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Falling Asleep

Falling Asleep is a scary story about a girl who has a recurring dream in which she is falling helplessly through space.

Falling Asleep

Sleeping… The very idea of falling asleep terrified her.

She could not sleep, because she knew only too well what awaited her.

It was the dream.

That horrible recurring dream.

In the dream, she always found herself locked in a box. There was no light and it was too narrow to move. The nightmare always ended with the box shattering and then the horrible sensation of falling…




The first time she had this dream, she woke up so terrified that it took well over an hour before she was able to go back to sleep again. The next night, she had the same dream, and the night after that, and the night after that…

Every night, the dream returned to haunt her sleep and during the day, left her trembling with fear of what the next night would bring.

She tried to talk to her friends and her parents, but she found no solution to her problems. Finally, she kept it to herself.

Two weeks had passed since the nightmares first started. It was one o’clock in the morning and despite her fear, she finally had to fall asleep.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and found herself surrounded by darkness. Once again, she was standing in the narrow box. She couldn’t even raise her arms. She waited, motionless, like a mummy in its sarcophagus.

And then she felt the box shatter on all sides, and the walls of her coffin dropped away and she felt herself falling…




She tried desperately to clutch onto something but there was nothing there. She wanted it all to stop.

She wanted to discover the secret of this haunting and recurring nightmare.

This time, she had to know what happened at the end of the dream … after the fall.

She forced herself to stay asleep. She didn’t want to wake up. She forced herself to stay in the dream.

The silence was absolute. There was no wind, no air, just the awful sensation of falling that terrified her and turned her stomach.

She was panicking, but she resisted waking up. She felt increasingly overcome by nausea, dizziness and fear. She kept her eyes closed and tried to calm down.

Then gradually, the falling sensation vanished, and slowly her whole body relaxed. She had the impression of being wrapped in cotton. She felt more calm, almost sleepy, as if she was halfway between sleeping and waking…

She woke up, lying in her bed.

The light was on and her mother was kneeling beside her, tenderly watching over her. Her mother’s sweet face was lit by the warm glow of the bedside lamp. She felt safe, calm and rested.

She tried to tell her mother what had happened, but she could not move her lips! She tried several times, but they wouldn’t budge. Panicked, she tried to move her head, but she couldn’t. Then, horrified, she tried to move an arm or a leg, but her body remained still. She was completely frozen. She couldn’t even move her eyes.

That’s when her terror was complete. Her mother began falling to pieces and decomposing in front of her. Her skin turned to dusty parchment and peeled off, revealing the red and oozing flesh beneath. Hundreds of small worms crawled out of her nose and mouth. Her lips gradually broke away and fell off, leaving her jawbone bare. Her eyelids followed and fell off one after the other…

She wanted to scream, she wanted to cry, but she couldn’t do anything but stare in horror at the spectacle of what was in front of her. Her terror reached new highs as her mother’s corpse decomposed into a mushy mass of flesh and bone.

She felt her whole body go numb. She was freezing cold. Slowly she felt herself sinking…




Until everything turned to darkness and everything disappeared…

The next day, her parents found her dead in her bed. She had suffocated during the night.

Unbeknownst to her, she was suffering from sleep apnea. Every night, while she was asleep, her breathing was slowing down until it finally stopped. The alarm caused by the falling sensation in her nightmares had always woken her and prevented her from succumbing to suffocation…

But by forcing herself not to wake up, she finally discovered what lay at the end of the dream…

It was death.

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  • “And now in the dream, I know I am falling…”
    Before I Fall Lauren Oliver

    “I’ve fallen out of favor and I’ve fallen out of grace…”
    -Falling FATM

  • Creepy! once i dreamt of falling….. in the dream i was a bird of blue colour…and suddenly i realized that i have not yet learnt how to fly… i fell to the ground..and everything went black….but this one was not recurring…..

  • Read all comments*
    7.2 / out of/ 10 caskets.
    terrifying!! my sister also told me *die in your dream*die in real life.


    she tried telling them!!
    also sometimes I have dreams I force myself awake but what about if I couldn’t?

  • I always scroll down the list of comments so yeah and I wonder y she had that dreams and 4 out of 10 of rates I wonder y PPP have dreams of what they are afraid of or worry bout… I petty much don’t get it and I also never tell anyone about what happpens in my dream
    The only thing I guess I was worried about was about school and about death I never have a dream of that I only had 2 nightmares and 1 the same I guess u get the nightmares about wat u are aFraid of and dreams about things u worry and I M guessing that the girl got that nightmares coz she was scared or worried of death and in and dream when she died and died in RL

    Twenty out of ten dreams!
    @DreamingAlone What r shadow ppl and @TamasakiLion what is sleep paralyse?

  • @mysteriouskid oh ya! Their real all right! Some people are born with the ability to see them, in empty spaces, in the corner of your eye, or just right in front of you when you least expect it. But the rest of us don’t see them until we are on the verge of death. Then they just start coming closer, closer, closer. Then they engulf you. And everything turns black.

  • I almost fell into sleep paralysis. It’s really scary because you can’t move or talk but you can see the people around you. I’m glad I live in this decade, otherwise my parents would think I’m dead, and they would bury me.

  • I feel that it getting better now because recent the story was all same with same structure and it getting boring but I like this it cool

  • hey SFK…did you know about the shadow people? i don’t know if its real or not…THANKS!

  • Am I the only one who after reading the stories scrolll down to the comments and read everything?

  • Good story… My friend told me that if you die in a dream, you die in real life. I was thinking of that the whole way through.

  • very good i guess …. Kinda dream which i always wanted …. “sleeping paralyse” … Anyway as story was excellent but slightly missed some scary elements…!! Umm 9.2 out of 10 scream “re rated”

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