Car Keys

The Car Keys is a scary story about a girl and her father who get into a car crash, one rainy night.

Car Keys

One night, a father and his daughter were driving down a deserted country road. They were returning home after spending the entire day visiting the girl’s mother in hospital. Listening to the sound of the rain drumming on the car roof, the girl began to doze off.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang. The father struggled with the steering wheel but the car skidded off the wet road and slammed into a stone wall.

After checking that his daughter was uninjured, the man got out of the car to survey the damage. Both of the front tires had large punctures and the right fender was crumpled against the wall. The rest of the car had survived unscathed.

“We must have driven over something on the road,” he explained to his daughter. “Whatever it was, it blew out both of the tires.”

“You can fix it, right?” asked his daughter, somewhat shaken by the accident.

“No,” replied her father, shaking his head. “I’ve only got one spare in the boot. I’ll have to walk back into town and find somebody to tow the car,” he said. “It isn’t that far from here. You wait in the car while I’m gone.”

“OK,” she said, reluctantly. “But please don’t take too long.”

The man could see in his daughter’s eyes that she was frightened.

“Sit tight,” replied her father as he he slammed the car door. “I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

His daughter watched him in the rear-view mirror as he trudged off down the road in the pouring rain and disappeared into the night.

More than an hour passed and her father stil had not returned. The girl began to wonder what was taking him so long. She was very worried because he should have been back by now.

Just then, she glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw a figure in the distance, walking towards the car. At first, she thought it was her father, but when she turned around to take a closer look, she realized that it was a strange man. He was dressed in overalls and had a big bushy beard. He was carrying something large in his left hand, swinging it back and forth.

Something about him made her very nervous. As he approached, she stared out the back window and squinted her eyes. In the dim light, she could just make out what he was clutching in his right hand. It was a big, sharp butcher’s knife.

Thinking quickly, the terrified girl locked both doors in the front of the car, then jumped into the back seat and locked the rear doors. When she looked up again, she saw that the strange man had stopped in his tracks and seemed to be staring directly at her.

Suddenly, the man raised his arm and the girl let out a blood-curdling scream. In his left hand, he was clutching her father’s severed head.

She just kept screaming and screaming. She couldn’t stop herself. Her heart was pounding and she struggled to breathe. The grotesque expression on her father’s face was horrifying to behold. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were rolled back in his head.

When the man reached the car, he shoved his face right up against the window and glowered at her with his crazed, bloodshot eyes. His hair was wild and matted with dirt. His face was covered in deep scars.

For a moment, he just stood there, in the driving rain, grinning at her like a madman. Then, he reached into his pocket, took something out and slowly lifted his left hand.

He was holding her father’s car keys.


  1. Animelover11 says

    I hate annoying cliff hangers like these, so now I’m gonna finish it myself.:
    The guy opened the car and said “HA, YA FELL FOR IT! UR SO GULLIBLE. THIS HEAD IS A DECOY, but anyway, ur dad got them wheels.”. The girl sighed, she was fooled, but at least her dad was okay!

  2. ICanDoBadAllByMyselfie says

    Well I’ll just finish this story so TO BE CONTINUED.

    Clutching the knife in his hand He threw her fathers head down on the wet grass then unlocked the door and the girl screamed until he got I. The front seat and leaned back and reached for his beard pulled it off and said I’m your new father as he killed her then grabbed her and killed himself

  3. Hollyleaf798 says

    Wow, sad but I think the girl should have just run out :P I wonder what happened next, if she survived or died. 0_0

  4. popsicleunicorn says

    i read this story before and i wanted to read it again but after seeing the pic. i’m just to scared to kinda. the pic is scary😫 i want a dounut🍩

  5. sophie800021 says

    ok so she is totally screwed. i get that he made the car go nasty..


    well actually, if i lost my father, i would not really mind.

  6. LOLAPALOZA says

    Interesting… I would run. It’s hard to run with a severed head, and i’m pretty fast.

  7. Scarysiblings says

    What kind of father would leave his child, alone, at night, in a deserted place? Couldn’t he wait till morning? Plus, he should have gave the car keys to the girl.

  8. a ghost at most says

    Eh, certain elements of this story were predictable. Such as the death of her father. If you know anything about horror movie/horror story cliches, you’ll know when someone leaves (ESPECIALLY if they leave while it is a dark, stormy night) they won’t be back, at least not alive. But, I DID appreciate the ending. I like the fact that rather than drawing everything out, it simply stops. Really good. 7/10 for cliches.

  9. EllieStyles96 says

    If that was me. I’d have ran like a bat out of hell out of there. Not sit in the bloody car !

  10. Haruto Fuller says

    I hate loads of these western horror stories they always think eithier a man with a knife or the devil is a proper horror story but they are all tthe same mostly unlike Japanese horror which is actually creepy and can scar your head

  11. RebeccaTaylor says

    OMG… she s dead af man wtf if i were her i would have followed my dad wherever he went!!

  12. Oceans says

    I’d have gone with him. But if I didn’t, I’d hide and not scream like an idiot.

  13. Amelia says

    The build up has always been very scary to me. I didn’t get the ending initially but once I did… *shivers*

  14. Mie_Bloodygirl says

    Oh f- ;;w;;)screw u killer! Btw how does he knows de father’s car? Is he the one who set up all this? Btw gurl u should hide when u see that creepy man… don’t scream… u make it more worse… or u should’ve run when he’s still far away… Man that killer is genius

  15. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    And by the way, the old Shadow_of_Darkness gave me her account. I’m the new owner and my name is Destinee.

  16. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    TBH I always carry a knife with me. >:D If this happened to me, that guy would’ve been screwed!

  17. Diana says

    what did the girl expect a berry fairy to pop up and say let us go to the bank and get a millian dollars.

  18. FESHE24 says

    I would try to kill him with paper… What do u mean that doesnt do anything? Havent u ever had a paper cut? Nasty

  19. Mutsumi says

    da fuq? a smart dad wouldn’t make her stay in the car in the middle of nowhere! if he did, i’d still go with him, that way we’d die together, since I would’ve been dead soon anyways. also, the man must have put spikes on the road or nails. this story isn’t for kids!!!

  20. JaqJaqAttack7 says

    Oh yeah my dad would beat his butt. And my dad tough me how to shoot a gun so I don’t think u want to mess with my family!

  21. pink_georgia_horse says

    If this ever happened to me I don’t care what I have but I would beat his ugly but for looking at me. But since I’m a daddy’s girl and he did that to my dad he’d be sorry! I watch way to much wrestling for him to mess with my family.

  22. I call myself demented says

    What would make that story worse was if on their way home just before her dad got killed he got a cellphone call and it said her mother just died.

  23. imgianna says

    OMG! That scary scared the hell outta me! And @scarydeadgirL444:Yeah it’s nicenalthough it will be better if you made a TWIST ENDING ‘cuz that’s typical. Anyway I make my stories TYPICAL too.. LOL ^v^

  24. scarydeadgirl444 says

    hide seek.

    Sue hated babysiters. But this one was kinda fun they play trouble and cule
    and lots of outhers games but then they all sat down to watch t.v. A news
    report was on it said a mental person ecsacped from the prison and that they
    should lock the doors sue and joe were scared they lived right next to the prison
    but of corse the babysitter locked all the doors and windows and they hid in the
    accit and sue and joe did not no they had a accit they found lots of cool to
    play quitley with sue found old dolls and a dress up trunk and joe found
    marbles and toy trucks sue wanted to look in the dress up turnk but when she
    opened it there was someone in there sue was scared it grabed sue
    and shut the lid and slit her throat befor she could scream for help she was
    dead.Joe looked for sue he looked and looked but he could not he thought she
    was playing a trick on her but she was not . he thought she was playin
    hide and seek. so he looked in the dress up trunk and he found Sue then he was
    grabed in to the trunk and his thorat was slit with a buther knife and died.
    it turns out the baby sitter was the mental person and killed the kids hope you
    like it i did my best!

  25. psychochick says

    What kind of father leaves his child alone in a car while he walks a few miles to get to the car. I mean even if there wasn’t a killer he still shouldn’t have left her alone. But she would die anyways. Good story though

  26. Saad Hamid says

    Why did the father even left his daughter alone? I agree, she would still get killed, but she wouldn’t have had to wait in the car for an hour!

  27. Really? Scary? Call me Rose! says

    Guys,if he took her with him she would get killed as well…(common sense

  28. GhostGirl666 says

    You are on a deserted country road and your car stops working. What do you expect ? A pretty pink fairy to show up with strawberry sweets? I liked the twist at the end. Sorry if you think I am being too critical but it was a tiny bit predictable.

  29. Dead Girl XXx says

    @ Jocelyn so true :O
    I would scream and scream until the man runs away because of my irritating voice hahahahaha xD

  30. Jocelyn says

    When on earth has it ever been okay for a father to leave their daughter waiting in a car, in the middle of the night, while its pouring rain?! Would it have killed him to take her with him and just lock the doors?If it were me, I wouldn’t have cared of I could have died, I would take the risk and die with my father.

  31. PrincessScreamsXD says

    haha! she’s screwed!
    if it was me i would get creative and kill him with napkins xD

  32. Really? Scary? Call me Rose! says

    Phew! I don’t have to get her a present for her birthday…:D

  33. XxdeliciosscreamsxX says

    omg i so wish dis happened!!!!! cuz i fukles hate my dad! hes child abuse, no seriosly he is and i would ge the knife dat is hidden in my car and stab him 2 death so i LIVE! :D

  34. Evil_Smile says

    OMG OMG OMG OMG I am dead scared. i’m typing this car as my dad went to a gas station to get help. LOL :) Good Story – amanda

  35. Lovely Demon says

    first it said stone wall then it said tree. what the heck?

    Scaryforkids says: Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the mistake. :)

  36. Mole.D.Cheese says

    Wow! Now thats what you call a scary, creepy story. My heart began to beat a little faster.

  37. XxDeathQueenxX says

    I have read this one before…But it still is good to read over and over again.

  38. B-Lovely says

    Ah… that… was… really… scary. oAo”
    Yeahhhh… she’s going to join her father in Headless Heaven! xD

  39. ImInLoveWithScaryStories says

    do u know what i would say if he pulled up my dads severed head?
    ” Oh no he didnt ” and grab a bat i always carry with me( dont ask why) and knock him out of his senses

  40. xX TO LIVE IS TO DIE Xx says

    If it happened to me, I would find a weapon and beat him to death for killing my father! lol XD

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