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Moon Face

The Moon Face is a creepy story for kids that is based on old Irish superstitions about the lunar cycle and the face of the moon.

Moon Face

Many years ago in Ireland, there were a lot of superstitions about the moon. People used to believe that it was bad luck to see the full moon reflected in a mirror. It was even worse luck to stare at the moon through the branches of a tree. The worst luck of all was if the light of the full moon was shining on your face as you slept. If this happened, it meant that you were going to die.

There was a young Irish girl who had her own bedroom. She needed a place to keep her makeup and jewelry, so her mother gave her an old wooden cabinet. On the inside of a cabinet door, there was a mirror. The mother told the girl that she should always shut the door of the cupboard at night. The girl usually took her mother’s advice, but sometimes she would forget.

One night, when she got into bed, she forgot to close the cabinet door. During the night, she woke up because something was shining in her eyes. When she looked around, she saw that the cabinet door was standing open and she could see the reflection of the moon in the mirror. It was shining through the branches of a tree outside.

The girl was just about to get out of bed and close the cabinet door, when she suddenly noticed something strange about the moon. In the mirror, it looked as if the moon had a face. It resembled the face of a dead man, all yellow and rotten with spots and pock-marks all over it.

The girl was frightened and covered her head with a blanket. When she dared to peek out again, the moon had returned to normal. SHe breathed a sigh of relief and turned over to go to sleep.

Just then, there was a rustling noise at the foot of her bed. The girl sat up and was horrified to see a dead man standing in her bedroom. His face was round like the moon and his flesh was hanging off, revealing the misshapen skull underneath. He grabbed the little girl by the toes and started dragging her out of bed. She struggled and kicked, but it was no use. He pulled her into the mirror and closed the cabinet door behind him.

In the morning, when the girl’s mother came into the bedroom to wake her, there was nobody there. The mother searched all over the room for her daughter and when she opened the old wooden cabinet, she found that the mirror was spattered with blood.


  • Wow , awesome story , the artist who illustrated this is great and @beiberzmyne nice story and @flamefletcher keep it up , I really like the Mario and Luigi series , great job

  • 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
    😹@Flamefletcher. Where do you come up with those? They make me rotfloololololol😹

  • I love the moon. :)
    And PS: REALLY flamefletcher? “We will buy another Luigi”? That made my day.
    But “SCARYFORKIDS” means it’s too scary for kids. Why does no one else look at it that way? :/

  • i like the moon!!! also whenever the moon is full i sleep with the curtains open so it shines in my face, and there is a tree that kinda blocks out the moon in my back garden!!! double bad luck, oh shit im gonna die!!!

  • this is an interesting story! i dont know why the moon is shining? like HELLO do you know how to write stroies?

  • beiberzmyne your story is simaliar to blind woman but a really good one I did your riddle BTW

    Once there was a girl named Amy who was home alone and watching tv in the living room. She suddenly heard the phone ring and when she picked it up, someone she had not not heard of before said…”I’m the lady with the bloody finger and i’m in your street….”The phone suddenly hung up and the girl was scared. She looked out of her window to see nothing but litter scattered all over her street. She was a bit worried but instead just sat back down in her seat to carry on watching tv. 2 minutes later the phone rang again and the same women had said…”I’m the lady with the bloody finger and i’m outside your door…” the phone once again hung up. She did not DARE to look outside so instead she ran upstairs to her room, locked her door and climbed under the bed duvet. Instead of the phone ringing she heard the same voice softly saying…”I’m the lady with the bloody finger and i’m inside your house…” Thirty seconds later, she heard it say, “I’m the lady with the bloody finger and i’m outside your bedroom door…” The girl got really freaked out and then the voice said “I’m the lady with the bloody finger and I can see you…” She was so scared! The lady then said “I’m the lady with the bloody finger…and I have a knife!” The girl was on the verge of screaming but she took off the covers and saw her mom with the bloody finger. She was confused because her mom had died 2 years ago. She didn’t have the time to react because all of a sudden she heard her mom say. “Finally, after 2 years we can finally be together.Before she could react, her mom stabbed her in the chest and she died almost instantly. Both mom and daughter’s spirits wander happily ever after.
    (hope you enjoyed hehe)

  • Ok, the moon is NOT going to kill you gosh people! If anything the moon is actually really beautiful and pretty and sparkly and shiny and and and whateveeerr and blahblahblah so yeah…•>_•>ًًً

  • This so isn’t true. Last night I went camping and I slept in a clearing and the moon was shining right on my face. Best sleep ever.

  • WHAT!? but, the moon is so romantic…
    have u guys heard of this?
    1-7 mum- c’mon honey, it’s time 4 ur afternoon nap!
    Kid- but i don wanna! i wann play!
    13-18 mum- GET OUT OF BED, U LAZY PIECE OF SH!T!
    kid- wha?…

  • but but but I love the moon… I always like to stare at the moon it’s so pretty :( meh

  • @MerrBearBallet LOL
    Also LOL at flamefletcher’s Mario and Luigi story. It’s a really good idea to write funny stories to make people stop being creeped out.

  • Thanks flamefletcher
    I will always support you
    You are very funny and you spend your time trying to write small stories
    I think u r great

  • Yay!!!!!! Flamefletcher’s back! ☺ And I like this story as well! SFK, keep up the good work!

  • ones my friend got bad luck of this before her bad luck was that she never got a date to prom becuse her bf broke up with her becuse he like someone eles

  • Don’t mess around with superstitions, they are all true, you don’t really think they were just there, huh?

  • dragongirl i think u have to be in ireland and look at the moon, oh has any1 seen the new movie brave? i watched it yesterday and it was awsome! i like da 3 lil triplets they have a bear appetite lol!

  • I’v done all 3. LOL nothing happened! every time there’s a full moon i stare at it through the branches of a tree dramatically then start howling. haha its true! and sleeping in the moonlight feels good.

  • Mario And Luigi.
    Mario and luigi and their neice are travelling in a train.
    Mario:Neice my cute little neice what can i do for you?
    Neice(Crying):Waaaaah My eraser fell out of the window!
    Mario:Dont worry we will buy another one.
    After some time..
    Luigi is reading a magazine and mario peeps out the window.
    suddenly the neice starts crying again.
    Mario:What happened?
    Neice: My Pencil fell out of the window!!
    Mario:Dont buy we will buy another pencil.
    The neice was happy and quiet.
    Everything went on normally.
    Mario was so obessed in peeping out of the window that he did not notice anything that happened around him.
    The neice starts crying.
    Mario:What happened this time?(still peeping out of the window)
    Neice:Luigi fell out of the window!
    Mario:……..Dont worry we will buy another Luigi……
    oh and Meglz my story may not be funny to you. Yep im trying my best to make kids who come here to laugh. remember this is a kids website and im doing these for the kids! and thanks essence for supporting me!

  • hi i just joined good story I played a video game called Majoras mask where the moon likes the same as the moon in the picture

  • She should of have just closed the cabinet right away. BTW sad story she died, I love the moon.

  • second and third, oh well, the scary wasnt scary at all and i knew where it was going but it was still good.

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