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Who Goes There

Who Goes There

Who Goes There? is a scary short story by John W. Campbell. It inspired the horror movie, The Thing and an episode of The X-Files named “Ice“.

A group of scientists on a remote base in the Antarctic, discovers a crashed spaceship, buried in the ice. When they attempt to salvage the spaceship, they unleash a shape-shifting alien that has the ability to take the form of any living thing. No one is safe, and everyone is suspect.

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Download the txt of the story here.

John W Campbell Who Goes There

Who Goes There first appeared in Astounding Science Fiction No.93 (Aug 1938)

Astounding Science Fiction Who Goes There

Who Goes There? has been made into a movie three times:

The Thing (1982) by director John Carpenter

Horror Express (1973)

The Thing from Another World (1951)

The Thing DVD Who Goes There

Outpost31 has tons of info about The Thing movie.

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