Ball Pit

The Ball Pit is a scary urban legend about the hidden dangers lurking beneath the hundreds of brightly colored balls in a children’s play area.

Ball Pit

A mother took her eager 3 year old son to a fast food restaurant for lunch. The boy finished his lunch quickly and asked his mom if he could go play in the play area. The restaurant had a special little play area at the side with some tunnels, a slide and a ball pit for kids, filled with plastic balls.

She watched as the boy crawled through the tunnels, went down the slide and jumped into the ball pit. He jumped up and down on the brightly colored balls, dove into them and burrowed down under them. The boy had been playing for about 10 minutes when, all of a sudden, he stopped and began to cry loudly.

The mother rushed to her son, picked him up and asked him what was wrong. The little boy just wailed and pointed to his butt. His mother pulled down his pants and saw two little red marks on one of his butt cheeks. She thought he must have just sat on something sharp, but just to be sure, she took him to the hospital.

A doctor examined the little boy in the emergency room and told the mother that the marks on her son’s butt were a snake bite. The doctor gave the boy an antidote for the snake poison and kept him in hospital overnight for observation.

The next day, the boy’s mother returned to the fast food restaurant to complain. She approached the counter and shouted at one of the teenagers who worked there.

“My son was bitten by a snake in your ball pit”, the woman screamed.

“You should count yourself lucky, lady”, said the teenager. “A kid got eaten by a shark in there last week”.


  1. Dark_Destroyer says

    Haha seriously? Who put a shark in the ball pit? …or a snake for that matter? How have they not been closed down and/or sued?

  2. ScaryRachel446 says

    What the heck. I’m so confused… how is that lucky? And for god’s sake, why didn’t they close the ball pit?! >:O

  3. ydnar007 says

    Did i just understood it in the wrong way or she just said her son has been bitten by a snake in ur ball pit at the teen who was working there. What if da teen us a boy? u know, balls

  4. Snow4474 says

    My brother is now officially scared of balls. That’s great because I can scare him out of the room so I can read and roleplay.

  5. fanofghoststories says

    how come mcdonalds still operating if there really wadls a snake found in their ball pits? after that live worm in the burger scandal too?!

  6. The Red Rider says

    My aunt told me there was a snake in the ball pit at Mcdonald’s once. But that was like, 4 yrs ago.

  7. deerrose6 says

    And yet they conntiune to let little kids play in there.
    I agreed with sakura. How does a shark get in there? or a snake? what else is in there?

  8. sakura says

    ok how did deadly animals get in there and how could a shark be there when there’s no WATER!!

  9. girlmystix says

    That teenager could be one of my friends. One of them would totally say something like that! LOL XD

  10. xChaka says

    That’s so stupid it’s funny o.o xD
    This story have been proving wrong many times, and besides, a shark would NEVER be able to survive in a ball pit, a shark is a frikin fish, c’mon ppl -w-“

  11. GothicNova says

    How could a shark survive in a ball pit? It it was water balloons I could understand, but BALLS?

  12. lucy500 says

    wtf this is kind of funny cause sharks cant swim in ball pits it will be dead sharks need water to live not rubber balls lol

  13. Luna123 says

    Hahaha how fnny lmfao why would they have a shark in a ball pit!?is that even possible funny but dumb

  14. sugarkitten says

    The funny thing is that the kid would have died because they would have to know what kind of snake it is to treat him.

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