Pink Diary

The Pink Diary is a sad story about a little girl whose life becomes worse and worse as she is abused by a cruel world.

Pink Diary

The little girl who owned the pink diary was only eight years old. Despite her young age, she knew more about the world than most kids her age.

If you were to glance at the front of her pink diary, you probably wouldn’t pay much attention to it. Many kids her age keep a diary in which they write down all their random thoughts and silly little secrets. But if you were to open her pink diary and look inside, you might be shocked by what you would find. Every page was filled with childish writing, the ink blurred by tears and stained with blood.

Her aunt and uncle beat her every day. They hated the fact that they were forced to look after her. They hated the fact that they were forced to spend their hard-earned money on her. They took out all their pent-up frustrations on her, punching and kicking her until she screamed with pain.

Although it was a long time ago, she could still remember her mother’s loving smile, the warmth of her hug, her father’s kind words, the feel of his kiss on her cheek, her brother’s cheerful smile and the sound of his laughter. But it was all a sad and distant memory.

Her mother and father were dead. They had been executed, but they were innocent of the crime for which they had been convicted. They had been framed. The man who framed them was very rich and very cruel. Her parents were poor and naive. They didn’t stand a chance.

The man had committed a brutal murder. To save his own skin, he decided to blame it on someone else. He chose the little girl’s parents. He concocted a false case against them, planted evidence, then bribed the police and the judge. Her parents were convicted of the murder and they were hanged by the neck until they were dead.

The little girl and her brother were left alone in this harsh, unforgiving world. They found themselves homeless, sleeping on the cold streets and digging through trash cans to find food. It was winter and the little girl caught the flu. She became terribly ill. They didn’t have any money to pay for a doctor, so her brother was forced to steal.

He stole some money. He got a doctor for his sister. With what little money there was left over, he bought her a little pink diary. When he gave it to her he told her she could use it to pour out all the secrets of her battered soul.

As time went on, the little girl got better, but her brother was not so fortunate. The police arrested him for theft. The man he stole the money from was very rich and very cruel. He bribed the judge and the police and had the boy hanged for his crime.

Once again, the little girl’s life was torn apart and all her dreams were shattered into a million pieces. She was back on the streets, alone this time and barely existing. One day, a kindly old man stumbled across the little girl. She was lying in the street and she was nearly dead from starvation. He took pity on her and gathered her up in his arms.

He carried her to the nearest police station and asked them to take care of her. The police managed to track down her relatives. Her aunt and uncle. They refused to look after the little girl, but the police forced them to take her in.

Her aunt and uncle were mean and cruel. She was beaten every day. As horrible as her life was, she never thought of ending it all. She couldn’t do that. She knew she had to be strong. She knew she had to go on. She knew she had to suffer through whatever the world threw at her.

In her diary, she wrote down her most private thoughts. She wrote about her hopes and dreams. She had one ambition in life. As impossible as it may sound, she wanted to go to school. She wanted to study hard. She wanted to go to college. She wanted to become a judge. That way, she thought, she could help others like herself. She would be honest and just. She would never allow herself to be corrupted. She would never accept a bribe. She would bring villains to justice.

As time passed, the beatings got worse. Her aunt and uncle showed no mercy. Her body was bruised and battered, but her soul was still alive and she was determined to make her dreams come true.

One sad day, she was playing in the hallway when she accidentally knocked over her uncle’s favorite vase. She watched it hit the ground and shatter, like her dreams, into a million little pieces. She knew the end had come. She knew her uncle had a tremendous temper.

She ran to her school and left her pink diary on her teacher’s desk. She didn’t want her brother’s precious gift to be thrown away after she was gone. When she got back to her house, she was hoping she still has time, To see another minute, Of the world. But it was too late

Her uncle was already waiting for her at the door. He held a huge club in his hand and there was an evil grin on his face. He grabbed the little girl by her hair and pulled her inside.

There, behind closed doors, he beat the poor girl until she was black and blue. Then, he beat her some more. He beat her until almost every bone in her frail little body was broken and she was at death’s door. Her face was covered in blood and she could hardly breathe. The little girl knew that her time had come. As her vision dimmed and her soul was leaving her body, her uncle never stopped beating her with his club.

The next day, she was found dead, lying sprawled on the cold floor, covered with dried blood. The teacher found her little pink diary on her desk. When she opened it and read what was inside, she immediately passed it on to the police.

Her uncle was arrested for murder and the pink diary was presented as evidence at his trial. A jury of twelve honest men and women found him guilty. The judge sentenced him to be executed. He was hanged by the neck until he was dead. The little girl’s body was buried in a grave, next to her parents and her brother.


  1. popsicleunicorn says

    if the man who murdered someone and didnt blame the little girls parents for something they didnt do, none of this dump wouldn’t happen. and what the hell? beat up your niece just because you have have spend your money on her. thats just messed up. and seriously? her brother stoled money because they were poor and needed a doctor. you hang a thief that was poor and only stealed for his sister. thats sick. but if your poor, how can you see a doctor? you need insurance. and if have an abusive aunt and uncle and you go to school, tell your teacher. dont just let them, cry, think about your dreams and dont tell your teacher

  2. HorrorFanGirl says

    i’m pretty sure the teachers and other people outside could see her bruises..maybe more realistic?

  3. Princess Of The Dead says

    I love how everyone is saying “Oh Im crying so bad, I feel bad for the girl” while Im here like “Yeaah my emotions left my body a long time ago I’ll just move on” 😂😂😂

  4. shivannasingh says

    I’m crying so badly and it’s so sad the aunt and uncle should go to a mentally ill hospital

  5. Ice Queen says

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 OMG it is so sad…. Poor little girl…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. artlion2 says


  7. ScaryGrace16 says

    That my secret diary picture… That’s a real app! Go look in the App Store! On ur IPHONE!😱


    I have a mean maternal grandmother too… I can understand the feelings of the little girl…although my grand mother don’t beat me,instead she threatens me by her useless talks. I really wish us the little girl could have completed her ambition.

  9. Thedeathpartner says

    Sad story but anyone think is this be better end like
    when she went to home the teacher get it and read it then that handover to police and they arrest them and the girl live in any orphange and she study hard and she get her ambition to be judge and she help that how sufferd like him

  10. writer123 says

    This is so sad! :(

    The only thing I don’t get is why nobody at the girl’s school noticed the abuse. Or did the notice it and just not do anything about it? But still, a really good, sad story.

    10 out of 10 little pink diaries.

  11. browneyes14 says

    That story was disgusting. What kind of aunt and uncle are they for hating their niece? They are messed up people. I’m glad my aunts and uncles don’t hate me.

  12. raven72729 says

    When did this take place? The brother was hung for stealing? I can see like 7 or 8 years of prison. The little girl is dead so her dreams never came true.

  13. NebulaLawrence says

    Ok so if she knew she was about to die…WHY WOULD SHE NOT GO RUN FOR HELP!? Do they not have neighbors?

  14. xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx says

    That’s horrible they should kill the aunt and the man who framed her parents and her brother as well!! good thing I don’t have any mean relatives like that. And if only she could grow up and become a judge :(

  15. Putinadapotatoe says

    wow I’m speechless this should go into the sad stories section but It was a good story… 10 out of 10 diaries

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