Ninja Clown Monster

Ninja Clown Monster is a scary short from Drew Daywalt of Fewdio. It’s about a boy who is in bed when, out of the corner of his eye, he spots his toy clown moving.

Drew Daywalt says: “Ninja Clown Monster was a response to Ninja Cat, a video on youtube where a guy was videotaping his cat, and every time he put the camera on the cat it would hold perfectly still, but when he moved the camera away, the cat would move. Then when the camera went back on the cat, it was still standing perfectly still, but it kept getting closer and closer. It was a hysterical video and I loved the idea of an evil doll that never moved while on camera, but every time you looked, it had somehow gotten closer to you. It’s also the coolest evil clown ever. I went to a craft store and bought a scarecrow doll, took the hair off and painted it into a clown doll, painted it white and gave him creepy eyes. There’s no real story. Sometimes it’s just a scare! Sometimes in EC Comics, or even Night Gallery, they’d throw in two minute job for filler, no story.”


  1. beachgirl says

    i laughed a little too. but dude! i had a glass doll that did move one time. i left 4 school and when i came home it changed the direction of it’s body. it went from lookin left 2 right.

  2. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    lol rashona, it would be more creepy if they made the clown doll more creepier

  3. Disasters GoOn says

    This clip was actually pretty good. I thought I was gonna see a scary pop-up moment. But, thankfully, all I saw was a crazy clown that has scarred my mind forever.

  4. MegIz says

    I will never, in my lifetime, buy a doll for my child, no matter what he/she says.

  5. That_Kid_Ali says

    This One wasn’t the best.. If I was that boy, I’d run out of that room as soon as that thing stood up.

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