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Dreams and Nightmares

My dreams and nightmares as a child were haunted by a story I read in a book my parents bought for me. It was a book of true ghost stories, which I loved when I was a little kid.

Dreams and Nightmares

It remains the most disturbing and creepy true ghost story I’ve ever come across. I can’t remember all the details, but I will try to recount as much of the story as i’m able to recall. The book claimed that it was a true story but try as I might, I’ve never been able to find out more information about it.

Years ago, in a small town, somewhere in the United States, a married couple and their young daughter moved into an old house.

One night, the daughter was awakened by a strange smell in her bedroom. At first, she wasn’t sure if she was still dreaming. She could hardly breathe and the air was thick with smoke. As she blinked her eyes and looked around, she found that her bedroom looked different. The wallpaper was old and peeling off the walls. The carpet was threadbare and worn away in places. The furniture in her room seemed to be old-fashioned and there were cobwebs and mold all over everything. Frightened, she jumped out of bed and tried to make her way down the hall to her parents’ room.

Minutes later, the family who lived next door heard screams outside their house and a rapping on their front door. When they opened the door, they found the little girl standing there. She was crying and babbling incoherently, and kept pointing to her own house. When they looked across the garden wall, they saw that her house was on fire.

They immediately called the fire brigade, who arrived minutes later and put out the fire. Sadly, most of the house was burned beyond repair and in the rubble, they found the charred bodies of the little girl’s parents. It appeared that they had been burned alive while they lay in bed.

When police questioned the little girl, she told them a shocking and unbelieveable story. When she had woken up during the night, she went to her parents room and opened the door. She had been confronted by a horrifying scene. Her parents lay dead in bed and there were two young black boys standing over them. One of the boys was holding a bloody scissors. The girl said she began screaming and fled to the neighbors’ house.

The police didn’t believe her story at first, and assumed she must have been having nightmares. But when they researched the history of the house, they found that it had originally been a reform school for young black boys. The boys were treated horribly by the people who ran the reform school and it had eventually been closed down and converted into a residential property. Nobody could ever convince the little girl that what she had seen was just a dream.

This is the story I read in that book years ago and, of all the true ghost stories I’ve ever read, this one scared me the most. It freaked me out to the point that I had to throw away the book because I kept having nightmares. LOL

So if anyone recognizes this story, please leave a comment and tell me where it happened so I can research the story further and determine whether or not it is actually true.


  • I have no idea if this story is real or not. Until I know tho, I will think this is fake. So I don’t scare myself to death

  • Racist is when you say something bad about their race. For example if you say, black people are dumb, that is racist. BTW J.K. black people are smart! Sorry.

  • People keep saying that calling someone black is racist and it’s not, where im from if you’re black you say you’re black, if you’re white you say you’re white and if you’re mixed race you say you’re coloured. So no it’s not racist! The story is Awesome btw I love this website!

  • That girl looks a little like someone I knew, but I can’t place her exactly… And no, it’s not from a movie.

  • Freaky. But unfortunately I know nothing of this story. Also, that’s NOT racist.

  • I know that wasn’t racist, but I like calling people racist, so that’s so racist!!!!!!!!!!

  • Calling someone black is NOT racist. Its like saying that calling someone russian is racist. Saying the person’s race is not racist. I don’t see why people don’t understand that.

  • Okay. I know this sounds odd but I don’t dream in my sleep. I dream at day. I dream as I do my work. I dream. Sometimes I think bad things. Sometimes fantasies. But I don’t get nightmares. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes.

  • Yeah this story is really true. But I wonder how she predicted that. Btw the girl in the pic is really cute. Don’t know why I said that. =3

  • not all this is racist! Just cos of slavery doesn’t mean its white people who commit all these crimes! Black people do as well!

  • the only thing that freaks me out is that picture i mean is it just me or does it pop out to u like right before u read the story its like u can already tell how the story is going to end

  • The house was in Montreal Canada. Paul Frontier bought it in 1905. It was build in 1805 and was a detention home for wayward boys. It was wrecked by fire after 2 boys killed the owner and his wife. The boys were hanged. The Frontier’s daughter saw how they killed her father and beating her mother in bed. She said the room was on fire. But after she went for help and returned with neighbours, there was no fire and no boys. The mother was still alive but died 3 months later without speaking a word ever again. Strangely enough the house burned down in 1906.

  • thats not scary the stuff the police said about the school was fake they only wanted an excuse to blame black kids


  • Really scary and creepy. For the picture at the top, is that the picture of the author as a little girl? Or the girl in the story? If it’s the author, you looked so pretty as a kid!! I am new here and idk if you can add people as friends but if you can ADD ME!!

  • 123marissa321:
    You have a kind soul.
    I remember thinking the same thing when I was much smaller. I too had said that I would protect instead of harm.
    Usually, it’s because their thirst for revenge has not been satisfyed or they enjoy the pain and suffering of others. Especially the ones that are alive.
    What would it be like to be a ghost?
    Is it as lifless and empty as we all describe it?
    Or is it a facinating experience?

    We all find out in some point in our lives…

  • It’s a very true story that is considered one of the World’s greatest mysteries.

    The home was built in 1805 as a detention home for wayward children. It was wrecked by fire after the two children murdered the owner and the wife. In spite of the age the children were hung. The house was rebuilt but for more then a century was plagued with disasters. They included arson, murder, double suicides.

    In 1905 Paul Fortier bought the home. From what Denise Fortier learnt from neighbors was that the house had been involed in Montreal’s blood chilling crimes. Denise only wished that Paul had looked into the history of the home before buying it. Since then she had been apprehensive about the home, even asking a priest to exorcise the property. Altough the priest listened carefully his look was met with skepticism.

    That one fateful evening Denise noticed some changes in Paul’s behavior. He drank alot of wine and his mood had changed. Their five year old daughter Gisele had sensed something was not right and had asked her mother if they could leave the house soon. Gisele told her mother that sometimes cold spots can be felt above her bed even though the room is warm. This confirmed Denise’s fear and the last word she said to her daughter were ‘it’s only a bad dream’.

    That night the child woke up to a nightmare. It began with a suffocating odour of smoke in the house. Screaming, Gisele ran to her parent’s bedroom. The walls and ceiling of the room were ablaze. Her father’s body lay close to the bed with a pair of scissors driven into his throat. In the deep, soft bed her mother was struggling with two naked boys scarcely bigger then Gisele. Denise’s lips yawned in a silent scream as the giggling children pummelled her body. Gisele returned from the neighbors with help, the room had changed inexplicably that the girl’s story would always be doubted.

    There was no fire in the room, and no evidence that there was one. The vicious children Gisele had seen beat her mother beyond recognition had vanished, there was only her mother’s unconscious body and the corpse of Paul Fortier. Police concluded that Gisele’s story was pure fantasy and that there had been a savage family quarrel in which she had seen her battered mother kill her father in self-defence.

    It was a theory Denise herself could neither confirm nor deny. In a catatonic state, she was taken to hospital where she died three months later. Gisele went to live with her grandparents in Seattle. Because of her fear of its ghostly inhabitants, the Fortier house was never occupied. It burned to the ground in 1906.

  • That’s horrbile! That poor little girl! Those stupid boys. I don’t get why ghosts have to hurt people because I get that sometimes their lives were very tradgic but still. If I ever become a ghost I’m going to try to protect people. Only certain people though.

  • that would be pretty scary for me too if it happened in my house…my house suppossed to be haunted…i have experienced weird things, most in my house have, even my 5 year old sis xD if it really is haunted, i hope the ghosts dont get anymore ideas =O

  • I havent had a nightmare ever since last year in 6th grade, but now I’m going into 8th grade, so about 2 years


  • i don’t get this story i don’t find it that scary i find it very creepy but am not creep out those who are going to have nightmares i feel sorry for you, you shouldn’t had read this if your gonna get nightmares

  • tht was totally creepy!!!!if ppl wouldnt believe me then i would say then wat happen 2 my pparents cause they said tht it was a nightmare or bad did they ever find outt wat happen 2 the little girls mother?if u find outt any wear or from someone please leave a reply at this story. thanks for reading tht.!.

  • Ok Wow That Scared Me a Litthis story in ter But i never read my life only other true storys but not this one

  • This actually happened in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is a true story. The families name was Fortier, the father Paul was an author. As far as i know he was only published once. The books name is Fields of Amaranth. They moved into a house that was once a home for incorrigable children. It was built in 1805 but soon after two children killed the director and his wife, then set the hose ablaze to cover their tracks.They were caught, tried and hanged fairly quickly. The house was rebuilt on the original foundations and passed from owner to owner for the next century. Paul Fortier, his wife Denise, and daughter Gisele moved in in 1905 just after he was published. They were not told of the history of the house. Denise found out through neighbors what happened there and she was on edge in the house after that. Then the daughter was complaining of cold spots in her room and could not sleep at night. The mother requested the parish priest exorcise the home but he scoffed at her and sent her away. That night there was alot of tension at the dinner table, Pauls’ mood had got worser and worser since moving in and he would laugh at his wife when she mentioned the cold spots or other phenomenon. The daughter did not want to go to sleep in her room because a cold spot had been IN her bed with her the prior night. Regardless she was made to go to bed. What happened that night was pieced together from the poor girls tortured memories and testimony of a few witnesses. The girl awoke sometime later to the smell of smoke but she saw no flames or sensed heat. She ran to her parents room, saw smoke coming from under the door, opened it and saw the bedroom was on fire. Her father was dead on the floor, scissors in his neck. Her mother was on the bed fighting off two small naked boys who were pummeling her with their fists, laughing without sound. The girl ran next door for help but when they got to the house there was no evidence of smoke, fire or the boys. The mother was beaten and bloodied on the bed and the father was still on the floor as the girl had seen. The verdict of the police was a domestic dispute got out of hand, and the wife stabbed the husband to stop him.They dismissed the girls account as she was only five and they said she was just in shock from seeing her mother kill her father.The mother lived for several months but died from her injuries after lying in a coma. The girl was sent to the United States to live with her grandparents, and the house burned for the last time in 1906. There is one book i know that has this tale: Canadian Hauntings, by Michael Norman and Beth Scott. It is published by Scholastic Canada Ltd. Ihope i was of some assistance. Happy hunting.

  • yeah… i just think that its sad how the police didnt believe her. i mean, standing in the doorway of your parents’ room seeing them dying would be terrible- and having someone tell you it was just their imagination or something would break my heart.

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