a Japanese girl who was very vain and spent all her time staring at her reflection in a mirror. It had been given to her as a present by her mother and the girl cherished it more than anything. It was her most prized possession.

The girl was desperate to be beautiful and developed anorexia, starving herself to the point where she was painfully thin. As time went on, her health became worse and worse, but no matter how pale and gaunt she looked, when she gazed into her mirror, she saw herself as beautiful.

One day, she wanted to decorate her mirror, so she painted it by purple. When she looked into the glass, she was disgusted. She no longer saw herself as beautiful. She saw what she really looked like: a pale, thin and haggard mess with bones protruding through her leathery skin. Horrified, she smashed the mirror to pieces, but afterwards she regretted what she had done.

On her 20th birthday, the girl was in the middle of making preparations for her “coming-of-age” party when she was hit by a car and killed. As she died, the last words on her lips were, “purple mirror… purple mirror… purple mirror…”

After the funeral, when her parents searched her room, they couldn’t find the purple mirror. Rumors about the girl spread around Japan. After her funeral, some young people were found dead under mysterious circumstances. All of them died on their 20th birthday and no cause of death was ever found, but in each case, shards of purple glass wee found in their bedrooms.

Ever since that day, the words “purple mirror” have been cursed and it is believed that anyone who still remembers the phrase by their 20th birthday will die.

Note: It is very important that you forget you ever heard the words “Purple Mirror”. Just try and get the whole concept of a “purple mirror” out of your mind. Whatever you do, please get those words out of your brain… Your life depends on it.

OMG. I’m sorry I ever told you about this.


  1. Anonymous says

    I hope… Somebody really remembers this on 20th bday…. And… Something happens… Like ‘i am now 1 year older now’.

  2. dark sentinel says

    can’t believe there are children younger than 10 who r members here.really wish i had found this site earlier.but better late than never i guess

  3. Someone u knew is dead says

    after 12 i will be twenty good bye… i know mr. sfk that its not true…

  4. Dark_Destroyer says

    Haha I’m over 20 soo…yeah. I would have forgot them anyways because I have a horrible memory…I think I’ve read this b4. Anyways…who’s most prized possession would be a mirror…seems kinda weird to me.

  5. Dobbyisfree says

    I really don’t care. It just doesn’t make sense! But I believe in fairfolk, so I can’t talk.

  6. The Intelligence says

    This is NOT real! Don’t worry!

    If you are still scared, try this:

    Confuse the words. Whenever “purple mirror” comes into your mind, change it to “purple muffin” “purple man” “purple maniac” etc. Eventually, whenever you think of it, you think, “purple (whatever)”

    After that, you may find yourself remembering that the word wasn’t “purple (whatever),” but you just can’t figure out what the original word was. I think it would be best to not try to find out.

  7. HorrorFanGirl says

    i read this on another website..and thanks to whoever put in on recent comments.. i now only have 5 years and 4 months exactly to forget this word.. or i’m screwed O-O

  8. misscreepellacrackelfur says

    I have 8 years to forget… Oh what was the sTory?? I forgot!! Weeee!!!
    DJfdbsod8gwdbd du3636tx 273nuiegdxb Sorry, my cat ran over my keyboard 😜

  9. KozueX3 says

    Im alive! I turned 20 on nov 16. And a big mirror is behind me. So its only works in japan or with japanese words so . . . wait a minute there is a weird sound . . . . . .behind me . . . I lkngrlawrkwrz wrjzae5tz e45tu

  10. candyheart15712 says

    i have 10 years to forget !!! good !!! WAIT….. my B DAY IS IN A WEEK!!! so .. 9 more years

  11. Love angel says

    Still 5 years left for my 20th Birthday , till then I probably would’ve forgotten this , and it’s freaking scary O-o

  12. Chosen1 says

    @FAN OF SCARY KIDS Heh I’m evil, but I don’t believe in this crap. Yesterday, I was like “The Carmen Winstead story is baloney.” And yeah, I’m still alive. Still, gonna wait 7 years to see if this is real. :D

  13. Username_Invalid says

    Anyone mentioning the Mirror Of Erised or watching Harry Potter leads me to remembering this legend. Btw, I have lots if time to reach 20 years of age, and if I never stop commenting till I reach 20 and then I suddenly stop, you all will know that this works (unless I die before :P) But I don’t care. And funny how this story has everyone commenting their ages. But I know that I will definitely forget this by tomorrow unless someone brings it up (chances are less) or as I mentioned earlier, someone talks about Harry Potter. (Someone saying Mirror of Erised will work as Alohomora on the thing that locked Purple Mirror somewhere in my mind :P)


    @Chosen1 you so rudo and thanks for increasing my troubles….. i have only 3 months to go….Soon i will be 20. But i don’t care……………i am sure i would forget this……….i have faith in myself.
    And @Chosen one dont take me seriously i was just kidding…….. :)

  15. Chosen1 says

    In case you forgot this, I’m just gonna comment so that the name shows up in “Recent Comments” just to remind you… Oh you hear that noise? Nevermind, its just satan dragging me down to hell. (Sorry)

  16. GothicPerfection says

    I’m going to be 13 in 3 months so I have a little over 7 years to forget it


    Umm.. I m 19 and I m sure I will forget it …. I have 11 months… so no worries….. I m sur I will forget this……. Anyways best legend ever read sfk…..

  18. Scaryghostbeliver99 says

    I’m 9 years old so still 11 more years to go and by then I hope I won’t remember btw the girl is really pretty

  19. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    I am so dead meat! I haven’t forgotten yet, mainly because I dwell on this website everyday…is that weird…I hope I’m not the only one who does that…

  20. superkid says

    I just read it!!! ugh I hate scary for kids why did you do this to me!! why do you want me to die!!? omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

  21. superkid says

    omg im just 13 im wondering whether I should read this or not! omg someone please tell me this isn’t true!! im scared…..but im curious …..

  22. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    I’m pretty sure that the Scary For Kids person is OLDER than 20, cuz there’s no other reason that he/she would risk his/her life?

  23. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    @FurryKittensAreEvil0, OMG I just realized!
    Oh man! I’m definitely gonna die! But thank god I have 7 more to live/ forget about this…maybe I’ll forget…or not… :o *_*

  24. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    I have a feeling that since Scary For Kids ACTUALLY commented on this, that it might be true! Either way I have 7 more years to go, and by then I’ll definitely forget. In fact, I can barely remember what I ate for dinner the day before yesterday! lol

  25. FurryKittensAreEvil0 says

    Thank god I’m 21, my birthday is this month imagine if I turned 20 today, scary….

  26. fear says

    wait what if a 25 years old will read this there will be not a 20th birthday for them

    no worries more then 20 years old

  27. fear says

    yeah by the time i am 20 i would have forgot scary for kids and if i still remeber it this story would have been lost in somewhere in this there could be 150 more folders. wait what if a 25 years old will read this there will be not a 20th birthday for them. no worries more then 20 years old.

    Scaryforkids says: If you are over 20, then this will not affect you. It’s only people who have yet to reach their 20th birthday.

  28. Dusk_scarlet says

    The more you try to forget, the more you remember it. So dont bother to forget, one day you just dont remember it anymore. ;)
    Its good story anyway.

  29. Miss_Terious_Potato says

    Woah. I’m so glad I’ve still got a few years before I become 20. Who knows what’ll happen in those years.. I’ll forget these eventually. ^u^


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