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Packed Lunch

The Packed Lunch is a story written by Dead Girl XXx. It’s about a girl who meets a new kid at school whose mother packs a lunch for her every day.

Packed Lunch

I ran to school as fast I could. It was almost time for the bell to ring. Luckily, I made it in time. I was never late to school. The bad thing was, my best friend didn’t come to school that day.

I had nothing to do during lunch, so it was really boring. I had some other kids to hang out with, but they were always talking amongst themseles, so they didn’t include me in the conversation most of the time. I was just roaming around the school when I saw a little girl sitting far away from the others. SHe was all alone, eating her lunch. She looked so lonely that I thought I would try to make friends with her.

“Hey there, what’s your name,” I said, sitting down beside her.

She stopped eating and looked at me.

“I’m Daisy,” She replied quietly.

“Why are you sitting here alone?” I asked her.

“I’m new here,” she said. “I just came to this school a few days ago and I don’t have any friends.”

“Oh,” I said, looking at what she was eating. “Cute lunch. Did you make it yourself? It looks delicious.”

The lunch box she was holding in her hand was filled to the brim with meat.

“No. My mom prepares a packed lunch for me every day,” she said. “Do you want to try it?”

The girl took a piece of meat out of the lunch box and handed it to me. I ate it. It tasted awesome.

“Wow! I’ve never tasted something this good!” I said, surprised.

She looked delighted. “Really? Thank you!” she said. “I’ll ask my mom to make a packed lunch for you tomorrow!”

I agreed. She smiled brightly. I smiled back at her. I was looking forward to the lunch.

When I got home after school, I received a text message from my best friend saying that she was sick and would not be able to go to school the next day. I felt really down, but then again, I wouldn’t be lonely. I had a new friend to talk with during lunch hour.

The following day, I ran down the stairs during lunch period. I was starving for my new friend’s lunch. She was waiting for me at the bench where we met the other day.

“Here’s the packed lunch my mom made for you,” she said cheerfully.

“Thanks!” I said, already licking my lips. When i opened the lunch box and looked inside, the smell of freshly-cooked meat filled the air. It looked really delicious. I stabbed my fork into a piece of meat, blew on it and shoved it into my mouth. It was even tastier than it had been the previous day. I wondered how her mother learned to cook such delicious food.

“Thanks, really! It’s a great meal!” I said.

“Do you want to come over to my house?” she asked.

“Of course!” I said.

That day, after school had finished, I called my mom and told her that I would be home later than usual. Daisy lived quite far from my place and there were very few houses on her block. The house looked nice from the outside but, when we walked inside, a pungent smell caught my nose. It was so overpowering, but Daisy didn’t seem to notice and I didn’t want to embarrass her by mentioning it.

She led me to the kitchen and the horrible smelling grew even worse. I had to hold my breath. She asked me to sit down, so I sat on a chair.

The disgusting smell was driving me crazy. What kind of house is this? I thought to myself. There was a bowl sitting on the table. I peered into it and something began creeping me out. In the bowl there were some big, sloppy, brown meat-like things.

“Have you ever tasted tongue?” Daisy asked.

“Tongue?” I said, confused.

“Yes. Roasted tongue.” She said, smiling. “It’s the best taste of all.”

“No thanks,” I replied. “That sounds gross. Maybe we can just have some of the meat we ate for lunch today?”

“OK, no problem,” she smiled. Then, Daisy opened the refrigerator. A foul smell came forth. When Daisy stepped back, I was horrified to see what was lying inside. It was the half-eaten body of a woman. Flesh and skin had been sliced off the legs and arms. Her dead face just stared into oblivion.

“Oh I’m sorry,” said Daisy. “I forgot to introduce you. Meet my mom!”

(Scaryforkids, I really hope this story get posted in here. All the other stories are great :) Good luck to all and please I wish my story gets posted too :) Hope you like it!)


  • I thought it’d go something like the mom packed the lunch but she was soon going to run out of meat to pack, so they’d use the girl Daisy brought home for next time.
    Anyway, it was good.

  • I already knew it was gonna be cannibalism anyway. But besides that, great story. 9/10 Weird Girls. ^_ *

  • The worst thing was when i was readin this i was having 🍖 meat.
    Anyways human meat is mentioned as tasty in every story.. Is it really?

  • I wish you could have like buttons for stories here, i’d hit the like button for this one!

  • This is AWSOME! I take food from my friends as long as it’s not from home 😆 10/10 canabolisms

  • I always knew it was Human meat, But it was her own MOM..!!!
    Wow Creepy..!!!!!!!

  • Oh gawd I was eating a sandwich. Now I’m simply stating at the salami. What is salami made of? Oh my gosh WHAT IS SALAMI MADE OF?!?!?!

  • And this is why I’m a vegetarian. Except for Greek food (I’m Greek and I refuse to give up my gyros!!!). :D

  • in the beginning I was guessing she was a cannibal since this is a scary story after all.

  • What the?! SO her mom was packing her lunch, as in providing something for her to eat or something?

  • yeah i like the story to! but this girl is obviously a cannibal which really grossess me out…um and eating her own mom?! wouldnt that be illegal? but nice story deadgirl!

  • @Dead Girl XXx
    Saw The Ending Coming, But This Is A Really Amazing Story. You Should Write Some More :3

  • O.O
    I will never look at a lunch box in the same way again…OMG WRITE MORE DEADGIRLXXX!

  • I Remember That Picture It Was A Commercial For Bread Back In The 1980’s The Girl Just Overdid the Face,So That’s Why It Looks Like She Wants To Eat The Mom/Woman’s Hand.

  • GREAT STORY!!! Yes!! The lunch was totally made by her mother… That is sooo freaky! Great Story!

  • That girl must be on crack and @deadgirlXXx nice story and @Meglz I don’t like it…I love it!!!!!!!!

  • Hi guys! :) Im going to write another story! Tell me if you like it!

    Title: Surgery

    Mel was about to get surgery on her foot. She was nervous, but her mother rewarded her with a Magnum ice cream bar to help calm her down.

    A few hours later, it was time. She stripped and put on the hospital gown and climbed onto the bed. She took a big gulp then they put her on sleeping gas, and gave her her IV then started to begin.

    Mel had a dream. It took place in the hospital she was at, and they were doing surgery. But instead, she was a ghost and she saw them taking out her organs, and heart. They skinned her, then with all her blood cells, gulped down the blood.

    Mel was screaming in the dream, but they paid no attention.

    The doctors started to eat her body meat. They sighed in delight, and that’s when Mel woke up. She felt a sharp pain all over her body, and a breeze.

    She took off the tape covering her eyes and saw the doctors huddled around her, eating parts of her body. One doctor was munching on her lungs.

    She started to hyperventilate. Part of it was the whole situation and the other part was the doctor biting on one of her lungs.

    Eventually, Mel died. Her mother ran into the room and screamed.

    “I’m so sorry, we got carried away,” A girl doctor said.

    “I told you to eat her foot, not her whole body! Now my poor baby is dead,” The mother cried.

    Then, Mel’s body shot up. She atttacked all the doctors–even her mother.

    Another doctor walked in and asked, “Surgery all done?” Then he saw all the dead bodies, their organs missing and bodies munched on.

    He saw Mel baring her teeth. “Revenge is a b***h.”

    (Hoped you liked it!)

  • Check the story out below it, He Knows You– it’s my story XD
    @flamefletcher Mario and Luigi jump over mushrooms and fight monsters and talk in weird Italian accents and also make pizza. Not check out scary stories XP

  • These cannibal stories don’t make sense since it’s programmed into your DNA that the taste of human meat is disgusting (so there’s no self-destruction of the species.)

  • Wow! This is really a great story,I had to sit beside my uncle so I could feel comfortable reading this.Good Job!

  • It was predictable tht it was human meat, but nice twist on it actually bein her mom
    But that’s still rlly gross

  • i know a scary story!!
    The Women in White
    Once when i was at my friends house she told me about what happened to her mom, Andrea, when she was 7 years old. She lived in Mexico and their house didnt have indoor plumbing so she had to pee outiside. One day when it was raining Andrea needed to use the bathroom. Her mom took her outside and Andrea said “mommy look theres a women in white telling me to come over to her.” and her mom looked around and didnt see anyone. then she said “look mommy shes starting to walk closer!” and her mom got scared, so she picked up Andrea and started to run. Andrea said “look mommy shes following us! shes getting closer!” and her mom was terrified! then she said “mommy shes about to grab me! shes touching my arm!” and then her mom ran into the house and shut the door. They could hear someone knocking on the door, but the just went into her moms room and started praying for her to go away. finally after about 45 minutes the knocking stopped and the women in white left. (from what my friends mom told me this story is true, but i dont know for sure)

  • I’m with you, MacabreWolf, I was NOT expecting that! Great story, Dead Girl XXx!

  • ?! O.O
    I wasn’t expecting it to BE her mom they were eating! Wow! Nice job, Dead Girl XXx!

  • i dont find this scary it not like i have a dead body in my frindge ha ha … haha ok i do!!! do you want to taste freach fingers it to DIE for hahahhahahahahha

    i really like this stry i laughed at the end

  • Everyone thanks so much :) I’ll try my best to get another story posted :D Seriously thank you all! :3

  • Knife

    Today I was walking and then a creepy man walked up with a knife and said
    knife shiny…kinfe and that really scared me ….So I started to run but he
    followed me and then he cought up with me and said Kinfe….shiny…….Kinfe so i ran for dear life. I did not know what he would do. But he started to run to I ran and ran and ran but I could not run no more
    so I stopped not my car was jut five cars down he went like Knife…..shiney
    ……..knife . and then finally i was at mt car but i could not find my car keys
    then i got them and unlocked my door and got in but right as my leg was out
    he said This Knife will end your life and stabbed me in the leg I shut
    the door and drove off he chased me for a wile but could not keep up
    so he stopped so I live to tell the story to this day it gave me a real fright
    so if you see a man with a knife run away!!! the end

  • This is why I don’t take lunch from my friends lol XD
    Dead Girl XXx this is a truely awesome story! Very interesting! Keep on writing :)

  • yeah! I loved this. saw it on the “Tell me your story” page and knew it would make it. but WWHHHYYYY did you change it, sfk? seriously.

  • @deadgirl congratulations!!!!!!!! i knew dis would get posted right when i saw it! it was so suspensful! i love it! and again congats….. oh dos any1 think da lil girl in da picture looks like shes on crack? lol ;D

  • @Dead Girl XXx: Great story! This reminds me of those old Goosebumps episodes. Brings back my childhood :)
    Keep up your creativity!

  • Mario And Luigi . The two detectives.
    They went to daise’s house where our heroine went.
    They burst opened the door. And went inside.
    Mario: here you little girl get out of this house while you can we are going to take care of daisy.
    I nodded and ran outside.
    Luigi ( looking at the refrigerator ) : Mario this is not a good place to be.
    The next day as it was lunch time in school I went into he hall and saw daisy sitting in a corner
    I went near daisy
    Daisy: wanna have some lunch? Mario and Luigi packed this for me.
    As I looked at he lunch I heard a voice
    Luigi’s meat: I told you Mario!

  • Yaaaay SFK posted your story(: haa and I had just read it lastnite.therez a few changes but I still like it(:

  • When the story mentioned the meat in the lunch box the first time, I had it figured out that it was human meat. But I didn’t think it would be from her mom lol!

  • Wonderful story… No more eating other people’s foods people…or should I just say no more eating other people xD

  • Thanks guys :D Thanks a lot :D And SFK you are an awesome person for posting my story :)
    @ prettydeadgirl5, it is changed quite much but i liked the changed one as well. Oh and i will explain it as i know. The meat was from the mother’s body so i think that she was just telling that the lunch was made from her mother :3
    Oh and thanks if u liked my story anyway ^.^

  • I am sorry to be the one to say this ,but SFK why did you change it from it’s original form. I read this before you posted it here and the girl had made the food herself. Why does the mother make it in this one? It really confuses me. Please explain DX

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