Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the star of this creepy riddle about a terminally ill young girl who has some wishes she would like to see come true.

Justin Bieber

There was a little girl who was born with an incurable disease. Due to her condition, she spent a lot of time either in hospital or confined to her bed. Because of this, the poor girl had no friends and nobody to play with.

As time went on, her condition got worse and worse and her stays in hospital became longer and longer. Eventually, the doctors had to break some bad news to the little girl’s mother. They took her aside and informed her that her beloved daughter had only a short time left to live.

One day, a worker from a charity organization heard the little girl’s story. He was touched by her plight and approached her mother to see if there was anything the charity could do to help.

“Can you think of anything we could do for your daughter”, he asked.

“I just wish there was some way to cheer her up”, said the mother.

“We may be able to help”, said the chairty worker. “Sometimes, when children are terminally ill, charity organizations can arrange for them to meet their favorite celebrity. Do you think that might cheer her up?”

“I believe it would”, said the excited mother.

“Who is your daughter’s favorite singer?” he asked.

Without hesitating, the mother replied, “Justin Bieber, of course!”

Within days, as the little girl lay dying in hospital, the nurses told her that she had a very special visitor. The girl was overjoyed when the door opened and in walked Justin Bieber.

The famous singer sat at the girl’s bedside and kissed her forehead. Then he took her little hand in his and talked softly to her.

“Tell me your heart’s desire”, he said. “I can make all your wishes come true.”

Her eyes welling up with tears, the little girl replied, “All I want is to be rid of my disease, to make a lot of new friends and to be able to play again.”

Justin Bieber looked deep into her eyes and lovingly stroked her hair.

“I’ll make your wishes come true”, he said, holding her pillow.

“Can you really?” asked the little girl, her big blue eyes looking up at him.

He whispered in her ear “I promise.”

Within minutes, the little girl was free of her incurable disease and, after that, she was never troubled by illness again.

Soon afterwards, they took her out of the hospital and sent her home to her mother. Not being confined to her bed anymore, she made a lot of new friends and played with people all the time.

Everything seems to have worked out well, but something very strange happened.

Justin Bieber went to prison and all of the little girl’s friends are dead.

This is the riddle you must solve.

Why did Justin Bieber go to prison, what happened to the little girl and why are all of her friends dead?

Can you solve the riddle?


  1. jillyjoe4160 says

    And there goes right I scrolled down the comments, throwing opinions about Justin Bieber and getting into a war for slamming opinions on each other’s faces. Tbh guys, you’re being childish. Well not all of you.

    Well anyway, my conclusion would be, I don’t think Justin killed her or something. Her disease is incurable. Maybe Justin insisted the doctors to inject some kind of stuff to make her move like a normal kid, but her disease can never be cured. Justin insisted the hospital to let the girl be free for her last days and have some fun. But yeah, after several days, the girl died and so her friends and Justin was imprisoned. Why? Her disease may have infected her friends. And Justin was imprisoned because he was the one who discharged the girl from the hospital. Just a theory of mine.

  2. MackeyMoo22 says

    JB killed her to play with friends in heaven while he went to prison for murder. Is that right SFK?

  3. Lions45 says

    Btw I’m that some of you are saying that we haters don’t care how he acts in life and only hate his music. Hey dudes, guess what, that’s Why we all hate him! At least that’s why I hate him. He is weird and creepy and I used to love him but then I went to a concert and I met him and he was really rude he ignored me when I tried to get it autograph and accidentally trod on my foot without apologizing. I was only 9 then and i cried all the way home. Ever since then I have hated him. He sings terribly and is really ugly and rude. So don’t say that we don’t know how he acts in real life because I have met him and he is rude. Again, you guys are awesome, you all rock and you might all have mixed feelings about this story but we all obviously love sfk!

  4. Lions45 says

    ok, so not to be rude or anything, but I honestly really hate JB and looking at his picture makes me throw up bcuz he is so ugly. Please don’t attack me for saying this!! It is my opinion and everyone has the right to an opinion. Sorry beliebers but that’s the way it is. Also, my bff loves jb and I still like her. I wish that I could brutally attack jb with a knife, burn him and send his charred remains to space. Again. I’m really sorry believers but that is my opinion and I honestly don’t care what you think. Honestly t- swift is way cooler. SORRY!! Just bcuz I hate jb does not mean I hate you guys, you are all awesome and Sfk rocks!!

  5. NataliaNarwhal says

    I am a big fan girl ._.

    Nurse: who’s her favorite celebrity?
    Mom: I don’t know…go ask her
    Nurse: got it.
    Me: :-/
    Nurse: sup, who’s your favorite celebrity?
    Me: you promise not to laugh?
    Nurse: I promise :3
    Me: I like da once-ler :3
    Nurse:*grabs gun and shoots me* we need to stop this.

  6. Harley Quinn says

    “Justin Bieber” wasn’t the real Geiger. It was actually a killer on the loose. He killed other kids so when the girl died she went to heaven with the other kids. Am I right SFK?

  7. jenn3985 says

    This is a very SIMPLE but very false riddle. The simple part is:He suffocated the girl so she could “play” with her dead friends.
    The false part is: Justin Bieber would NEVER murder a fan. Especially not a little girl. Am I right SFK?

  8. jenn3985 says

    @bloodfaced You can’t hate someone because they have a opinion about someone. I love Justin Bieber but that doesn’t mean I hate somebody who doesn’t. Chill.

  9. PsychoDemon says

    @bloodfaced I am a Belieber too… But you can’t just go calling people idiots coz they got an opinion too… The world just don’t work the way u want it…. <3

  10. HiIWillKillYouNow says

    @bloodfaced DUUUUUDE You can’t call anyone an idiot because they have opinions….
    And you’re part of the 2 percent of people on this site who are Beliebers

  11. carlos rivera says

    Justine bieber killed the girl….!!!!!!!
    what else gonna happen if you wish to meet him….

  12. Hagen626 says

    If I was that kid I would’ve wanted to see Eminem or Charlie Scene from the band Hollywood Undead


    The riddle is cool. I neither hate justin bieber nor like him. But guys, stop abusing a person. However Selena gomez is far off better than justin beiber.

  14. xXHERRAARRXx says

    @ bloodfaced you hate everyone who hates Justin Bieber, then you hate 95/100 of the world. #worstsingerever

  15. FAN OF SFK says

    P.S. Sorry if I hurt you but 8/10 people on this web hate him

  16. Ticci Toby is amazing says

    😂😂😂 Justin Beiber?? Seriously?? If I was that kid, I would want to meet Kellin Quinn, Vic Fuentes, Oliver Sykes, or Jensen Ackles

  17. shadowcat says

    he killed her, and she went to heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why justin beiber? he is some UGLY ASS!!!!!!!!

  18. my crush love me too says

    @bloodfaces cutest?, softest??… Well, that show’s that justin bieber is a woman… I mean, yeah, there IS a “man with soft heart”… But.. Seriously, softest?? In this universe?? Softer than a woman??, WHAT IS HE!? XD Oh, yeah, one more thing… You (bloodyfaces) might be have seen a photo where justin bieber spitting on one of his fans… AND THAT’S THE SOFTEST PEOPLE IN THIS PLANET DID??

  19. bloodfaced says

    The thing is that the girl died and Justin killed her friends to meet her in death. Justin is like an angel!!! He couldn’t ever do this nonsense!!! Stupidest and the worst story ever. I am going to tweet this – from a Belieber!!!

  20. BlackWidow5704 says

    Yeah sure, justin bieber killed her. Justin couldnt kill an ant, the ant would push him down and steal his lunch money

  21. XOterrorgirlOX says

    yeah cuz bieber killed the Goddamn girl
    why would she say her fav is justin bieber when linkin park and eminem exist ughh children these days

  22. Angel Of Death says

    He killed all her friends, so that when the little girl died her friends would die too and they would play together in Heaven. P.S. I surprised Justin Bieber hasn’t complained about having this post taken down. (No offense ScaryForKids).

  23. EnmaAi says

    Hmm..wait.she had no friends. because of her illness. It sounds like Justin killed her… ‘All her friends are dead’ does NOT mean her friends died. It means her friends are dead kids who befriended her after she was murdered.

  24. XxTheDarkTimesxX says


  25. the_dreaded_terror says

    Simple, the girl wanted to be freed of the disease so justin killed her and he went to prison and she made friends from the dead who are obviously dead

  26. 0Kei0 says

    this is a simple one! he killed her and she was sent home cuz she was dead all her friends are dead because shes no longer alive. ie meaning her friends were dead from the begging xD

  27. midnightscreams24 says

    I think that Justin killed her and other kids so she can play in Heaven , but Justin sacrificed his freedom for the little girl`a dream to come true. Aww :3

  28. JustCreeped says

    Justin, Killed Her And Some Other Random Girls, Because Some People Say That Heaven Is A “Better Place.” He Probably Killed The Mother Too! Am I Right?

  29. Cantscareme says

    OK let me say something here. I am sick and tired of all these haters. I don’t give a crap if you don’t like his music, woopty doo not you taste WHATEVER, but you have never hung out with him, you don’t know if hes chill, if hes crazy, if hes gay, if hes straight, just stop! Hes obviously not gay unless he tells people he is, you probably think hes gay because hes a late bloomer so what? He’s also clearly not a girl so just shut up. Oh and i believe that in the story, Justin killed the little girl and all the new friends she made were ghosts.

  30. Lenax says

    This is a really obvious riddle, he suffocated the dying child (Hint: in the riddle he grabbed the pillow as he was talking to her). Her friends are all dead children she made friends with AFTER she died.

  31. gothixgirl says

    Jb killed her and the girl went to heaven and made friends who were of corse dead because they were in heaven…

  32. pink_georgia_horse says

    I have hated Mr or Mrs malibu barbie since the start I mean its singing gets on my nerves because its a boy I think and it sounds like a freaking girl. And killing a little kid was like icing on the cake.

  33. soulserenade says


  34. ScaryMoo says

    He killed her so she could be free from her disease.. all her friends are those she made after she died so they’re dead too, and her body was probably sent back to her mother to prepare for her funeral. Because he killed her, he went to jail. Simples.

  35. Skyler says

    So…Justin Bieber ‘Killed’ Her so she would go to heaven and make friends? Then justin bieber went to prison for doing that?

  36. WolfSpeaker~ says

    We’re allowed to post whatever we want on here. It’s completely up to SFK if they need to be deleted. These posts are reveiwing our feelings towards the poem, and if you are seriously bothered by them, then just ignore them. Their presence won’t blow up the entire world. They’re not hurting anybody. I’m not listing any names here, but seriously. Chill Pills, Eh? Lol :P

  37. keyoko12 says

    GUYS! come on leave him alone, sure i hate his music, but NONE of you have seen how he acts i real life, so stop saying justin beiber is gay and is a girl, SERIOSLY GUYS LEAVE HIM ALONE

  38. QStarrDaze says

    Justin killed her, she made a lot of new friends because they were all in Heaven. They have to be dead if their in Heaven. Justin soon went to jail for his crime. BTW this has been my first riddle I’ve solved with ease… Yayy!… For me :P Lol

  39. scarygirl12345 says

    No I think I know she died and Justin killed a few kids and then she played with them in heaven

  40. Swaggiehun says

    Justin killed her so she could play in heaven with friends. Thats why he went to jail. He went to jail for her. AWE!

  41. bieber fever says

    I love this story not cuz she dies cuz Justin bieber is in it bieliebers 4 ever

  42. That_Kid_Ali says

    LOL. ‘that we know of’! I hate Justin Beiber. I guess I see why it’s Justin Beiber.. Most little girls love… Her! XD
    Id choose to meet my favorite band. :3

  43. theawesomeness says

    i never liked Justin Beiber because of his hair and his voice. When girls were like, “Oh! It’s Justin Beiber,” i was like, don’t you mean Justina Beiber. He might be gay D:

  44. Eternalina says

    1. It said she had no friends due to her being in the hospital. 2. JB suffocated her when it said ”Hugging the pillow” 3. She probably made friends in heaven or something :/

  45. ghost_biscuits says

    im gonna tell this story to everyone that loves justin bieber to make them hate him! joke

  46. bloodytwilight117 says

    lol i like this story coz jb is arrested. he should be arrested in real life for singing like a girl and he is homosexual

  47. TheHauntedStoryTeller says

    Ooooohhh… I thought her disease was gone and she got to play with her friends for a while until he broke his promise and killed her friends and went to jail…

  48. + DeadStench + says

    Beliebers = The girl dead with her last breath….

    Anti-Beliebers = Justin Bieber suffocated the girl and the world cheers that Justin Bieber is in jail….

    -If I don’t know that person, that person doesn’t exist-

  49. BieberzMyne says

    rly, i thot it was cuz he took the disease from her and gave it to all her friends so he went 2 jail for killing the friends, and that answer made me cry cuz im the biggest fan and i would die if i found out he did that 2 her

  50. says

    Answer: Justin Bieber suffocated the little girl with a pillow. Her friends are all dead children and, as a ghost, she “plays” with people.

    Sorry to all Beliebers. Of course, in real life, Justin has never murdered any of his fans… well… at least none that we know of. :P

  51. Lunadawn16 says

    the story was awesome but i can’t stop laughing.. I mean really Justin Bieber??? lol

  52. pauljohngaytano says

    The little girl is dead. Justin killed her friends so that she could play in heaven with her friends. that is why justin went to prison..

  53. ghost girl12354 says

    omg i love him as soon as i seen his name i clicked as fast as i could!!! <3 i love you justin lol

  54. horrorqueen says

    Loved it. This one really got me ! i had no idea what was going on, i usually catch whats about to happen but with this one i didn’t catch it until the end :D

  55. Cat21860 says

    I read a similar story about a girl in the 1980s who had cancer. A charity organization told her they wanted to arrange for her to meet her favorite singer. The girl freaked out and begged them not to let her meet him. They were confused, but they respected her wishes and left her alone. The girl recovered and her cancer went into remission. She later became a doctor. One day, an old man came into her office and said that he had worked for the charity. He wanted to know why she didn’t want to meet her favorite singer. When she told him, they both laughed about it. She was, as it turned out, a big fan of Elvis.

  56. htfnutty4575 says

    @mel_gibson_fan that’s an insult to all lesbian.”he” is an it cause he has no lady or man parts.

  57. scarygirl113 says

    @DEADscary don’t you dare insult justin beaver with by calling justin Bieber. By his name. Justin beaver is a great football player.

  58. DEAD scary says

    OMG THAT PICTURE FREAKED ME OUT! Whats the name if that gay kid in the story? Haha! I hate justin beaver!

  59. AlmostNakedAnimals says

    Umm Owner Of The Site I Have A Couple Questions….Q:Are You A Girl?….Q:How Old Are You?….Q:Can You Please Post Stories More Often?

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