Come On Lets Go

Come On Let’s Go is a scary Halloween tale about two friends who have a sleepover on All Hallows Eve.

Come On Lets Go

There were two young girls, named Emma and Veronica, who lived on the same street. It was Halloween night and Emma’s parents had gone away for the weekend. She was a little nervous about being on her own in the house overnight, so she invited her friend Veronica over to keep her company.

The girls planned to have a sleepover. During the day, they swapped clothes and did each other’s hair and nails. In the evening, they ordered a pizza and watched a horror movie. Now and then, a group of kids would ring the doorbell and yell, “Trick or Treat!” The two girls had fun handing out all of the Halloween candy.

Afterwards, the girls spent a long time chatting and gossiping about the other kids in their school. Before they knew it, it was past midnight. The girls were both very tired so they decided it was time to go to sleep. Emma got into her own bed, while Veronica had to sleep on a futon on the floor.

The room was completely silent and Emma was gradually drifting off to sleep. Just then, Veronica sat up and began shaking her friend.

“Come on, let’s go downstairs and get some ice cream,” she said loudly.

Emma was very sleepy and muttered, “I’m not hungry.”

“Well, I am,” replied Veronica. “Come on, let’s go downstairs.”

Emma turned over in bed. “There’s no ice cream in the freezer,” she moaned drowsily. “We ate it all.”

“Then… let’s go to the store and buy some,” said Veronica.

“I don’t want any,” mumbled her friend. “You go on your own.”

“No! It’s not safe to walk alone at night,” Veronica whined. “Come on, let’s go…”

Emma lay in bed and tried to ignore her.

“Please, Emma!” Veronica started crying. “Please! I really want some ice cream…” Tears were streaming down her face.

Emma was exasperated. She was sick and tired of listening to her friend whine.

“OMG, Veronica! OK! OK!” she shouted. “If it’s that important to you, then I’ll go to the shop with you. Just calm down!”

The girls quickly got dressed and put on their coats. As soon as they left the house, however, Veronica grabbed her friend’s hand and started dragging her in the opposite direction.

“This isn’t the way to the store,” said Emma.

“Sssshhhh!” hissed Veronica. “We’re going to the police station. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a man with an axe hiding under your bed!”


  1. HorrorFanGirl says

    @jen YES! same! First thing that came to my mind when i read nessa’s name. I really like this story 10/10 ice creams

  2. Faithanne2007 says

    Ok emoji story

    Veronica and Emma
    The house
    The man
    Emma telling her she wants ice cream
    Them going to the police station

  3. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    Oh SH*T !!!
    I thought that Veronica would drag Emma away and kill her or something the way she behaving…well, the moral is:
    Ice cream always solves your problems…LOL XD (*o*)

  4. XxNightmaregirlxX says

    I better check underneath my bed every time I have a sleepover . . . MY NAME IS EMMA!!! AAAAAAAAHHHH!!

  5. scare_bear says

    Wouldn’t Veronica just get killed if she was on the floor practically RIGHT NEXT TO THE KILLER…?

  6. scaryrose says

    woah i want her as my friend too XD but when she started cring I had a feeling something wasn’t right…

  7. xXPunk_GirlXx says

    veronica…u r really a good frnd..
    sorry fr thinking that u’ll kill emma !!
    grt story…

  8. CuteKittenz says

    Aww, that’s what you call a true friend

    She stopped her friend from being killed

    Otherwise I was going to say, is Veronica trying to kill Emma, like dragging her into a bush and slicing her up?

    That’s what I thought

  9. Aurelia says

    Good story, but something is bothering me. If Veronica was sleeping on a futon on the floor, wouldn’t she have been essentially laying right next to the killer, with a clear view under the bed?

  10. GhostGirl666 says

    It wasn’t exactly a really scary story, but the thought of being in Veronica’s place when she saw the man under the bed gave me shivers…..

  11. I love drama says

    What i would do is like stay still. Veronica was brave, she took the chance of not getting killed by that stranger

  12. Pete says

    Kind of like “Backseat Killer”. That girl has one of the Emma has one of the greatest and also one of the smartest.

  13. Saad Hamid says

    Its a nice story, but there is one question, can’t the man chase them when they are on the way to the police station?

  14. iscareyoutodeath says

    4th:) BTW nice story I like how she was like shhh! were going to the police station there was a guy with an axe uder the bed. LOL

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