Midget Mansion

The city of San Antonio, Texas is home to many ghosts and legends, but none is more disturbing than the legend of Midget Mansion.

Midget Mansion

As the legend goes, in the early 1920s a wealthy family of little people, father mother and two children, moved to San Antonio. The father had made a lot of money appearing as a midget in Hollywood movies. He had always resented having to live in houses that were built for normal sized people. So with his money he designed and constructed a tiny mansion for his family. It was entirely built to scale, down to the last detail. Tiny stairs, tiny toilets, door knobs close to the ground. He also built several tiny houses next to the mansion that were the servants quarters.

But, for some reason, he hired normal sized people as housekeepers and servants.

Possibly because of the discrimination they had faced all of their lives, the midget family are said to have hated normal sized people. They took their anger out on their servants, treating them very poorly. The servants were forced to live and work in tiny, cramped and very confined spaces that were intended only for little people. The midget family enjoyed watching their tall servants struggling to cope with their midget surroundings.

The mistreatment went on for a long time, until finally one of the servants snapped. In a fit of rage, he set fire to the mansion and unleashed an attack on the midget family with an axe as they tried to flee. As they lay dying, the crazed servant gathered up their bodies and stuffed them into a bedroom closet. Then he took his own life.

Firefighters managed to quench the flames and the horrible deed was discovered.

Maybe because of its bizarre history, the property remained vacant for many years. It came to be known by locals as Midget Mansion and neighbors said that it was haunted. They heard screams and saw figures moving about inside the house even though it was vacant.

People who have visited the mansion claimed to hear strange sounds of scratching coming from inside the walls. The sounds seemed to be loudest in the bedroom closet.

For years, this mansion has attracted hundreds of high school students on halloween night who dare eachother to knock on the front door and provoke the unseen inhabitants into action.


  1. candiigirl says

    I knew normal-sized people always teased midgets, but I never knew it was like that the other way arounD.

  2. zombie_pegasister says

    I would have just quit instead of killing them that was dark and evil

  3. Banana phone says

    Alien dude I agree with you the picture is from the thiteenth ghost but I dont get what it has to do with midget mansion

  4. TheHauntedStoryTeller says

    I’m starting to not believe these stories, I mean, where do they get all these axes from? All the stories seem the same, they get killed by axes.

  5. bratzgirl2233 says

    I think the story should’ve been about that famous actor with dwarfism from harry potter then I’d like it more but I don’t like to laugh at midgets because once I saw a midget in the shop and shouted it out and he came over and told me off V.V

  6. nightmares4545 says

    ya the servant guy must have been really mad if i were him then i would just quit instead of killing him.

  7. the flippo says

    well thats nice.hehe. well they prolly deserved it but the person didnt have to go all crazy person on them. sersly.

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