Japanese Urban Legends

Kuchisake Onna

Kuchisake Onna, also known as The Slit-Mouthed Woman, is a scary Japanese urban legend about a disfigured Japanese woman who brandishes a large scissors and preys on children. She has an enormous slit mouth, which extends from ear to ear in a horrible, permanent smile.

Kuchisake Onna

The Slit Mouthed Woman walks the streets of Japan, wearing a surgical mask and hunting for children. If you cross her path, she will stop you and ask you a question. If you give her the wrong answer, there will be horrible consequences.

Picture the scene. You are walking home from school and your path takes you down a deserted city street. Suddenly, you hear a faint noise coming from the shadows. You glance over and see a beautiful woman standing there. She has long black hair and is wearing a beige trenchcoat. A surgical mask covers the lower half of her face. In Japan, wearing a surgical mask is not uncommon during flu season, to prevent spreading germs.

She steps out of the shadows and blocks your path.

“Am I beautiful?” she asks.

Before you can answer, she tears off her mask, revealing a hideously deformed face. Her huge mouth is sliced from ear to ear and gapes open revealing rows of sharp teeth and a big red disgusting tongue twisting and twirling inside.

“Am I beautiful NOW?” she screams.

Terrified, you struggle to answer her. If you say “No”, she pulls out a huge pair of scissors and kills you immediately, chopping off your head. If you say “Yes”, she takes her scissors and slices your mouth from ear to ear, making you look just like her. If you try to run away, she will hunt you down and kill you, by slicing you in two.

The only way to escape from Kuchisake Onna is to give a non-committal answer. If you say “You look average” or you look normal, she will be confused, giving you just enough time to run away.

There are many rumors about how Kuchisake Onna got her horribly disfigured mouth. Some say that her slit mouth is the result of plastic surgery that went horribly wrong. Others say that she was injured in a terrible car crash. Some even believe she is an escaped mental patient who was so demented that she cut her own mouth apart.

According to one legend, years ago, in Japan, there lived a very beautiful woman who was extremely vain and self-absorbed. Her husband was a very jealous and brutal man and he became convinced that she was cheating on him. In a fit of rage, he took a sword and slit her mouth from ear to ear, screaming “Who will think you’re beautiful now?” She became a vengeful spirit, and began wandering the streets of Japan, wearing a surgical mask to hide her terrible scars.

The Slit Mouth Woman’s reign of terror began in the spring and summer of 1979, when rumors began to spread throughout Japan about sightings of the Kuchisake-onna hunting down children. The story spread like wildfire and actually created scares in many towns. Police increased their patrols and schools sent teachers to walk students home in groups.

In 2004, South Korea was plagued by reports of a red-masked woman who was chasing children.

In 2007, a coroner found some old records from the late 1970s about a woman who was chasing little children, but was hit by a car, and died shortly after. Her mouth was ripped from ear to ear.

The USA has its own version of Kuchisake Onna. There were rumors about a clown who appeared in public bathrooms and accosted children, asking “Do you want death or happy smile?” if they chose “happy smile”, he took out a knife and slit their mouths from ear to ear.


  • @LaruDIY yep. My most recent boyfriend broke up with me for like no reason so that is me when I learn I have just been dump. Damn boys. Am I right?

  • @jenn3985
    I think she wouldn’t cry for her mommy over that you don’t even have a weapon

  • Why is everyone preaching self love in the comments? SHE KILLS PEOPLE, WHO CARES ABOUT HER FEELINGS! Honestly, wth guys…

  • Kuchisake Onna- Am I beautiful ?
    Me- What the f***?
    Onna- I said, am I beautiful ?
    Me- Yeah youre really ugly..
    Onna- I asked beautiful.
    Me- Wait a sec who are you ?
    Onna- I am Onna. Now am I beautiful ?
    Me- Are you asian?
    Onna- Thats it. I aint waiting for your answer..
    Me- Are those scissors ? Whoa !
    And She slices me and my mouth.

  • This is so old…and I’ve been here more than once…how have I not commented on this before? Hey man, if she actually looks like that pic. She is still really good looking with those scars. She looks gorgeous haha.

  • Kuchisake Onna: Am I Beautiful?
    Me: Am I?
    Kuchisake Onna: Just answer the question child.
    Me: Not until you answer my question.
    Kuchisake Onna: Yes, You are adorable little girl
    Me: Starts running for my life.
    Kuchisake Onna: (Hunts me down and slices me in half.)
    Me: (Becomes Teke Teke and chases her.)
    Kuchisake Onna: MOMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

  • Woman: Am I beautiful?
    Me: Well depends.
    Woman: Excuse me?
    Me: Are you looking for a friend or an excuse to be called beautiful?
    Woman: Uhm- both?
    -Few Months Later-
    Woman: Awe this movie is great!
    Me: Yea CHOMP Especially the popcorn! NOM

  • Kuchisake Onna: am I beautiful?

  • I’ve been thinking about being her for Halloween because of how easy it would be to dress up as her, despite the fact that I’m not Japanese…let alone Asian…should I dress up as her??

  • You’re beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring you down you’re beautiful in every single way words can’t bring you down

  • omg the first time i read this story i was so so so so so so f#$%ing scared i didnt sleep for 3 days and it was my job to put our small dog up in its little house at night and there is a creepy abandoned storage house right in thier (shiver)

  • I Live In The U.S! One Day I Told My Friends About The Story The Sickle. There Were Four Of Us, Me, Anna, Sulmy and Iliana.Sulmy Had To Go To The Bathroom.Anna Says Don’t Die Sulmy! Then We Wait.As Soon As She Comes Back Me Anna And Iliana Ask DID U DIE?!

  • What happened to the video that was available on this page? The one that revealed a creepy replica of Kuchisake Onna. I saw it a few years ago and now I can’t find it.

  • I told my friends about this but I lied and said that it happened here….now all of them refuse to leave their house…whoops

  • If you are to meet her, you can give her amber colored candy (like butterscotch) she will be pleased with this and leave you alone

  • I am from Japan and I heard if you shout pomado at her 3 times she stops/disapears and you ge time to run away

  • You know I have a secret to disarm her… :3
    So if she asks u your all like really do you think your beautiful.
    That’s how u do it.

  • The woman in the picture is strangely beautiful. The scars to not detract from her beauty, rather enhance it. Personally, I notice eyes first and she has amazing eyes. Just saying.

    The story in and of itself is kind of creepy.

  • The whole time I was reading this story, I kept thinking of Jeff the Killer. You know, with the cut smile and all. Also, I do actually think she is pretty…is that weird???

  • Am I the only one that thinks her eyes are a little creepy? Too bad the video won’t pop up. I wanted to watch it…it sounds cool based on what everyone says…

  • I live in Japan. Lol, this story is kinda old now and nobody really tells it anymore. Me and my mom however still love to read this story. (: don’t worry guys Japan is awesome! ^_^

  • does she really need reassurance from random strangers, when either obvious answer makes her insecure? i would say to her, “Mate, there was no standard set to determine the answer, so shut up and get a cookie.”

  • She doesn’t look that disfigured to be honest, so she has a slit mouth, who cares.

    Its not what you look like, it’s what’s in your heart that counts…..

  • Freaky! I watched the movie with english sub. I am glad I don’t live in Japan :P I was one day at the city and I saw a asian girl with a white mask it scared me so much!

  • Scared the poop out of me.lol.I cannot sleep I imagine her coming out of my cellar.Shiver.It creeps me out.I would choose you are normal and I would leg it proper fast.

  • If that clown came up to me and asked if I wanted death or a happy smile, I would ask for toilet paper. :P

  • Well i think she should stop askeing wat other people think about her becuse u are as beautiful as u feel. Shes not Japans next top modol but she is normal becuse shes not the only one in the world with a deformed face

  • i dont know is she’s still here. but i saw a user say ‘she’ was a TOTAL fan! (so am i)but i cant stomach looking at the pic, or the ‘cartoon version’ of her! WAY to creepy! oh i dressed up as the ‘slit mouthed woman’ for halloween(: i creeped out my friends,teachers.exspecialy the boys! lol (X
    and i made up a ‘monster high’ character the ‘Slit mouthed woman’s (and the clown’s) daughter’! her name
    is Sleeta Mouth(: (play on word for ‘Serena’)PLEASE dont copy what i SAID thanks!

  • ………………I would pick death cause having something like that on my face would 1 hurt and 2 uuuhhh

  • The first Japanese legend I heard about. I think her scar makes her look even more beautiful. But maybe that’s just me.

  • hey everyone! It’s amazingme198! I LOVE THIS STORY! i scared my siblings with it and they totally believed me! (I TOLD THEM SHE CAN APPEAR ANYWHERE! EVEN THEIR ROOMS!) lol :)

  • There is a movie in japanese about her on netflix and if anybody wants to see it its called “carved the slit mouth women” and its very interesting.

  • when i was reading this, i heard a knock on my window. I jumped, I found out it was snowing and a branch hit my tree. thank god

  • Really people. Never going to Japan b/c of this? Thats kinda dumb cuz there are all KINDS of “scary stories” Here in the U.S. and thats all it is.. a scary STORY.
    Jeez ppl. Chill out. They are all actors.

  • I have some more information on her, if that could help =3
    In 1978 13 were found dead and 52 cut from ear to ear, saying that a woman had done that to them.
    A woman named Saaya had murdered her housband and her sister who lived with them, and escaped. Her body was never found, and there were no witnesses. It’s said that her housband accused her of cheating on him, so he gave her a Glasgow smile.
    Hope that helps =3

  • Theres a new way to escape her. I read it on a site i don’t remember what it’s called.Kuchisake Onna walks up to you and says “Am i beautiful?”Don’t say no or yes.You say ” I am very sorry but i can’t answer your question. I am very late for a funeral and i have to go home and get dressed.” Kushisake Onna will pardon her manners and excuse herself from your presence. That’s similar to what i read. I don’t know if its true or not it probably is.

  • I am like the ultimate fan of The Slit Mouthed Woman urban legend! The movie carved was the best horror movie I have ever seen! (Even though I had to watch it all in japanese) i could totally get the whole thing!! And I watch the movie at least once or twice a day. :D
    And yes I am an ULTIMATE believer of The slit mouthed woman in japan, and I actually want to travel to japan someday so I can get some more info on it!
    Because this legend is awesome!!! and so is the movie!!
    -Carved fan 4 lifeee!-

  • She shouldn’t care what are answer is, As long as she feels pretty about herself, She shouldn’t care. And if she feels ashamed about her scar, she should remember that it probley wasn’t her that made that scar.

  • This freaks me out sometimes I keep thinking when I’m sleeping shes standing behind me and I’m gonna wake up with a slit mouth fyi I dont live in Japan I’m British and proud :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • If i were to meet her i would give her a LONG speach aboutt how shes the adverage beautiful woman, etc!

  • lol smiley face has a wife its slit mouth woman! this story is excellent now I am never going to go in the streets alone

  • I met like I know it’s about the Slit-Mouth Woman but I met like we read the story so what’s the difference about watching the movie and reading the story?

  • i would say yes if not average, cause i’d rather be slit mouthed than dead. i would just get stitches later :/

  • i just saw the vid, i got scared at 1:10 and the end, when they showed it all black, i quickly turned my head lol, shes so scary, imagine seeing that at 3 in the morning

  • Kuchisake-Onna is actually beautiful in my eyes. Everyone is .w. I just love her eyes

  • I like this story but its scary btw I’m new here luv ur stories cher all so interesting this goes 4 this website and those awesome storywriters



  • @bloodyoangel47 go to kat.ph & type in Carved (capital ‘C’) & click on the 1st Result

  • I have seen the two movies!The first one is like the story but the second one have alot of love in it! I would consider to watch the first one if you are a child.

  • Ok. Erm I’ve heard this story and I would be like…
    Oh you llook normal women, you look like me mummy, and I will run away

  • Hey! Bllackkknight! What do you mean “she’s asian try to outwit her” ? Just cause she’s asian doesn’t mean she’s dumb!

  • Either that or giving a non-commital answer to her means that she will allow you to escape. Or if you say you’re in a previous engagement she pardons you and leaves, or asking “Am I pretty” she will get confused and leave. But i’ve also heard saying these will also kill you. But remember: She’s asian, try to outwit her

  • Maybe if you give her a non-commital answer then she get confused and when your gone she forgets about you.

  • Stop complaining about the movie people. It was ****** and I loved the whole background story. Too bad she was abusive though The spirit of Kuchisake-onna was hot.

  • Also, in the movie the slit mouth women doesn’t ask the kids am I pretty she just takes them

  • Nothings wrong with her mouth or anything. Tell the truth i wouldnt be ashamed or scared to walk around with a slit mouth. If she asked me if she beautiful i would say yes and she doesnt have to be ashamed of having a slit mouth. Also i would tell her she doesnt have to make people have a slit mouth,because she had one. It isnt fair. Also she is beautiful and if she did that someone she’d make them look pretty too.

  • My mom told me this story…then i told her “Is Japan haunted or sumthing???Pfft im never goin to japan…”

    end of story XD

  • If it was caused by plastic surgery then well idk but all the other thing she could have sewn it back together duh!

  • Im happy I have NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER lived in Japan!!!!!!!!
    I have read this story many times but this was my friends first time this is what she has to say.

    that was really scary soooo….. i guess we should live in Japan no jk i will never go there ever in my whole intirer life

  • why dont they just answer with a question like “define pretty?” or “internally or externally?”

  • I watched this movie :D It was a little different from the story though. (( Kind of a spoiler here!)) She killed them anyways, never did ask “Am I pretty?” but It DOES make sense near the end…..

  • This story is creepy! Plus, you should answer,”I think you look average.” That will save you time to run away. But, it said, “If you try to run away, she will hunt you down and kill you, by slicing you in two.

    The only way to escape from Kuchisake Onna is to give a non-committal answer. If you say “You look average” or you look normal, she will be confused, giving you just enough time to run away.”

    Won’t she come after you to kill you after you run away?

  • it says that if u run away, she will hunt u down and slice u in two. so what’s the point of saying that she looks averege and running away, when she will hunt u down and kill u!!?

  • i just have i question…if her husband did the slit mouth thing to her…why is she goin after kids instead of the terrible husbands in this world? i’m not saying this is fake or anything but seriously?…y kids?

  • also bloodyoangel47 i know where u can find the slit mouth women movie with english sub titles just google carved japaneese film then click on the third link

  • I am not from japan but i still told mydad that he should never let my brother and i go to japan!

  • OMG im so freakin’ scared I heard am I pretty im my house like two minutes and it’s windy and im scared! :(

  • i agree with diemeruladie theres this version of the story if ask you if shes pretty without the mask and say yes she wount kill you or give her candy to distract her

  • I personally love this legend. there are so many other versions. i also think she is pretty with or without the mask!

  • this story reminds me of joker, with his slit mouth and how he is demented… this is like the japaneese version, at first it scared me but then i remembered shes the same as joker and im like nahh not scary anymore

  • i searcheed her up and the same pics come up, i think it is true because if the same pictures are coming up and no one else then theve actualyl seen her in action… if u live in japan… may god be with you!

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