Lavender Town

Lavender Town Syndrome, also known as The Lavender Town Conspiracy, The Lavender Town Tone, or The Lavender Town Suicides, is a creepypasta story about a conspiracy to cover up mass child suicides. These suicides were allegedly caused by listening to the first version of the Lavender Town Theme in the Japanese version of the Pokemon Red and Green games.

Lavender Town

The Lavender Town Syndrome began when there was a peak in suicides and severe illnesses among children between the ages of 7 and 12 shortly after the release of Pokémon Red and Green in Japan, back in February 27, 1996.

Rumors say that these suicides and illnesses only occurred after the children who were playing the game reached Lavender Town, whose theme music had extremely high frequencies, that studies showed that only children and young teens can hear, since their ears are not fully developed.

Due to the Lavender Tone, at least two-hundred children supposedly committed suicide, and many more developed illnesses and afflictions. The children who committed suicide usually did so by hanging themselves or jumping from a great height. Those who did not kill themselves acted irrationally and complained of severe headaches after listening to Lavender Town’s theme.

Although Lavender Town now sounds different depending on the game, this mass hysteria was caused by the first Pokémon game released. After the Lavender Tone incident, the programmers had fixed Lavender Town’s theme music to be at a lower frequency, and since children were no longer affected by it.

One video appeared in 2010 using ”special software” to analyze the audio of Lavender Town’s music. When played, the software created images of the Unown near the end of the audio. This raised a controversy, since the Unown didn’t appear until the Generation 2 games: Silver, Gold, and Crystal. The Unown translate to “LEAVE NOW”. There is also the said Beta Version of Lavender Town.

It is said that the Beta Version of Pocket Monsters was released to some kids to test the games. This is the video of the Beta Version of Lavender Town:


  1. starfire says

    Hey this is just an oridinary music. Not even scary and i don’t feel like comiting suicide or anything ! Now even a headache

  2. BloodCreep says

    i have listend to it – imediantly after i felt someones presence and im home alone and i feel weird now

  3. Princess Of The Dead says

    Im listening to it right now, I turned 13 recently and Im strangely relaxed. But fsr tears came to my eyes and I feel tired omg… Wait, Im listening to this near my fishes and I think they can hear it. One of them is hiding in a corner and the other one is just standing there, wobbling up and down, and SWIMMING BACKWARDS?! Omg Im not joking hes swimming backwards

  4. cc_motionless says

    The “Lavender Town Theme Song” isn’t really that bad I’ve listened to it like 2 times already and haven’t committed suicide but I do have a headache o_O

  5. LolaBunny2015 says

    The Only Thing that The “Lavender Town Theme Song” does to you, Is that it gives you a headache. It’s so annoying. Not even scary. That’s just my opinion.

  6. NenaA.Kaiba says

    Me:~Gose to play random game.Ends up playing green for hours. Onee-Chan peeks in.~
    Onee-Chan:What town you on?
    Onee-Chan:Oh dear.And you’ve been playing for hours, how come you don’t have a headack?
    Me:Musics off as always. Ya know me,sissy,I hate game music.

  7. creepypastafangirl says

    Lavender Town is Stuck in My Head
    Me: So bored. YouTube time!*gets on the computer*
    BEN: What’cha doin’?
    Me: Nothing. Got any good videos for me?
    BEN: Yeah, look up Lavender Town Song.
    Me: Kay-kay.*looks yp the video* Hey, this song is pretty catchy!*hums along*
    Jeff:Hey, Creepy, are you okay?
    Me:*gets a creepy stare* *hums the Lavender Town song*
    Jeff: What have you done?!?

  8. ForeverRetarted says

    I have that game!!! When I was about seven, I refused to play it because of that song! I still play it now but the music is just plain creepy.

  9. Jinx says

    I love this song. I’m not being sarcastic and I’m not joking, I love the music. The myth of children committing suicide over it is ridiculous though. I remember playing Pokemon Red when I was 7-9 and I’ve always loved the music, even then.

  10. Eszmerrelda says

    Im 10 ok….. And i listen to lavender town theme sooooo much…. I cant hear the high frequences and it CAN NOT give me headaces….

  11. The_Yellow_Dash says

    HEYY I JUST MADE UP A RIDDLE!!! here it goes. “No Responses”. I was on my favorite scary story website. i LOVE reading the comments a little mores than the scary posts. There was a new post on the website and it was called suicide video. I’m really not a fan of those types of stories but, i read it anyway. it was interesting. it was about a video and below was a desription about the video is you didn’t want to watch the clip. im not going to lie, i am a little scared of clips like that so i didn’t watch it. It said that it was true and you will commit suicide. It was pretty cool. It had some experiences from the victoms moms and dads. Now the best part of the story. The comments. I looked at the time it was posted(i don’t know why) and it said 2 days ago. then i saw the comments but suprisingly, there were no comments. Strange huh? Well, i guess nobody got on today. I’ll try again tomorrow. (this is my first riddle nd i hope its good)

  12. SoulEaterEvans says

    I listened to this about 2 months ago and I’m STILL waiting for the madness to kick in.I also would like to say that Hypno’s Lullaby was way creepier.Especially because I heard it at night…

  13. reTARDIS says

    DUDE NO-END HOUSE IS FRIKIN CREEPY MAN I MEAN, He went through all that just to get $500!?!?

  14. nightmare_night says

    How.about the white hand and buried alive and also the axe rope and candle thoes stories are cool to

  15. htfnutty4575 says

    @Phantom it’s just a myth ya know? I tried it and I only got a minor headache. The game is pretty cool! I suggest you get it and try the mew glitch! :)

  16. _darkwolf_ says

    SFK, an idea for videos, try almost ANY music video from the nineties. (As in Black Hole Sun, Heart Shaped Box)

  17. nightmare_night says

    It actually dose give you a headache and the unknown and the ghost actually do show up it’s so AWESOME

  18. furrykinz2234 says

    that hurt my ears…alot it actually made my ear start bleeding again. I hope that song is not the real one becasue if it is…I’m only 11 so yea..

  19. brony4life says

    I remember when I frist read this pasta. I couldn’t play my pokemon blue and yellow for 2 months. I’m such a coward. Thanks sfk!

  20. killerkat101 says

    I <3 creepypastas, SFK you should post more. Oh and I saw the video on YouTube so annoying it made my head hurt lol. It really did though :D

  21. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    I do hear those tones and all they really sound like are tropical birds being slaughtered. ._. So freaking high pitched.

  22. xXPhantomFangWolfXx says


  23. Blood Rose says

    God, this is giving me a major headache. *shudders* u know what, this is too much… its TOO ANNOYING! (not to mention creepy) *turns music off* ahhh, thats better

  24. Blood Rose says

    SFK, do U like creepy pasta? hehe sometimes i wonder if they r really real or not… (well, they aren’t)

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