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Girl On Fire

Girl On Fire

Girl On Fire is a true ghost story about a young girl named Condie Cunniham who was burned alive at the University of Montevallo in Alabama.

Back in 1908, it was called Alabama Girls’ Industrial School and Condie Cunningham was one of the students who lived on the 4th floor of the main Residence Hall.

Late one night, Condie and her friends were using a burner to make hot chocolate in her room. This was against the rules, but Condie and her friends were doing it anyway. They were all sitting on Condie’s bed in their nightgowns, when someone accidentally knocked over the burner.

The bed caught fire and so did Condie Cunningham’s nightgown. She began to panic and ran down the hallway screaming for help. Now, as most people know, running is the worst thing you can do when you’re on fire. You’re supposed to drop on the ground and roll around. But unfortunately, Condie didn’t know that.

She ran up and down the hallway screaming for help and this only fanned the flames. The flames grew larger and larger, completely consuming her body. Her friends could only watch in horror as Condie finally collapsed and died. Her body was burned to a crisp.

Ever since her death, Condie Cunningham’s ghost has haunted the 4th floor of the Old Residence Hall. Students living on that floor have reported hearing the horrifying screams of a girl echoing through the hallways. Others have heard footsteps running up and down the hall when no one is there. Some have even heard a girl’s voice crying “Help Me”.

Girl On Fire

Late one night, a girl who was staying in Condie’s old room heard noises outside her door. When she opened her door, she was shocked to see a fiery apparition running down the hallway, its body burned and blackened as flames blazed around it like a human torch. When the girl went back to her room, she saw her bed was on fire. The next morning, she left the University and never returned.

Of all the paranormal events that surround this girl on fire, the strangest is what happened to the wooden door of Condie’s old room. Right after Condie’s death, her friends said they saw the image of Condie’s burning face appear in the wood.

The school administrator had the door replaced, but Condie’s face began appearing in the new door. They replaced the door numerous times, but every time, the image of the face came back in the wood.

Girl On Fire

The girls were all so freaked out by this that, eventually, they just removed the door and put it in a storage room. Even today, Condie’s room has no door and none of the girls at Montevallo University will stay in the room, so it remains vacant.

The students who live there today still swear that their doors open and close of their own accord and some have sensed the presence of Condie’s ghost coming into their room. Her ghost has even been known to go into the shower areas and scream her head off. The girls say that when she roams the hall, she doesn’t do it quietly. She runs and screams through the halls as if she is still on fire.

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  • Katniss-*sings* this girl is one fireeeeeeee!!!!!! … Wait that’s me. She stole my thunder!

  • This girl is on fire!!!!! 😱 And she’s walking on fire!!!!!! There’s something called water people! Get it and pour it on her flaming body!

  • @my crush love me too, you are soooooo right!!! Why didn’t they help her??? They don’t even know-how what water is??? Good friend huh???!!!

  • Seriously… “Her friend could only watch”… It’s just like her friend was “wow… She’s burned”… AND NO ONE TRY TO HELP HER!? (There’s an element on this earth called WATER, why don’t they take out the fire with it)… WHAT KINDS OF FRIENDS ARE THEY??

  • This story was sad then it changed to scary and then the most scary……OMG
    I can see the face on the door………….

  • Ok, I don’t think I watched this same video, but I looked up the girl on YouTube, watched a video, it was so creepy! The face on the door was like, melting cause it was a long face. And they were going into the storage where they put the door and it was just so crazy! And they face that the ghost had in the video, had the same face as in the picture on this page!

  • That is the one way I would hate to die. I would rather die of a heart attack or die in my sleep.

  • that was creepy but it was sad the way she died and when i was watching the video the music bit suddenly came up and i swear my heart skipped a beat, this was kind of freaky

  • Poor Condie :`( can’t really see anything in the pic. Should have another look… 0_o

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