Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes is a scary horror story about a girl named Sara who has an intense hatred and envy for her own sister Jennifer. This is based on an urban legend from Spain.

Blue Eyes

A few years ago, in a small town in Spain, there lived two sisters named Sara and Jennifer. Sara was 16 years old and Jennifer was 17. Their parents believed they had the perfect family. They lived in a large house, they owned two cars, they were comfortable financially and they had two beautiful daughters. The parents could not have felt better about life, but they were completely unaware of a serious problem that would tear the family apart. Sara intensely hated her sister Jennifer.

The reason Sara hated her sister was that she believed Jennifer was more beautiful than her. No matter how many times people told Sara she was pretty, she would never believe it. When she looked in the mirror, she felt extremely ugly. When she looked at Jennifer, she saw everything she wanted to be.

Jennifer had beautiful, long blond hair. She had an attractive, slim figure and never needed to diet. She had perfect white skin and never needed to wear makeup. But there was something Sara envied more than anything else about Jennifer. It was her beautiful blue eyes.

Jennifer was very popular with the boys at school. Whenever she walked by, the boys would whistle and it seemed as if every boy in school wanted to date her. They always complimented her on her beautiful blue eyes. All of the popular girls in school wanted to hang around with Jennifer.

Over time, Sara’s envy grew worse and worse. She became obsessed with her sister’s eyes.

One afternoon, sitting alone in her room, Sara began brooding about her sister’s good looks. As she stared at herself in the mirror, she wished that there was something she could do to destroy Jennifer. Sara’s unbridled envy had driven her over the edge of madness and, in her rage, she wanted to ruin the life of her sister. With chilling coldness, Sara devised a crazed and depraved plan.

While Sara was brooding alone in her room, Jennifer was with her friends, hanging out at the local mall. She was blissfully unaware of what her younger sister was planning.

The next evening, Sara’s parents went out to the theater together, leaving their deranged daughter alone in the house. She decided that it was the perfect opportunity to put her devious plan into acion.

Sara waited until 10PM, when her sister arrived home. Jennifer was in good spirits and everything seemed normal as she entered the house and walked upstairs to her bedroom. When she opened the door, she noticed something strange. The framed photograph of herelf that she kept her dressing table was lying shattered on the floor.

Suddenly, she got a phonecall. Looking at the screen of her iPhone, she saw it was from a private number. When she answered the call, she heard a voice hissing threats on the other end. The person said they wanted to rip out Jennifer’s blue eyes and disembowel her.

“Come outside! Come outside!”, hissed the voice.

Jennifer recognized the voice. It was Sara.

Jennifer ran downstairs and opened the front door. What she saw outside made her lose her senses. The dead body of her sister Sara was hanging by the neck from a tree. Her stomach had been slit open and her guts were spilling out. Her dead eyes were staring straight at Jennifer.

The scene was so awful that Jennifer ripped her own eyes out so that she wouldn’t have to look at it anymore. Sara’s insane plan had worked. She got exactly what she wanted. In her madness, she had killed herself in the most horrible and disturbing way she could imagine in order to destroy her sister’s beauty. Jennifer had lost the most beautiful thing she had – her eyes.


  1. Little Ms. Wonderland says

    @28 As a ‘smart’ little Wonder myself, I understand your reason for commenting that. But Its kind of a bit rude to the kids/teens that aren’t as smart as you. They may take it as an offence, and say things like “Sl*t” and “B*tch” to you, as Of me, I wouldn’t do that.. I’m to .. “unique” for that.

    *Slight giggle* Anyways.

    I appreciate your response, but it was not needed.

    Send my Love,

  2. kittiezrcute says

    One thing… you spelt action wrong SFK. You said “acion” instead of ACTION. Please check over it creator of this story…

  3. reppir666 says

    why all the hatred against opposite gender? =_= ”

    Come on people..being stupid it’s not about what gender u r..

    Anyway..since this story has cause this much of a fuss then it’s 10/10 guts spilling out lol..

  4. PsychoDemon says

    And @28 first of all stop being a show off…. Looks like modesty just isn’t you… And secondly girls DO NOT want male attention and THEY ARE NOT dumb…. I am a girl and I was seriously offended by that comment… And anyway it seems like u haven’t seen any GIRL POWER yet…. The day u see it… Oh boy will u regret hitting that “post comment” button when u commented… lol.. Oh and also that comment just proved how amazingly “intelligent” you are… I am sooooo jealous :P

  5. PsychoDemon says

    Okk….. Why would anyone do that…. And how can u just rip your eyes out of their sockets anyway? 4 out of 10 eyeballs.

  6. HiIWillKillYouNow says

    @28 EX – ca – USE ME YOU ASS?!
    Girls have a 10 percent bigger brain than boys.
    You’re talking to the smartest girl in class here.

  7. Cambodia 1980 says

    Not to mention your atrocious grammar. Ugh. Right off the bat, you meant you’re, which means you are, rather than your which shows possession. Plus, you never start a sentence with “and” There are many more, but I don’t care enough to point them out.

  8. Cambodia 1980 says

    Sorry, I was a bit harsh. But one of the people you mentioned was a damn actor. You could have mentioned Marie Curie (who discovered radium.) or Ellinore Roosevelt. (The first politically involved first lady.) Or someone involved in the antidisestablishmentarianism.

  9. Cambodia 1980 says

    @Teablood You’re absouletly insane. I’m going guess you’re in between 9-14. Possibly emo. Because, none of the people you added were intelligent. Some were only famous for being married to the president. Before I beloved females were more intellectually gifted. However, I was incorrect. Males’ average iq’s are much higher, not to mention we have far better spacial reasoning. The greatest geniuses in history are males. Except for a few cases, none of whom were on your list.

  10. tealblood22 says

    hay @28 if your so smart then you would know not to to stereotype girls. Have you met Scarlet Johanssen? Jennifer Lawrence? How about Hillary Clinton? Michelle Obama, maybe? Here’s something you should think about: SCREW YOU! And I personally think that boys and girls don’t want each other’s attention. And if I EVER meet a boy like you who thinks they’re soo smart and think girls are soo dumb and only want boy’s attention, I will kill myself just like Sara did.

  11. SkytotheGuy says

    I have a sister. And I have blue eyes… help me…
    *knock knock*
    “Who’s there?”
    “Your sister. I need to borrow something…”

  12. bloodrose44 says

    @28, no need to be rude, I think the situation depends on the person, but anyways that was a nice story!

  13. Dr. Dead says

    Its true that girls mature faster than boys and also that there are many kinds of people, all with their own weaknesses and strengts. You really need to think that everyone is good. All of you need to think abt it.
    You know racism starts with thaught…

    And yes

    ok of some….

  14. snowwhite says

    @ScoobyNicholeDoo your story end is much better then the original story…
    who ripped Their own eyes she could just shut her eyes close to avoid the scene..
    and guys that stupid crap 28 has gone after being a b* in 2011,why are you still giving him so much attention on his stupid comment.his comment proves itself that who is dumb…

  15. GuitarDestroyer123 says

    In my opinion, there are no stereotypes of girls or boys being smarter than each other. I’m a girl, and I do not think that girls are definitely smarter than boys. The situation varies. All in all, it just depends on who you are, really.

  16. raven72729 says

    Guys don’t worry about 28 I’m sure he will never go on this site again and if he dies he has a new account , But his own comment proves he is stupid because anyone with common sense knows not to say that. So who cares if he is smart?!? He will have no friends with that attitude

  17. Horrorstar says

    @28, hey if u think u r smart enough, then you have been reading your social studies book, and hope u know that girls and boys should not be discriminated.

  18. Horrorstar says

    I think girls should stop getting married and stop cooking food or do any household work, then that 28 will see how difficult life will become.

  19. Horrorstar says

    @28, i am not a girl of that type. Its your sister and mother who arent interested in studies and think that life is all about getting married!!!

  20. Bloody_Roses says

    @28 if you were so “intelligent” you wouldn’t be such a b**** and be so full of ur self!

  21. cutedevil123 says

    STOP being such an ignorant pig! I reckon you don’t even have a gf, so stop being a smartass and SHUT UP!
    BTW great story :)

  22. mjewel says

    @28 please stop acting like a little bitch since you think you’re so smart why don’t you post your grades oh wait why did I even ask that you will probably lie about them! And I could really care less about attention from men because I’m not worried about boys I’m focused on getting good grades! And please stop acting so full of your self!!!!!

  23. rainbowunicornsappoculepse says

    28 lol girls are waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smarter than boys. It is hilarious that you think you have “extreme Intelligence” maybe some boys are smart but most guys average grade is a D-B most girls average grade is a B-A+ it has been scientifically proven that girls are generally smarter than boys. And I don’t want to get a “males attention” the lowest grade I have ever gotten in my entire life is a C. Don’t post some dumb s!$& unless you know what you’re talking about.

  24. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    As for the story, It was good. Good thing I don’t have blue eyes. Thank god my sibling isn’t jealous of me. (I think)

  25. PurpleGirlTheHorrorFan says

    @28, Excuse me! There’s no need to stereotype us! And just for your kind information, GIRLS ARE NOT DUMB! (notice how I didn’t say “all girls”) That was extremely offensive! I’m a girl and I’m practically a NERD! I’m a girl, but I don’t walk around with guys or try to get their attention!
    @WeavileRoxxCANDY, LOL! XD! I totally agree with you!

  26. xX-Eat Rainbowz-Xx says

    @28 your comment Is pretty old but I am going to say it anyways
    Girls are smarter :)
    Also your saying all girls just want male attention that’s not all girls, I don’t date or care about boys noticing me, I would be happy if they ignored me and didn’t force on how i look. Btw your dumb to say that all girls are happy with being dumb -_-

    Girls are more smarter than boys if you look at Boys the majority (note that I didn’t say ALL boys) of Boys don’t care about their studies. I have like five grade 11 boys in my science class they are still in science 8 when they should in be 11 even in my math and socials class there is at least one boy who is in my classes when they shouldn’t be and then they lie and say “no I am a grade 8. Who told you I am a grade 11??”

    Only the girls who do care about male attention and nothing else ARE dumb

    Main point: if you’re smart you will fear us.

  27. Shadow_of_Darkness says

    @28 A scientific study in the USA proves that girls learn to read, speak, and write earlier and better than boys. Email me at (the email this account is registered on) and we’ll have a little showdown. Screw you, girls are fabulous.

  28. Jazmin_Saintz says

    i was expecting the ending would be that she will take her eyes and place it on her own o.o

  29. jenjenrainbow says

    yyea they have these things umm called contacts yyea that would have been a little easier instead of KILLING YOURSELF! Dumb jealous B****

  30. aneesha says

    Ohhh creepy…but Sara should have killed her sis and then pluck out her eyes and puts jenifers eyes and see in the mirror now she had blue eyes

  31. mishax0x0 says

    sad story..!!! that was the stupidist thing to take revenge….ant btw who the heck is jealous from sisters…such stupid girl

  32. draculaura says

    My ending: Jennifer walks outside and her sister stabs her and skins her plus takes her hair. She puts all of it on, plucks her own eyes out, puts the blue eyes in and says “I am you!!!!!”

  33. That_Kid_Ali says

    I wish I looked like Jennifer sometimes. Haha, I have Olive green eyes and fake red hair. :p

  34. Paradise says

    @dragongirl They’ve got a big house and 2 cars…?? She can afford them :)

  35. Myths says

    This is what should have happened at the end… She opens the door and standing there with an enormous butcher knife was Sara, Jennifer screamed as Sara cut out Jennifer’s eyes and killed her. Then she plucked out her own eyes and placed Jennifer’s eyes into hers. Then she placed her eyeballs into Jennifer’s. Then her parents came they found their beautiful daughter dead, with pale blue eyes forced into her eye holes. Since that day people commented on how beautiful Sara’s eyes looked.

  36. dragongirl says

    I’ve always wanted blue eyes. my eyes are brown and people are always saying i have crap brown eyes. i wish they were blue. this story is creepy but I’ve read much worse

  37. ScoobyNicoleDoo says

    ok this is my ending….Sara killed her sister Jennifer and hid her body. The next day she went to school and noticed all the guys staring at her. One of them came up to her and said “Hey Sara, i didn’t know you had blue eyes?”

  38. devdog says

    Omg that is so gross if I was jenifer I would have ran back in to the house and called my parents not ripped my eyes out

  39. MoparMuscle67 says

    at the end i thought when jennifer took out her eyes, sara would come back to life and say “yeah, i got ya” and then die again

  40. Creepy Kid says

    Well it’s the sisters fault…. she killed herself just to make her sister lose her beautiful blue eyes? That’s sick…. and it’s just the way she killed herself with guts everywhere :S It creeped me out!

  41. DEAD SCARY GIRL says

    i have a story. its called the blue doll (true story in spain)

    One night, young Mary sat in her grandma’s living room.”Grandma, can you buy me the little, pretty, blue dolly?” asked Mary, she was only five and had not learnt the legend of the blue doll.”NO!” Her grandma hissed.”That ugly little dolly is evil. So no you can not have her!” Mary cried loudly.The next night, when Mary was sent back to her mother, citronella, she was welcomed by a blue package with a present inside. It was the evil blue doll. Mary was suprised and almost instantly, she ran straight to her bedroom to play. After her tea and her bath she went to bed, leaving the doll on the rocking chair opposit her bed. when everyone was fast asleep, the doll came to life. she wondered the house, going into all of the rooms. “Mary, I’m in your brothers room. Mary, I’m in your brothers room.” Whispered the doll. Finally the doll hissed but whispered, “Mary? Where IS your brother? haha!” Which meant that Mary’s brother had been killed but Mary didn’t have a brother. ???????????? “Mary, i’m in your room.Mary i’m in your room. Mary, i’m in your room. Mary. where are you?!?!?!?!?!?!?” The evil doll had killed mary. The next morining, citronella and stevenson, mum and dad, woke up to find the dead body of their only daughter, lying in a pool of blood in her bed. The parents of Mary Laquinson called a medium after a few days, but, the medium saw the doll, screamed and was killed instantly. After that, the parents called 4 mediums, 2 preists and 2 friends to come and investigate the house to find that the doll had killed their daughter and they heard their daughters voice more than 12 times saying ‘help! She’s got me! HEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!’ 4 months later the parents were killed by the doll and their bodies were never found. the ghosts of the family haunts the spanish house and are stuck with the poltergeist of the doll. remember, anytime you find a very very VERY pretty blue doll ( including smurfette from smurfs)NEVER EVER PICK IT UP OR YOU WILL SUFFER THE SAME AS THE FAMILY DID!

  42. Xx Scary Dev Xx says


  43. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    Actually, I see why more girls are smarter than they’re given credit. It’s because most dudes are always bragging about their “extreme intelligence” T_T

  44. NightFright says

    This reminds me of the scary forwards I get on my phone. P.S. I don’t care if that little girl comes to kill me at midnight I AM NOT SENDING IT!

  45. Maham says

    a better ending would be if sara took her sisters eyes and put them on and saw herself looking so stunning. she saw her sisters body and hid it, then when she looked back, her eyes had turned blood red because the blood from her sisters veins had spread when sara plucked out the eyes. sara looked hideous. she felt horrified her beauty was lost so she slit her wrists.

  46. Dead Girl XXx says

    Im lucky tht i dnt have blue eyes…(phew!) I dnt want my sister to envy me and do sumthing like tht…maybe she’s envy of my green eyes?????? O_O OMG!

  47. WeavileRoxxCANDY says

    Shitface, don’t stereotype us like that. When men die of their innability to make their own dinner then we’ll see who the weaker sex is.

  48. WeavileRoxxCANDY says

    You guys seriously can’t take this? Sure, it’s filled with gore, but kickass horror movies/stories aren’t afraid to have that. You guys are probably used to the American horror where they don’t show gore, and are afraid to go full-blown. Check out some of the Japanese horror, they don’t mess around.

  49. 72 says

    omg now im glad i dont have blue eyes and have hazel! That made me really scared.

    How it could (yes could have; I liked the ending) have ended:
    Jennifer ran outside and searched for her sister. She turned around, scared, to go back inside and call the police. Before she could get in, though, she felt a tight grip around her neck. She turned around to see her sister. Sara quickly grabbed Jennifers face and pulled out Jennifers beautiful blue eyes. Jennifer died from blood loss and Sara went to work, carefully mending her appearance. Their parents came home and was a disturbing sight. Sara was lying on the floor with two large scars on either side of her face. Her eyes were blood-red, but behind the red, there was a light blue.

  50. 0_oDemonChild0_o says

    My ending:
    Sara waits patiently by the door and just as she suspected she soon hears the panicked rasping of Jennifer as she runs to find her sister and see the reason for the disturbing phone call.
    “Sara, Sara!” Jennifers voice rang out through the empty foyer.
    “Come to the door,” a raspy voice beckoned,” I’m waiting.”
    She sprinted to the door only to have Sara murderously bound in front of her bearing only a fork.
    And the last thing she saw was her sister, her flesh and blood tearing that awful fork into her eyes making a sickening popping sound as her beautiful blue eyes were painfully ripped from their sockets and she collapsed to the ground as the sockets gushed blood while Sara stood over her clutching the fork with the one unblinking glimmering blue eye on the end.

  51. scarystories526 says

    Wow!who knew she was going to kill herself, I thought she was going to lock her sister and her in the room and rip her sisters eyes out

  52. addamonkey says

    ok so my ending is this i will tell you it will be scary. =D enjoy.
    Jennifer ran down the stairs and opened the door she gasped as the knife came down on her head.The last thing she saw was her sister’s twisted smile.

    Sera feeling great self empowerment.she was now dreading the next part of her plan she draged the body inside and set it down on the couch.She put the knife to her eye and started screaming as the blood came rushing out of her head she had done her research and poped her sisters eye in just as if a surgeon had done it and again the same way.She then took the knife and cut her sisters back skin slowly but steady she pulled what was left of her sister out of her own was perfect so far she stuck her foot in where it was suppose to go and then the other and the hands and arms.

    Soon she was all the way in.She rushed up stairs and looked in the mirror and was pleased to see that she had finaly got what she wanted all her life smiling at her new self she rembered the body. (if you consider what was in the liveing room a body) The family had a big pittbull she put the “body” in it bowl and let the dog in.It happly ate the rare meat hungerly.

    When their parents came back from the movies she said that her little sister had whent for a walk and hasnt come back yet.a few hours lator the police were searching for her. But they never found her.

    hope you enjoyed

  53. iamfreakedoutbythiswebsite says

    My besties eyes r blue and I hope her sister doesn’t do that to her

  54. BettyQueenOfScreams says

    @28 ……… don’t even go there boy. I’m a girl, I’m in the gifted class, half of the gifted class is girls, most girls in my school are smart……. most…. some are kinda…. XD well retards, they act all smart but gosh they’re dumb

  55. scream XD says

    dis kinda makes meh sad though cause my eyes r blue like the picture i hope my sister doesnt do that o.O

  56. jjslittleyogirlmoo says

    @28 well some girls are dumb but some girls are not, i really dont care though

  57. PinkGhostieGirl says

    @28 and infernalthing, don’t stereotype girls like that! Was anyone else offended by that? I’m a girl and I’m not dumb, and I don’t want to be either. D:<

  58. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    Oh, and there was a typo… I meant, “She plucks out the eyes of Jennifer, and Jennifer dies”

  59. Xx Death Bolt xX says

    The ending ruined the story but I liked the story.
    It would have been better if Sara actually kills Jennifer. She calls her to come outside where Sara will be waiting for her with a butcher knife. She plucks out the eyes of Jennifer then Jennifers. Sara, realising what she had done, throws the eyes down and crushes it with her feet. Then she kills herself by cutting her wrists…
    ^^^That is my idea

  60. 28 says

    I might be the target of some jealousy as well. But it’s probably my intelligence that they envy. And there is probably more than 1 person that is jealous for my intelligence. My extreme intelligence may make some people really jealous. Obviously those girls won’t care because girls are happy with being dumb, they just want male attention.

  61. snowleopard9 says

    weird… can she call her sister to come outside when,she killed herself??and thts such a stupid plan.i mean come on,get real

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