Cute Kittens

The Cute Kittens is a scary Popup video you can use to prank your friends. Tell them you found a video of some really cute little felines, let them watch it and make them jump out of their skin.


  1. Edward Scissorhands says

    That wasn’t scary, I read a few of the comments, and prepared myself for the worst… NOT SCARY

  2. JustCreeped says

    I Showed This To My 4 Year Old Brother, At first it was like ” aww.. Look at the cute kitties” then when the clown screamed, he started crying. BEST PRANK EVER!

  3. scary lady says

    lol ill admit the SCREAM made me jump had ear buds in on like full volume didnt kno the scream was gna b tht loud ;)

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