Elevator Prank

The Ghost Girl in an Elevator Prank is from a hidden camera TV show in Brazil. It was done for “Programa Silvio Santos”, a Brazilian prank show, and some people call it the scariest prank ever. What would you do if you were trapped in an elevator and the lights started to flicker and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the ghost of a little girl appeared right next to you?

Another prank from the same show, featuring a ghost girl on the subway.

This one features a zombie on the subway in Brazil.


  1. LivefromtheTARDIS 2.0 says

    haHA the joke would be on them!!! I would just stand quietly and pretend not to notice!

  2. Necromancer Monster says

    Wow. This prank is do hilarious. Imagine that you are the person who’s the victim of this prank. People tend to laugh at you.

  3. zombie02 says

    omg i would have punched her in the face and broke her nose! i dont like it when people try to scare me!!!

  4. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    oh man that was freakin’ hilarious. a whole bunch of them acted like she was the devil himself. haha especially the last guy, that part might of been might favorite. hmm that one or the two blonde chicks in the beginning. they wouldn’t even look at her face. that’s priceless man. and it’s funny how a whole bunch of them were looking at themselves in the mirrors. haha

  5. Himi says

    I saw this one day ago, I think… Well, well, this sure is freaky…. >__> Good thing no one died of a heart attack…. :)

  6. B-Lovely says

    Lol, someone posted this on Facebook and tagged me, saying that they could see me doing this.
    I said, “Please. My costume could beat this kid’s anyday!”

  7. bet your so scared says

    FUNNY LOOK AT THEIR FACES! @Paradise,aha it is fun now my main aim is to get to the first comment,wish me luck guys

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