Choking Dog

The Choking Dog is a scary urban legend about a woman who owns a Doberman Pinscher. This story is also known as The Choking Doberman.

Choking Dog

There was a woman who lived in a small house in the suburbs of a big city. She wasn’t married and lived alone, with only her big dog to keep her company. The dog was a Doberman.

One evening, the woman came home from work and found her dog choking on something. It was lying on the living room floor and gasping for air. The woman dropped her purse and tried to clear her dog’s throat, but she had no luck. Concerned about the animal’s welfare, she immediately loaded her pet into the car and drove him to the nearest vet’s office.

The vet examined the Doberman right away and said he would probably have to operate in order to remove the obstruction in the dog’s windpipe. He told the woman to go home and he’d call her later to let her know how things went. Meanwhile the dog was still gasping for air and growing weaker by the minute.

The flustered woman went straight home. As she was closing the front door behind her, she got a call on her mobile phone. It was the vet and something seemed to be seriously wrong.

“Listen carefully,” he said in an urgent tone. “You need to get out of the house right now. Go to your neighbor’s place and wait for the police to arrive. I’ve already called them. Go now!”

Shocked and frightened, the woman wasted no time and ran straight out the front door.

A few minutes later, a police car arrived with its siren blaring. The policemen got out and explained that they had to search the house. They entered through the front door, with their guns drawn. The woman was speechless. She had no idea what was happening.

She called the vet and asked him what was going on.

“I managed to clear the obstruction in your dog’s throat,” he said. “When I found out what he was choking on, I called the police. Your dog was choking on three human fingers.”

After the police searched the place, they found a masked man in the woman’s bedroom closet. He was armed with a knife and cowering in pain, clutching his right hand.

The dog had bitten off three of his fingers.


  1. ItsLevi0sa says

    And this is why I love dogs. Btw, does anyone else get ads about russians wanting a bf? Bloody hell, what if someone actually went on this website and no one wanted to date them? What if the Russian was ugly and nothing the ad said?? Nah jks, not hating on russians. Just hating on the ads >:3

  2. xXxGrrrrRawrxXx says

    Cool. Fool probably didn’t come out of the closet cuz he was to afraid of the dog haha. Still weird he was in there for so long though.

  3. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    um. not to ruin the loyalty you feel, but im sure the dog was not intending to choke on the dude’s fingers…he jus was trying to get the guy to leave or scare him. but sure, that was a sweet dog

  4. zombie_pegasister says

    I would love the dog even more it almost choked to death to stop the intruder

  5. vedanth says

    Stupid story lol I herd better what that all the dog was not a ghost just a saviour!!

  6. GhostGirl1607 says

    Oh lordy, poor dog sorry he chocked and Yaaay he is still alive whoop whoop paaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrtttttaayyyy

  7. CrypticDolly13 says

    GOOD DOGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exept for the part where he almost died:(

  8. MerrBearBallet says

    @KayKay- aaaw i remember that part! i cried when they killed bluestar. :'(

  9. Banana phone says

    this seems a bit like dead dog but a bit different I love dogs they are heroes after reading eating dogs I feel sad

  10. 1997PianoGirl13 says

    Awwww, what a sweet dog :D I would want my cat to scratch off someones face in order to protect me….

  11. julissa says


  12. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    welcome destiny101,sweetie_pie, and hikerpiker65. im glad u joined us, ur one of us nowwww *licks lips*

  13. reTARDIS says

    At first i recognised the picture. It was from another story, then i looked at the comments and then i remembered the title was Meriden. TROLOLOLOL. Poor dog, the masked man deserved it..

  14. queen of chills says

    hello destiny101 and hikerpiker64. so i think the story is cool but now i wish wasn’t so dumb if some like that came to my house my dog would probably just try to play fetch with the guy. :(

  15. killerkat101 says

    Welcome to this site hikerpiker64 and destiny101 anyway the story was great and why didn’t the guy run away when he saw the dog choking. :/

  16. Xon says

    This is not scary. It merely sounds like a story of a dog defending his owner as well as his territory.

  17. KayKay says

    I don’t know why, but I’m gonna say this.
    If he had the pinkie and thumb left…
    Welcome to McDonalds
    Can I take your order?
    Now here’s my pinkie
    Here’s my thumb
    Here’s my fis- oh wait. I can’t make a fist D:

  18. hikerpiker64 says

    11th!!! Yay!! Oh crap, there’s a guy standing behind me with a gun!!!!!

  19. Sweettie_pie says

    Omq ihave been readinq dis stories 4 qiute a while butt i nevver made an account till now i love dia storiea der de best anywayy hi im new lol

  20. scaryrose says

    srry for posting so much but heres a story i edited to make it actually scary somehow…..-_-
    the mexican pet
    This woman and her husband go to Mexico. Outside their motel room, the lady notices a strange-looking small doggie. She feeds it for a couple of nights and eventually she lets the dog sleep in the room with them. She falls in love with this ugly, but adorable pooch and decides to take it home at the end of their vacation.

    She carries the animal in a blanket onto a bus that is taking them to the airport. The new pet is licking her face as she snuggles with it. She notices a local older man on the bus looking at her. She asks the man if he knows what type of dog she has grown to adore so very much
    he just looks at her and says something in spanish she doesn’t understand “eso es un rato,tu no saba?(that’s a rat don’t you know?)then the man took a closer look at the ‘dog’ and jumped up screaming and ran out the was a very dangerous rat and when it licked her it was actually tasting her.when they got home she was still thinking about that man on the bus.she put down her beloveded ‘dog’ and took a bath.”this feels so good!”then the rat went into the bathroom trying to get inside the bathtub she that it was cute and desided to take a bath with it when it was in with her she closed her eyes.after a while she noticed something didn’t feel right she opened her eyes and din’t see her ‘dog’but she felt something on her legs(which were under the water)she was feeling the spot the thing was on her legs she lifted it up and saw it was her dog she thought nothing about it and just let go if it .it was swimming for a whilt then went uder again it bit the girls leg she didn’t feel anything till 19 seconds in she felt her legs getting lite and if something was in her skin. she was screaming in pain .but her husband had gone to buy grocieries as they had none.she drained the water and saw that it was her ‘dog’she then grabed her her towel and ran out the house looking for hep the rat still connected to her hurting her.she then ran to her spanish friends house.her friend screamed when she ssaw it the girl explained the whole story from when she first found the ‘dog’to the point of when she was in the bath her friend then told her what it was.then before her friend knew it the girl had died .it then attaced the friend this time it was bigger.and died eating the friend as it ate one of her bones by accident .
    yeah i know it kinda sucks but i tried my best oh and when i said saba i ment to type in sabe.lolandyes there are some errors in here.

  21. MegIz says

    Lol, this is so funny XD My dogs are cowards too, scaryrose. May I join the club? XD

  22. Destiny101 says

    Hi! I’m new here! I thought the story was creepy. I like the picture though, pretty funny :) If anyone would be nice enough to be friends with me, I would LOVE that! See you guys later!

  23. scaryrose says

    first. lol anyways by new story this isn’t what i meant …lol jk great story! kinda got me scared of my dog though….wait… my dog is to small to do anything as brave as this…my dog’s a coward -.-

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