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White Phone

White Phone

The White Phone is a creepy story about a family whose daughter receives harrassing phonecalls from an unknown stalker. It is based on a Japanese ghost story.

White Phone

There was a father and mother who lived with their teenage daughter in an old house in a large city in Japan. The house was from the Showa Era and was a cultural property protected by the government. (The house was probably built in the 1920s or 1930s)

When the family moved into the house, there was a white phone in the hallway. One day, the phone started to ring. When the father answered it, there was no sound on the other end, just silence.

The phone began ringing constantly at all times of the day and night. Whenever they answered it, there was nobody on the other end of the line. Just an eerie silence.

As time passed, the annoying phonecalls continued and the family was very disturbed. Dozens of times, they were awoken in the middle of the night by the phone ringing and every time they answered it, they were greeted by the same uneasy silence.

One night, when the phone rang, the father picked up the receiver and left it on the floor. He was about to go back to bed, but then he heard something. It was the faint sound of whispering and it was coming from the phone. The father picked up the handset again and put it to his ear, but the whispering immediately stopped. All he could hear was silence.

This went on for a few days. Whenever anyone answered the phone, there would only be silence. But if they put the handset on the ground, they could hear a voice whispering. If they picked up the handset, the whispering would stop.

The family were at their wits’ end. They tried everything they could think of. They changed their phone number, but the calls kept coming. They made a complaint to the telephone company, but there was nothing that could be done. They even contacted the police, but it was all to no avail. No matter what they tried, the white phone kept ringing day and night.

Gradually, the father began to suspect that something supernatural was going on. He paid a shaman to come and bless the house, but it did no good. He asked a priest to come and perform an exorcism on the house, but the phonecalls continued. It was driving the family out of their minds.

Eventually, they decided to sell the house. Even though the housing market was down and they would receive less than they had paid for it in the first place, they just wanted to get rid of it and move out. However, on the day they decided to sell the house, the white phone stopped ringing. There were no more phonecalls.

The parents couldn’t decide what to do. Although the phonecalls had stopped, they had no guarantee that they wouldn’t start up again at some later date. After thinking it over for a few days, they came to the conclusion that they should go ahead with the sale of the house.

The next morning, their daughter was found dead in her bedroom. She was hanging by the neck from a rope and it seemed that she had taken her own life. Lying on the ground beneath her were the remains of her cell phone. It had been smashed to pieces. Clutched in her cold, dead hand was a scrawled note. It simply read: “I’m sorry. It was me making the phonecalls.”

Her parents were horrified and distraught. The tragedy was almost too much for them to bear. For days, they cried and cried, unable to understand why their daughter had committed suicide. They cancelled the sale of the house and took it off the market. The grieving parents kept their daughter’s room just as it had been on the night she took her life. They didn’t want to touch anything. It was like a shrine to her.

Several months later, just as the couple were recovering from the tragedy, the phone began to ring again. It was exactly the same as before. Whenever they picked up the handset, all they could hear was silence. But when they placed the handset on the floor, they could hear a voice whispering on the other end of the line.

The parents were shocked and confused. They couldn’t understand what was going on and it was extremely upsetting. They thought their daughter had been making the phonecalls, but now their daughter was dead. Who could be calling them? Was it all some kind of sick joke? Was someone aware of what had happened and perpetrating a cruel trick on them?

The father was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. He went out and bought a tape recorder. That night, when the white phone rang as usual, he got out of bed and raced downstairs to answer it. He put the handset on the floor and placed the tape recorder beside it. Then, he went back to bed.

In the morning, he couldn’t wait to check the tape recorder, but when he pressed play, he got such a shock, he almost fainted. On the recording, he heard his daughter’s voice. She was whispering over and over, “Help me… help me… help me…”

They say the father was driven insane. The parents sold the house and moved away. The house was rented out by the new owner, but anyone who lived there never stayed for long. They were plagued night and day by calls from the white phone.

Years later, during renovations, the floorboards were torn up and workmen found something strange. Under the floor, directly beneath the phone, they discovered a woman’s skull with long, stringy white hair still attached to it. Nobody knew who the skull belonged to and the rest of the skeleton was never found.

All work on the house stopped and it was abandoned. Today, it is preserved as a cultural property. The government does not allow anyone to live there or tear it down to build on the site. They say the place has even been removed from the map.

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  • Those whose opinion is to destroy the white phone….let me tell you that at the beginning of the story, it is mentioned that the house is not ACTUALLY theirs….it is a cultural property protected by the Government. So, they had to take permission before doing anything to the house…even to the things present in the house….

    So, they cannot destroy the white phone as is Government property….not theirs…if they would destroy it then they would have to pay the consequences along with Taxes….which may even bankrupt them because everything…even the phone is very valuable and antique…so…i hope it makes sense to everyone..isn’t it?

    I think my answer is a bit too long….don’t mind guys…

  • Ohh, the ghost was making the phone calls and since the skull was under the floor boards, they had to put the phone right above it so they can hear what she is whispering. The ghost also made the daughter kill herself and take the blame for the phone calls to try and keep the parents from moving so that the ghost would eventfully have the parents help them. At least I THINK that’s what was happening Ꮎ.Ꮎ If that all makes sense u. u

  • I’d chuck the phone if it was in my house. Phones can be replaced. Daughters can’t #savethedaughters2k16

  • I agree with you @Purplegirlhorrorfan. Why didn’t they just disconnected the phone. They had cellphones. Nice story anyways.

  • My first thought when the phone calls keep coming: Why don’t you people just DESTROY the darn phone? Smash it to smithereens, throw it out, burn it, dismantle it… Just get rid of it! But overall, its pretty creepy! 10 outta 10 rabbits

  • Then who was phone?
    -insert ghost noises- ooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooh

  • Y didn’t they just get rid of the phone or put their ear close to the ground when they put the phone on the floor?

  • This story has a very subtle plot twist that isn’t explained so many people might not get it. Here’s what must have happened: The house was haunted by a ghost (of the woman whose skull was under the floor). This ghost was making the calls. When the family decided to move out, the ghost made the daughter write a note taking responsibility for the calls. Then the ghost made her hang herself. The daughter’s ghost was then trapped in the house as well and making phonecalls begging for help… It’s creepier when you realize that, isn’t it? :D

  • What must have happened to their daughter and before their daughter’s death what could heard from the phone ? Who must be whispering?

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