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The Camera is a scary story about a teenage boy who wants to buy a present for his father. He goes to a flea market and buys a used digital camera. It is based on a story by Gerbillote.


There was a boy named Matthew who was 14 years old. It was his father’s birthday and he wanted to buy him something nice. Unfortunately he didn’t have very much money, so he decided to go to a flea market.

Browsing through the stalls and car boot sales, he spotted a camera. He remembered that his father had always wanted one, so he picked it up and took a look at it. The camera was a bit old and there were scratches and scuff-marks on the outside, but when he looked through the viewfinder, everything was clear. Even though it was second-hand, it seemed in good condition.

To see if it worked, he took a picture of a large mirror that was propped up against a nearby table. He asked the seller how much he wanted for it. The price was cheaper than he had expected, so he immediately handed over the cash and bought it.

As he was leaving, the seller mentioned that the camera had once belonged to four college students who had mysteriously disappeared. When he heard this, Matthew was a little unnerved. All of a sudden, he heard the sound of breaking glass. When he spun around, he saw that the mirror he had taken a picture of had just fallen over and shattered into tiny pieces.

That evening, Matthew, his mother and his little brother waited anxiously for his father to come home from work. As soon as he opened the front door, they shouted “Happy Birthday!” and started giving him their gifts. The camera was exactly what his father had wanted. He went out to the garden to test out the camera and took a photo of a tree and the family dog.

A few hours later, the tree withered and died. The family dog ran out in front of a car and was killed. Saddened by these events, Matthew sat alone in the garden and examined up the camera. He discovered that there were other photos saved in the memory. He found pictures that the four students had taken of themselves before their disappearance.

That was when it finally dawned on him. The camera was cursed. He had to tell his parents. He dropped the camera on the grass and ran inside the house.

“Dad! Dad! The camera is cursed!” he cried. “Whatever it takes of a picture of gets destroyed or dies!”

They raced out to the garden again and Matthew was horrified to see his brother playing with the camera. Quickly, he ran over and snatched it out of the little boy’s hands.

“Did you take any pictures?” Matthew demanded.

“Yes, why?” his brother replied.

Matthew’s heart sank. “What did you take a picture of?” he asked.

“I took a picture of the sun!” said his brother. “Cool, right?”

Just then, it started to grow very dark…


  • Its ok πŸ‘

  • That was an good twist. Loved it. What will happen of all the other cursed objects, slender man, ghosts and other supernatural lurking around? Won’t they do anything?

  • Thought it will end up with some death or so.. then it came, the sun!!!!! what the hell…???? Are you kidding me..

  • It should have said “I took a picture of myself look aren’t I beautiful?” Then they slowly see the brother’s face melt away

  • Oh no! The sun will die! Great spinoff of “Say Cheese And Die” by R.L Stein. ^_ ^ 6 out of 10 Fudge milkshake!

  • I read something like in one of Anthony Horowitz’s books. lot is the same, all the events in here(both versions) happen there, minus the sun getting dark, there the town disappears, like the original writer wrote.

  • It had a good beginning and a nice idea. But I felt that as all the tension built up towards the climax, the ending was definitely not what I expected or as good as I thought. I still love your stories; the ending for this one was just a bit too weak but the idea is there. Tweaked a bit and it could be a really creepy story.

  • lame story again…. Little bit confusing too…. 3 out of 10 scream …. Only fr the sun that grew dark which i always wanted to be….. 3:)

  • Here is the original story by Gerbillote: The Camera – This boy (Matthew) is 14 and lives in london. It’s the anniversary of his father and as he has not much money he visits a flea market. And what he sees??? A camera! his father always wanted one! so quickly, to see if it works, it takes a picture of a mirror and wondered as he walks he buys it. the seller explained that this item belonged to 4 students mysteriously disappeared. a little scared, Matthew decided to go home. then he heard a sound of breaking glass: the mirror! then suddenly people start to argue and accuse and finished with a big fight… it’s night, and Mathew and his family offer gifts to dad: a book, a watch and… the camera. For fun, father shoots a picture of the cherry tree in the garden and their dog. the next day, cherry tree died as if it was poisoned. and the day after, the dog dies crushed. boy, saddened by these events, decides to go to develop the photos so he finds two pictures taken by students before their disappearance. One in which they are doing magic and the other with a funny shape that looks like a demon!!! he understands immediately: the device is bewitched and kills people took pictures with! He soon went to the park or walks his family. Mathew: Dad! Dad! you take photos? Father: not yet. That’s when the little brother came up behind them and said, yes, yes! me; I took a picture of the city! Cool, right? and darkness come upon them …

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