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Boy Scout

Boy Scout Lane is a haunted road in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. The road got its name because of a tragic event that occurred there.

Boy Scout

According to local legend, during the 1950s, a Boy Scout troop visited the area on an expedition where they hoped to earn a number of merit badges. They arrived in a bus and parked on the road. Then they set up camp in the woods. All of the boy scouts mysteriously disappeared on this road and were never seen again. Nobody knows what happened to them. They just vanished mysteriously without explanation and were never found.

Some say the boy scouts were murdered one-by-one that night in their sleep by their bus driver who had gone insane. Others believe the Boy scouts left their camp during the night and accidentally dropped their lantern, causing a forest fire that killed the entire troop.

Two boy scouts escaped the fate of the rest of the troop and set out to find help, only to become lost in the woods where they died of starvation.

The ghosts of the boy scouts now haunt the forest where they died. They can be heard hiking through the undergrowth, the lights from their lanterns have been seen at night as they try to find help, or search for their fellow scouts.

Boy Scout

People who explore the woods around Boy Scout Lane say they have experienced a strong sense of foreboding and the sensation that they are being watched. They have heard the sound of footsteps and breaking branches coming from all around them. Others have seen unusual red or white lights swinging through the trees. Some have even reported seeing a ghostly bus filled with the transparent figures of children.



  • I don’t think that’s scary but listen to my story – The CD – Hey my name is petal my friends name is Ashley. We are best friends one day I went to ashleys birthday party I made a song for her I put it on a cd and gave it to her that day I got killed my friend was so devastated. She decided to listen to the cd it went he’s upstairs he’s upstairs he’s coming down he’s coming down watch out watch out! Then there was a scream all the lights turned off when they turned on ashleys head was lying on the floor blood pouring out the eyes and mouth the cd started playing I warned you a scream and then it started again it happened in a hotel but no body knows witch one so if u live in any hotel room 110 beware at Halloween midnight if u go to the bath room say cd cd and then scream very quietly Ashley and petal will come play the cd and then a blackout and your gone… How’d you like the story?

  • i agree with kaygana why dont they tell what happened kay i think they say without explanation bcuz they have more than on ending they wanna use

  • Dude, I live about 15 minutes from here. I just got back. It’s seriously all true, we saw the lantern going through the woods 4 separate times, and the bus pulled around the curve behind us, cuz you park a little ways off the road facing into the woods, and it drove behind us, around a corner, stopped, then immediately disappeared…this is no joke, no lie..

  • once i was on the playground with my best friends and we were on a picnic table and someone comes up and yells come on already were are leaving! When we went there was a car behind us that wasnt there before and nobody was in it. It shined its headlights on me and then when i got up to leave, the car pulled out and made its headlights follow me. That was very wierd. Then later that day my grandpa had stopped to get gas and i saw the same car come into the parking lot and then it shone its headlights at me and it sped away. Then a few weeks after that i hear a knock on my window but no one was there and that night there was someone standing beside my bed. He looked like he had a kinfe. *shivers*

  • Okay, so this is kinda like what they did in Pirates of the Caribbean. If the Black Pearl leaves no survivors, how do the stories get out? Same here, if the whole troop just vanished without a trace, and NO ONE knows what happened to them, how the heck do they know that two escaped the fate and died of starvation? AH HA!

  • sometimes i think that the only reason that writers say that something or someone disappeared without explanation is because they can’t think of something scary enough. i mean, the kids disappeared with out explanation and then they haunt the forest!? why doesn’t the thing that killed them haunt the forest!?

  • I’ve seen a ghost car with figures of four people. I went to get my nan and pop to look, but when I showed them, the ghostly car and figures of the four people were gone.

  • A WHOLE GROUP OF PEOPLE JUST DISSAPEARED!!!!!!!!! THATS CRAZZZYYY!!!! there has got to be something they left behind, some clues of what happend…dont u think so?

  • Poor lads, all their life ahead of them. I always feel a bit sad when children die. I think its kind of odd that no-one knew what happened to those boys.

  • chills… I think they may have been playing a game of some sort then realized they got lost and tried calling for help then 2 boys went off got separated from the rest then probably died from being starved or have met a wild animal such as a “Bear” Or been abduction or killed by a crazy hunter.. It’s only the possible explanation for this… IF you were to say this was a ghost i’d think that kinda be impossible cause ghosts are super muitans they cant just kill 8 kids like that… Other question is how would they have known 2 kids ran off and died from starvation kinda makes me wonder…

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