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Kashima Reiko

Kashima Reiko is a Japanese urban legend about the ghost of a woman with no legs who haunts school bathrooms. Warning: They say that after you hear the story of Kashima Reiko, she will appear to you within a month. If you don’t want to see her, don’t read this.

Kashima Reiko

Kashima Reiko is the ghost of a woman who lived in the city of Hokkaido, in Japan. One night, she was attacked by a group of men. The beat her badly, abused her horribly and then left her for dead.

She tried to call for help but nobody heard her. She tried to find someone to help her, but she crawled onto a railway track and collapsed, unconcious. The train came along and ran her over, killing her and cutting her in two. Her body was severed at the waist.

Ever since then, Kashima Reiko’s vengeful ghost has wandered the world, searching for her missing legs. She is mainly encountered in school bathrooms, but also may appear in your bathroom at home in the middle of the night.

When you enter the bathroom, she will ask you questions. If you cannot answer her questions correctly, she will tear off your legs.

If she asks “Where are my legs?”, the answer is “On the Meishin Expressway.”

She will say “Who told you that?” You should reply “Kashima Reiko told me that.”

Sometimes she asks a trick question, “Do you know my name?” Do not say “Kashima” or she will kill you. The correct answer is “Mask Death Demon”. Ka-Shi-ma stands for Ka = Kamen (Mask), Shi = Shinin (dead person), Ma = Ma (Demon).

It is said that after you hear the story of Kashima Reiko, she will appear to you within a month.


  • I read this like a year ago and she hasn’t come yet. We read this not heard it. I also live in the USA. 🇺🇸

  • Fun Fact: 75% of all Japanese ghosts will chose a bathroom as the ideal haunting place. 90% percent will be female ghosts.

  • Why the bathroom? Is is the mirror…serving as a portal? Ha jk I’ve read this before…and I’m still here…I think…anyways…poor chick might be better off dead after what happened to her…it would be horrible to live through that.


    Me- ugh! She won’t cone to me! *enters bathroom*

    Kashmia Reiko- *hides behind shower curtain*

    Me- *gets (dot at the end of a sentence- girls will get it)* DANG ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!

    Kashmia Reiko-LOLS!


  • Omg I’m freaked out and I am 11
    Why do spirits like bathrooms that is what I don’t get is there a freaken bathroom party and sfk if u wrote this u must of read this and ur not dead since 2014

  • She will appear after you hear her story, I think I am safe coz I didn’t hear but i read the story..lol
    I cant remember the answers of her question if she appear in front of me like this picture…too scary !!!!!

  • Guys, you are all safe! I read this on Halloween 2015 and it is now April 2016. I have never seen this woman in my life! No need to thank me ;-)

  • She haunts SCHOOL BATHROOMS – so unless you are in a school bathroom at 3am, you are unlikely to see her.

  • in the midle of the night:

    me:*gets up* *yawns* man..i really need to pee.*walks up to the bathroom**pulls down pjs*

    kashima: where are my legs?

    me:*picks up a broom* get outta here you perv cant someone pee in peace?

    kashima: all right all right dont take it personally….im going….but i need my legs!

  • I didn’t read this story. Whether I believe it or not, I don’t need anymore ghosts, especially one that is going to hang around my bathroom. They already cause enough trouble in the spare room!

  • Ok so this is super untrue, its just another wives tale because I read this last year and its waaaaaay past two months and I still haven’t seen this hoe

  • Why do these Japanese ghosts love bathrooms so much?!?!? And I’m scared because I use the bathroom at midnight, and idk the answers :(


  • OMG , am scared because I’ve read this, well have to memorize guys , the answers , and why each and every Japanese legends have a link to bathrooms , I mean seriously , and @musicismyeverything , lol , hahaha , can’t stop laughing on your comment , and guys one ting I’ve read about the cow head story , and got the story in the comment section by a user , am scared is it real ?

  • I agree with blooderella.
    I told a friend the story of teke-teke and told she will come within 1 month. She told me that”you want to kill me as i told her toremember ” purple mirror” and the story. But she dosent know i m too scared to death bcoz of her and i dont want to spread the story. XP

    Btw is the story of purple mirror true?

  • Ok, so a lot of you say it’s not real, but my friend told me that it has to be read to you. I believe that this is bs regardless, though. It says if you answer wrong, you die. How would anyone know that? They would have had to answer it wrong to put that there. Also, where in the bathroom? Does she crawl out of a toilet? Because I don’t wanna be on the crapper while she’s crawling out. XD Also, what happens if I’m asleep when she comes? Does she stare at me? Will she give me a time limit on each question or can I look them up on my phone? Does she only come once? So many questions, only three answers. On the tracks, Kashima Reiko told me, and Mask Death Demon. Good luck to those who have friends to read it to them.

  • just wondering why bathroom? i mean like she died on a railroad track and was she beat up and abused in a bathroom?

  • What’s with Japanese and Washrooms? And what if I reply to her with the correct answers? Will she leave me alone then??

  • Guys plz don’t worry. It’s a good story, but the you-will-die thing is bs. Plz feel free to still go to the toilet. And y do Japanese legends love bathrooms?! Everybody plz feel free to still go to the bathroom. If u don’t, u will ACTUALLY die. No kiddin’. And what’s with the Japanese horror stories with bathrooms?!

  • This is so not frickin’ true. I read this, like, six months ago. And by the way: Hokkaido is an island, not a city. So ha.

  • hey, has ANYONE thought about how SOMEBODY had to read this story and post it here??? i think he/ she is still alive. but who knows they might have died. anyways, im still waiting Kashima Reiko to rip my legs off :D well this is going to b jolly!! :DD

  • Ok…I’m 11 yo and I don’t really want her to come visit me, so as soon as I saw the pic (it didn’t scare me, just don’t like the look of it) and read the warning, I just skipped to the comments – without reading the story – to see if it was real or not… CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME SO I CAN READ THE STORY!!??? I’m not scared of chainmail, but this just scares me since it is an urban legend…thx!

  • I never use school bathrooms. I really want to tell you the legend about my school’s bathroom, but that would be spamming :(

  • I read this and nearly shizzled my pants I even got a pic of a cross and put it as my wallpaper and I have about 50 crosses in my room just to be sure and to make it worse in home alone so I’m cluching a cross and lit a holy candle and have a holy bible and recited all the holy prayers I know all while sitting beside the holy candle, the holy bible, the cross around my neck and have my hand together and everytime I hear a noise I bless myself and recite hail Mary 😌🙏👏 wish me luck it works !!

  • This story freaked me out at first but it isn’t true! Guys come on it is labled under Urban Legends sfk I still love your stories I just didn’t see the warning the top!

  • ghost_sprinter i love you(no homo). I was scared to read this because i didnt wanna die But since you pointed out the mistake, I’m reading it. Thank you very much

  • it said: after u HEAR the story, she will appear 2 u. but it didn’t say after u READ it,she will appear 2 u.

  • Dear Demon,
    It has been six months since I red this. Please come see me tonight.


  • Im here to save you all lol, i read this story about a year ago and nothing happened :) im serious. Its just a thrill to add to the excitement. Hope you can sleep without worrying now. -from a 14 yr old asian :p

  • That freaked me out when I first read it. I had even learnt all the 3 answers but nothing really happened. P.S. I literally feel bad for the woman such thing should not have happened to her. :`(

  • LOLZ @sel2128 im 11 too also it’s summer and I rarley use the restroom at night AND im gonna put a sticky note with the answers on the wall in the bathroom so im safe XD

  • omg! i read it! i am scared! ok…….ok…i should remember the answers! i am scared to go to bathroom and its coming now!

  • @Seth Bradley , Do ghosts book a flight to reach a distant place ? Hell no . They can travel with ease .

  • You know what with Kashima Reiko and Aka Manto why in the hell does it have to take place in the flippin bathroom!

  • I always see this but I ain’t reading this in in sfk I read all stories but I won’t read this at all

  • kkz! I’m going to read this *bites nails* I mean…..like only one person said it was true in these comments wish me luck everyone! XO

  • LoL X D … Don’t worry about this guys , this story is not true . I am a living proof . I read this story almost a month and noththing happened to me .
    : ) . Chill,dudes. Hey kashima , you no come to me X D ? :-x

  • how many pairs of legs does she need? i think she has a leg fashion show. one pair of legs every day.

  • This is not real at all. There are lots of stories on the site that say things like this, such as white death. I don’t think anyone dies from these stories.

  • Glad you told me the right answer. I would have said ‘not where they’re suposed to be.’

  • hello im alive.hey guys i read this about 5 weeks ago and i said i would comment to prove this false well at first i was really scared,i couldnt shut my door and i had to always close the bathroom door(i immagined her appering in the bathroom)after a while i forgot about it and i just remembered i would read this and prove if it were false or not.well i didnt incounter her so its false although about a week ago i awoke with a mystery scratch its 3.5 cm long it looks like a cat scratch i hav cats so it ma hav been one of them by accident and i didnr notice or forgot im not really sure.but i promice i didnt see Kashima rieko

    hope this helps

  • Guys help! I read the story! Aaaaa! Gotta remember, Meishin Expressway, Kashima Reiko told me dat and Mask Death Demon! Aaaa! I have gotta memorise these! Crud! Normally I swear but I like to keep my mouth shut.

  • Okay. I have read all of your panic strucken commens but not da story. Oh crud! What do I do? Come on! Should I read dis or not? Oh and I live away from Japan. BTW, Sfk where the heck did you find the pic?

  • I guess it’s not real since its been typed onto a friendly website and the admin must’ve read it too! :) dying: FALSE

  • I am really scared now. I am starting to get scared of reading stories on Scary for kids but I will still read them lol. Guys please take the warning sign off. I really wanna read this story

  • what if she asks in japanese? i do stiudy it but i dont n much and i have a bad teacher this year… will she ask in that order or will she jumble it up? i will try and guess what she is asking…

  • it wasnt as scary as i thought it would b….i will proberly freak out at night coz i usually hav to use the bathroom at night….i will comment on this page in about 5 weeks and tell u if i hav seen her..i will also try memmorise the answers to her questions

  • okay ppl have said that they hav read this and after a moth nuthin happened….im not sure if i should read it or not the top about her getting u is creepy but many stories say that and it doesnt hapen but with the japanese poem thing someone read half outload and then a few years later they got several stitches….read tomino for a better discription…i love japanese stuff like anime and they can b really scary so im not sure if i should read it…if i read the story i will comment again in 5 weeks and tell u if i saw her.

  • this is not even true because if the Kashima is actually going to come after you then this wepage would be illegal

  • im scared incase she comes… will she definately not come? My little sister read this and started crying her eyes out! she always cries when she goes to school and wont go to the toilet! Do you have anything to say for yourself scaryforkids!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • @ Josh Z relax it will be fine….. she understands english…. plus she cant cut your feet cuz she crawls…. you can run ASAP if you’re scared

  • Wait a minute, the people who wrote this are still alive aren’t they? So it’s not real. But i’m still not reading the story.

  • no sarcasam intended but before you read a story always read the top part with the information about it and scrawl to the bottom .also someone tell me if they are alive after reading this in a month.

  • -when you believe it there is a possibility it will happen, it’s just like faith that attracts things to happen.. in this case demons will have a hold on to u to show what u want to see or believe in or have faith on it.. it’s the most accurate thing that i can give haha wether it’s real or not… and many people are being salvage in my place, why do they didnt seek revenge, their death is much frightening hahah!! and why in bathrooms? , im sorry please ignore my opinion sometimes it’s annoying, i admit.

  • It’s okay guy, It’s not as bad as the story makes it out to be. She is a skilled surgeon, who has had much practice in removing legs. She found me. Unfortunately I did fail to answer her question correctly. She offers an opportunity at double or nothing. Do not accept. I typed this whole thing with my nose.

  • Dude I just realized…it said “hear the story” not read it!!! ^w^ that means I’m safe right?

  • It’s been about 3 months since I originally read this story…. Um… Reiko-san… you skipped me…? I wonder a lot about what she’d look like an think the answers in my head, maybe that kept her away. You know. If she even comes.

  • If this story was a real danger, then sfk wouldn’t put it on the site. yes it might be a bit freaky but the website is called SCARY for kids. I am loving these stories! I don’t blame those who are scared, though. We all get scared but as time passes we will get braver

  • Q.Q I’m scared.I heard noises in the closet and I got goosebumps.I ran downstairs,lol.Btw,I don’t have any pets. O__O

  • She appears in your bathroom at midnight,no problem.I don’t get up at night to go to the bathroom.But what if she gets my little brother?

  • so if she appears to you within a month then scary for kids since you wrote it meant that you read it so has she came to you yet because i havent read the story yet

  • I believe all japanese urban legends stories are REAL because i love everything about japan!! But I don’t believe that she will come to you within a month like that’s like a chain letter you get all the time and it starts to get annoying if you know what I mean.. :) – I hate it when I don’t forward a chain letter and I die the next day.-

  • Oh lord! I live 200 miles away from the island Hokkaido! (I live on the Honshuu island of Japan) LORD LOL :D

  • Well I was going to read this until my eyes caught the WARNING sign. And I read the WARNING and I was like ” nevermind! Forget about this story, I don’t want to die! ” Everyone who read this, say your prayers. Xx Ghost Queen Xx@ Then you wouldn’t go to school anymore! :D I don’t blame the chicken ones I am one of them. Good thing mey eyes caught that WARNING. Phew I’m not going to die! And I would never go to the bathroom if I read this, I would stay up all night literally.

  • Read carefully as it specifically says she will appear after you HEAR the story… and I heard nothing.

  • Okay, it’s been over a month, and Reiko-san hasn’t visited me yet! D: Y U NO VISIT ME GHOST?!

  • I sit at my computer desk whenever I read these and never let my feet touch the ground for fear of being dragged to Ghostland. Lol. Ok… memorizing the answers… On the… wait, what train was it again? xDDD

  • What about if you read this when you dont have to go to school like for holidays and it will end in 3 months…? lol

  • lol dont worry i love being scared i would never leave your site. awesome story. creeped me out.

  • I am not a child or anything i dont play around with games so I would really apreciate it if you would tell me if this is real if she really comes to my bathroom in thirty days I have never been so scared in my life over and urban legend just to help me out please please tell me she is not gonna magically come and rip my legs off! did she come for you?…………… please reply back to me!:D just have in mind im scared lolz!

  • Oh Don’t worry, this story’s just like a chain letter, some ghost isn’t going to come for you in a mon-

  • she can have my legs for all i care! (never did like the way they looked…) *tears them of and hands them to her and crawls to hospitle*
    kashima: yay! *puts them on my body and goes to fix myself up* all better! now i’m pretty again!

  • Um…..right when it warned me if you don’t want to see her i looked and the pictures and was like,oh hheell no!I didn’t even read the story.:P

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor legless her!!! I have only one wish!!! Oh god, please dnt let her curse me… i dnt want to see a ghost for the first time!!! Please!!! And the picture is spinning around my head!!!!! T-T T-T

  • i… i’m scared! i wanna read this so bad but i’m scared to cus i dont wanna see her in a month! my friends telling me to read it and that it wont really happen but she doesn’t know! sh doesn’t… i’m such a chicken….

  • i just realized that this isn’t real because why would her parents name their daughter Kashima Reiko if it means “Death Mask Demon?”

  • I am freaking scared out of my mind! I don’t want her to kill me in a month so i’m memorizing the answers to these questions i think u all should too.

  • I’m 8, and this story isn’t creepy. What creeps me out is that I’m scared now whenever I use the bathroom

  • I read this story 6 times- a month ago. Don’t worry people XD She’ll probably kill me in my sleep for mocking her like this. So bring it on lady! Come get meh! XD >:3

  • geezz u guys .. why would this site post stories like this just to make horrible things to its readers?..(well i guess it does for those who cant give up with nightmares) if you believe on the stories, then its just u who scares u out…

  • i dont dislike the story but i NEVER want to encounter this woman who i’m sure has better things to do being a pretty angel and all (hoping she wont come for me in i compliment her)

  • I feel kinda sorry for mask death demon how she died I mean. It was really tragic. This story creeped me out a lot! I don’t wanna see her within a month! Within a month is like, my birthday! I am so scared! I’m not going to the bathroom anymore. I’m starting to dislike this site a bit. I guess it scares me too much not that I have anything against it or whatsoever.

    Scaryforkids says: People really seem to hate this story. You’re the second person who has said this story made them dislike the website. lol. Is this story so scary that it is going to make everyone leave my site???

  • Um, is this true..? Because, I’m really scared to go to the bathroom now, and hopefully I don’t encounter her at all. I usually don’t believe in these things; but this freaks me out a lot.

  • Don’t want to be visited by Kashima Reiko? EASY! Just follow this step: Read it again before a month ends therefore giving you another month to not be visited by Kashima Reiko. Repeat the Cycle for the rest of your life. U MAD RASHIMA REIKO?

  • omg i never believe in these things but this time i’m like, ok, gotta remember what to answer!

  • i hate this website now they should warn u before you read something like this im proper freaked out now. im being serious.

    Scaryforkids says: Sorry Katie. I added a warning at the top.

  • I read this and don’t believe it. My friend and me read it on the same day at the same time so ha! How is she going to visit two people’s bathrooms on the same day at the same time? And what is with the Japanese and bathrooms? Was the bathroom created by the Japenese and now they are trying to start rumors to get people off their inventions or something? Chill Japanese peoplez!

  • Ok, the “she appears to you within a month” part sort of freaked me out… I’m no more going to the bathroom…

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