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Cat Scratch

Cat Scratch is a scary game for kids to play at sleepovers. It involves telling a scary story about a cat. This game is also known as “Catscratches” and “Black Cat Scratch”.

Cat Scratch

You need at least tow people to play Cat Scratch.

Step 1: You sit down on the floor. Your friend lies on the floor, on their back, with their head in your lap. Everyone else sits around in a circle.

Step 2: You rub the person’s temples in a soothing motion as you tell them a scary story about a cat.

Scary story 1:

There once was an old lady who owned a cat.
The cat was very nice.
It meowed and purred.
One day, the cat got hit by a car and died.
Catscratch, catscratch, catscratch.

The old lady got a new cat.
The cat was very mean.
It hissed and clawed.
Catscratch, catscratch, catscratch.

One day, the cat got hit by a car and died.
The old lady decided to not get anymore cats.
Catscratch, catscratch, catscratch.

Scary Story 2:

You are walking through a dark alley late at night.
You are the only one there.
The ground is slick with rain.
The alley is filled with garbage cans and litter.
But then you hear something.
A movement in the garbage cans.
You pick up your pace.
You want to get out of the alley fast.
But then you see something.
Red eyes. Glowing red cat eyes.
They are the eyes of an enormous cat.
You run, but the cat chases you and jumps on you.
It scratches you, one, two, three.
Cat scratch, cat scratch, cat scratch!

Step 3: The person gets up quickly and you pull up the back of their shirt. Red claw marks will appear on the person’s bare back. They won’t feel a thing.


  • Sorry to say, you all know this is not very good. It is a demonic ritual and you are putting your lives in danger, same with ouija boards, please dont try this. It is for your own safety.

  • It totally works. I did it with two of my friends and I ended up wit 2 scratches insted of 3 but it is totally harmless and fun.

  • I tried this with friends,actually it worked..but my friend only had 2 scratches on his back, but they were a little redder than what you’s expect.

    And though,it didn’t have any side effects, but all of us who were there experienced having difficulty in breathing and others felt itchy,and yes i am one of those people who felt the itchiness… even though i was the one who told the story…I wonder why there were only 2 scratches,though…

  • Some people say it does work but some say it doesn’t. I hope it does because I LOVE CATS!!!! I’m totally doing this.

  • OMG!!!!!!! It sooooo worked . I did it on my uncle and he had claw marks on his back . then he did it to me and I had claw marks on my back.

  • I’m so doing this with my friend when we have a sleepover!!! It sounds sooo fun!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€#Paranormal #Ghostgames #Scarythings

  • When you lay in the floor it leaves marks and scratches on your back. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this rote by breanna and jessica

  • The story really blew me away! I tried the experiment step by step and it actually worked!

    If you don’t finish this ritual you will get big red cat scratches on your back that burn. Your back will start to burn in an hour or so after the person that did not finish performing the ritual on you, you will start to feel a burning sensation on your back and red marks will be shown on your back. I know this from personal experience. My friend did it on me and didn’t finish and like 2 hours later I felt a burning sensation on my back. I asked my friend to look and she saw 4 red marks on my back. The same thing happened to my guy friend when I didn’t finish doing it on him…

  • I had a sleepover in my garden with my next door neighbor. In the morning we done this (one of the few with no death chances!) My friend done it to me 1st. She said ‘omg youve actually got scratches on your back!’ I didnt believe ber so she took a photo. There were scratches that werent there before. I have to admit I was scared ****less, even though I didnt feel a thing. I did it to my friend, she had scratches but not as severe. Later on I did it to my mum but it didn’t work.
    For those who are scared to do this, don’t be, you dont feel a thing, and it may not even work. The scratches will probably fade, depending on how extreme you imagine the story. Its actually quite an adrenaline rush if you’re having a sleepover.
    Have fun !!

  • There’s this show i watch i don’t knw if you knw it its called the haunted and the houses are haunted,they would call a paranormal team to help and when the team try’s to bless the house the some of Ε¦Ρ’ΞΎ episodes ppl would have scratch marks on their backs or faces its soo creepy you guys should watch it

  • Imagine If all of us meet each other and all of us play each other?! This is great! Who is the one is going to read the story?

  • @Regan Temples are the parts next to your eyes and under them, thats where your cheeks start

  • i had a friend who did this on me with a different story but it worked
    @residentevil5589 lol idk that sleepover games could have warnings weird

  • OMG! This really does work! My cousin Ellie came for a sleepover and some other friends and she did it to me and i jumped up and Ellie looked at my back and gasped b-cuz there were catscratchs on my back! They haven’t gone yet but that was so freaky, oh and light as a feather really worked too we did it to my best friend Isobelle and then once we was holding her up i accidently sneezed and then it shocked everyone they let go! And she was still floating she didnt notice cuz she fell asleep so mum woulden’t hear her screaming to let her down but when we was about to bring her down mum came in and just stared at Isobelle just floating there, open-mouthed and then se was screaming and ran out the room and i think the sound must off stopped her floating cuz next thing you knew sge fell onto the bed in total shock! LOL

  • I did this but there was no scrathes….wait a minute… i see scratches and my back hurts :( !!!!

  • GUYS CATSCRATCH IS A POSSESSED GAME O_o it must be demon work or maybe its the power of suggestion it has to do with science i bet i HOPE o.O

  • im going to try it, compared to midnight man, bath game,etc., it sounds a lot safer considering no WARNINGS im going to try it ^^

  • one day me and my friend was planing to have a slumber party at my house so i called my others friends
    they said okay then we played cat scratch so i said a scary cat story and said cat scratch three times and my friend ended up with scratchs in her back she got really scared the scratchs were in my friends back for 2 days stright so next time i have another slumber part im playing this game and oh and light as a feather it actually worked i got super crept out i jumped up and when i jumped everybody jumped thats when my friend that was floating in the air we were not holding her so she starting screaming stop! stop! stop! so then she fell down but on the air matress it was so hilaurous that i laughed so hard that i was peeing in my pj and i was so scared that i was crying too at the same time! my friends to but the girl that was floating in mis air was not laughing she was so super scared the she was peeing in her pants and crying! i stilled felt bad for her! next time its my turn!!! i will tell u the cat scratch story tommorow its super scary!!! oh and this happend happend yesterday and the day before they slept over for 2 days !!!!! 2 days of fun for sure!!! bye bye anta la viesta im from puerto rico by the why bye bye !!!!

  • I wanna try this! It seems fun! If it doesn’t work, I’ll be bummed out for a while. Wish me luck!

  • I played this yesterday at my cousin’s B-Day party! We tried it on her younger brother it worked! It totally worked!

  • OK, it is a bunch of crap, it doesn’t work! I tried it on my brother. I tricked my brother into doing this because he was too scared. I said, “Let’s play a game!” I read him the story and then he got up and no claw marks!

  • Lie down on a lap? I would probably fall asleep if I were to lie down on a lap, or, eh, do some other stuff that will keep me awake… But I want to try this…

  • Hi, note to person who made this website: I love this website, it is the best in the history of scary story websites and keep the good work up! LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!!! SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I check it every day and like five times a day, looking at stories, videos and more!

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