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Evil Grin

The Evil Grin is a scary ghost story about a young girl who goes to visit her friend one evening. When she encounters her friend’s mother, the strange smile she sees on the woman’s face terrifies her.

Evil Grin

When I was 12 years old, I had a best friend named Brenda. After school we always went to her house to hang out. She lived in a big house on the edge of town.

One day, Brenda didn’t show up for school. She was absent for the next few days and I began wondering if there was something was wrong with her. After she had missed a whole week of school, I decided to pay her a visit.

I cycled all the way across town and arrived at her house just as it was getting dark outside. When I rang the doorbell, I got a shock when the door opened almost immediately.

Brenda’s mother was standing in the doorway, but there was something strange about her. Her eyes seemed darker than usual and her hair was hanging loose around her shoulders. I noticed that she was wearing a bathrobe. The most unsettling thing was the way she was grinning at me.

She didn’t say a word. She just stood there staring at me with an evil smile playing across her lips.

“Is Brenda here?” I asked, nervously.

She beckoned at me to come in and before I cold say anything, she had slipped back into the darkened house. As I stepped inside, my eyes strained to see in the darkness, but I wasn’t sure where she had gone. Just then, I heard a strange humming sound and followed it into the kitchen.

I found her there, standing at the kitchen sink with her back towards me. The moment I entered the kitchen, she stopped humming and there was an eerie silence.

I took a seat at the kitchen table and waited. She seemed to be taking forever. I spent the next five minutes just sitting there, wondering what was going on.

Then I realized something very odd.

The whole time I had been sitting there, she hadn’t moved a muscle. Her back was still towards me and I couldn’t see her face. Her hands hung limp by her sides and her head was tilted slightly. Something was very wrong.

I stood up nervously and approached her. She remained completely still. Ever so slowly, I moved around her and tried to get a look at her face to see if she was alright. The sight still haunts me to this very day.

Her eyes were wide open and she still had that evil grin on her face.

I was so freaked out that, I couldn’t bear to stay in the kitchen a moment longer. Without saying a word, I backed out of the room and made my way towards the front door. I jumped on my bike and began cycling as fast as I could down the long, winding driveway and all the way across town. I didn’t stop until I reached the safety of my house.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I found out why my friend Brenda had been absent from school. My parents told me that there had been a tragic death in Brenda’s family.

“What?” I asked. “Who died?”

My parents broke the sad news to me and it made my hair stand on end and I was crying from fright.

Brenda’s mother had died suddenly and the night I called over to her house, Brenda had been at her grandparents’ place, attending the funeral.

Years later, when I was 16 years old, I made a little extra money by working as a babysitter on weekends. One evening, a friend of mine called me and said she knew a family who desperately needed a babysitter. She was busy and wanted to know if I was interested in babysitting for them instead.

She told me the parents were very nice, the pay was good and their 3-year old daughter was polite and well-behaved. I wasn’t doing anything important so I told her I would be glad to take the job.

That evening, I went to the family’s house and met the mother. Her name was Ruth and she was getting reeady to go out for the night with friends. She mentioned that her husband was out of town on business and gave me some numbers to call if I needed to get in touch with her.

The night went very easily. I made dinner for the little girl, gave her a bubble bath, then got her dressed for bed.

I was around midnight when i heard the front door open and footsteps coming down the hallway. I thought it was strange, because I hadn’t even heard a car pull up. Turning around, I was relieved to see Ruth making her way into the living room where I was sitting watching TV.

She never said a word to me and, as she walked past me, I was surprised by how different she looked. Something about her eyes had changed and she was grinning from ear to ear. I felt a cold chill run down my spine.

I knew that evil grin. I had seen it before, many years ago.

Ruth sat at the dining table with her back turned towards me. Her hands hung limp by her sides. Her head was cocked to the left. She was humming to herself.

“Ruth? I asked, nervously. “Ruth, are you alright?”

No answer.

“Ruth? You’re not alive anymore, are you?”


With shaking hands, I quickly gathered my things and backed out of the room. When i got to the hallway, I opened the front door and looked outside. There was no car in the driveway.

All of a sudden, the eerie silence was broken by the sound of the phone ringing.

I didn’t want to answer it. I was afraid of what I might hear. For a moment, my hand seemed to hover over the phone. Then I lifted the receiver and put it to my ear.

I already knew who it was.

It was the police, calling to tell me that Ruth had been involved in a car accident an hour ago. She had been killed on impact.

Tears were streaming down my face as I ran upstairs, grabbed Ruth’s daughter from her bed and bundled her up in her blanket. As came back downstairs, I had to pass by the door to the living room. I could still see Ruth sitting at the table with her back to me. Without pausing for a second, I ran out into the night, carrying the little girl in my arms.


  • that’s so sad:( great story though, i love the tension you get from when their backs were turned towards her, it kinda makes you think they’ll leap out on her or something.

  • Superb! This story is so creepy that a person who doesn’t read ghost stories will be interested in reading them. Fantastic.!!!!!

  • I’m kinda creeped out too even I’m getting a strange chill when I read this story…is this story cursed or something?
    Just asking lol 💀💀

  • Well, dr.dead
    I have the same feeling as yours
    Everytime I read the story, I feel this chill and I have no idea why
    It happens every time, it’s like I can visualise the grins and it disturbs me a lot, I admit. . . Can someone please disclose any reason for it?

  • I wonder why the narrator is the only one who experienced this… I mean, at first I thought she was babysitting the baby in the same house as Brenda’s mom’s. But that’s really creepy… Idk why I didn’t decide to read this one earlier!

  • im sorry but i have to say this…. THERE IS INCORRECT GRAMMAR… look it said before i COLD say anything… IT WAS SUPPOSED to be COULD***** btw its a good story

  • This story reminds me the Insidious movie, it gives the chill on me while imagining the characters and every scene on this story. Poor little girl for losing her mother.

  • XxScaryGirlSamaraxX would you please read the story again? Its not brenda who died. It was her m0ther you stupid.

  • @cutekittenz oh
    Pink car
    One day there was a girl named Susan.She was turning 16.So she went to her mom and said I want a car.Okay her mom said.When she got to the dealership she saw a pink car. She said I want this one. She drove it home. Before she got there she got in a car crash and died.

  • I don’t get the ‘Brenda’ part!! If she was dead while she was standing near the kitchen sink then how can she attend her mother’funeral at her grandparent’s place….??? Can someone tell me…?

  • that picture!!! So creepy… love the story CuteKittens, I sometimes write my own stories but if people are going to get mad at me I guess I won’t post them :( love this story, it send a shiver down my spine. Try video tape, and video camera. And car keys! those are creepy stories! XD

  • Why did the girl run with the baby? Go to her house? That could be called kidnapping. No one would believe her about why she ran

  • Barbie Dolls were invented in the 1960’s 0_0

    Thanks, and I’m sorry they were mad at you :(

  • Thanks CuteKittinz. It’s just that when I posted a story everyone got super mad at me. Your story is good though😆

  • Dolls
    One time there was a girl named Brileigh.She loved dolls.On Sunday her and her mom went shopping for a new doll.They were in an antique shop.She saw a doll she had always wanted.It was a very old Barbie doll dating back to the was 9.99 dollars.when brileigh went to check out the doll and the cashier said the doll was haunted.Then they all died of illness.

  • Lol,

    I feel your pity DoICare NoWay, I remember when I stayed up 9 hours straight just waiting for my comment to get through

  • OMG THAT PICTURE LOOKS FAMILIAR * looks behind me * AAHHHHH XC * IM DEAD * (not really)

  • Why is it okay for cuteKittinz to put her story here but it’s NOT okay for me? SFK this question it DIRECTED TO YOU

  • Here is my new story, do you like it?

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    One day, a few years back when I was in Highschool, the worst bully in the school died in a car crash. It was a really sunny day that day, and not many people were driving but me, Marley, Rebecca and Ollie. They questioned all of us about her death and we all were found innocent, but the students who were still overwhelmed with terror blamed ME. I guess I saw their point, since I was the one who hated the bully, also called Rebecca, the most. Even though Marley , Rebecca (friend Rebecca, not bully Rebecca)and Ollie did gain up against her, I was the one who would call her names, push her into the mud and spit at her. But I had a right to, she had got into a fit one day and suffocated my sister, but she survived. I hated her so much, but that day, even the teachers were gossiping about each other, suspecting me of the incident. I felt like dropping through a hole straight to hell that day, people who I didn’t even know existed in the school were pointing at me, and the bully Rebecca’s boyfriend threw some cheap canteen toast at me.

    Everybody got over it after a while, and it was my graduation day. I smiled a massive smile, got dressed, did all the morning basics, and just felt like the happiest person in the world, unaware of what was about to happen. “I’ll be waiting for you in the crowd” I said to my parents, skipping around to find my blouse. “We’ll be there the earliest” my parents replied proudly. I smiled and ran to the door. “Future, nice to meet you” I said to myself and opened the door.

    As I was walking down the road to Olivia Grove Highschool, I didn’t look the other way and a car sped right into my side. I screamed in pain but I wasn’t hurt, just bruised. A man from the old Mercedes that had got me started crying and begging himself for his licence to stay on his car. I told him I was fine and proceeded down the street, just as I was about to walk up the highschool steps, I fell into a large construction hole from some work the builders had been doing on the pavement. I fell very deep, deep down. Until I hit myself on a large slab of concrete. It was in the shape of a chair, and the place where I was sitting was scorching hot. I saw bloody scratch marks on the walls, spelling ‘hElP’ and ‘bEwArE’. I wasn’t a timid person, but I started crying, until I heard a little voice in my ear that stunned me to death. I realised that voice, it was Rebecca, the girl who nearly killed my sister. The last thing I heard before everything went black was a little whisper saying, “Be careful what you wish for, b****”

    How do you like it? Its my only current finished story, I am still working on my second one, and my first one is WAY too long and slightly drony, so I hope you like this one :D

  • Wow. I like how the story character acts realistic in the story. And the story was amazing.

  • Ok, I’m 29 and this creeped the CRAP outta me. Why am I reading this home alone at night?!

  • xXRosas13Xx IKR lmao xD id be liek LARRY GRAB THE KIDS (larry is my babysitting partner)xD

  • Can u imagine waking up to that thing staring at u there in the dark lol i would be like O.o wtf!! And start grabing random things and start throwing it at her and scream like a girl JK XD

  • This is a nice creepy one. Yet I find it interesting that despite how scary it is, the ghosts don’t seem to do any harm. Also, at the end when the girl was leaving the house I was like “GOGETTHEKID GOGETTHEKID!”

  • I’m gonna guess that the person’s ghost made it back to their home and because they recently died they appeared as their corpse and grin was their skull showing. Also is the pic from a movie? If so you know the name?

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