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Michael and Michelle

Michael and Michelle is a stupid story about two friends who have some type of argument or misunderstanding that ends in murder.

Michael and Michelle

There was dark stormy night when the two friends, Michael and his friend Michelle, were walking home one night. As they walk, Michael try to put hand on Michelle.

Michelle does not like hands on her, so she pushes Michael away and presses him. Michael becomes angry and pushes and presses back except he does it harder so he kills Michelle by breaking her brain.

Michelle was dead and Michael was really scared so he threw her body into a sewer because there was a manhole next to where he push and pressed Michelle to death.

So he threw her in the manhole and went home and his mom said “Why were you out so late?” and he said “No reason” and went to bed. While he was asleeping, though, he heard a noise from his closet and the door opened and Michelle came out except she looked dead.

Michael asked “Michelle, I thought you were died?” and Michelle laughed really loud, except it was a deep and scary laugh. And then she push and pressed Michael and broke his brain and then she broke his mom’s brain and then his little sister’s and then she broke everyone’e brain.

Also… what’s that creak coming from your closet door?

The End.

Critical praise for Michael and Michelle:

“Damn good job… Wait a second… What IS that creaking coming from my closet door?”

“If this was shorter, it could be the new “Then Who Was Phone?”

“This makes me so sad… Poor English, what did it ever do to you!”

“I just pooped my pants!”

“I just pantsed my poop!”


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  • I saw a Donald Trump ad on this page. Pretty good category to put him in.

    *For dumb people*
    The category is stupid stories

  • idk if i’ve commented on here before..i can take the sarcasm and all but still.. a waste of 2 minutes of my life (sorry) XD

  • The writing sucks. Worst story ever in this web site I reread the story 4 time and I don’t get it it’s so confuse maybe this author got a brain damage or lost his/her cell brain. Please fix your story anyway 4/10

  • She looked dead
    I realised I have been learning wrong English untill tonight when I read this story…

  • Why do criminals go so far to commit murders??
    When they can break the victim’s brain?

  • Wow, this guy must of had their brain pushed hair, as the grammar and sense is petrifyingly terrible.

    Ooh, zat it a long word :P

  • And by the way, my classmate’s name is Michael LOL! What a romantic debate between a teacher and a 5th grader XD

  • XDDDD For a minute I was like “I’m gonna get freaked out and my closet is gonna start creaking…” but right now the only thing creaking is my cheap little desk chair XD

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