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Where is Heaven

Where is Heaven

Where is Heaven is a short, creepy story about an old woman who disappeared. See if you can figure out what happened in the end.

Where is Heaven

There was an old woman who went missing in the countryside. During the day, witnesses saw her going to pick wild flowers. After she left she was never seen again. The police combed the area, but they couldn’t find any trace of her.

A few months passed and there were still no clues as to how she disappeared. She was declared legally dead. Her relatives gathered at her house and discussed what to do with the old woman’s property.

The old woman had been very close to her grandson and he missed her terribly. At the party, the aunts and uncles saw the little boy looking sullen and depressed. No matter what they did, they were unable to cheer him up.

While their parents discussed financial matters, the grandchildren grew bored.

“Where’s my grandma?” asked one little girl.

At first, nobody answered her. Then, the girl’s aunt spoke up.

“Your grandmother went to heaven!” she said.

“Where is heaven?” asked the little girl.

“You’re in kindergarten,” said the aunt. “Don’t you know where heaven is?”

Before the little girl could answer, the grandson spoke up.

“Heaven is in the well in the backyard,” he said.

All of the adults in the room suddenly became quiet. There was an uncomfortable silence.

10 Years later, the well in the backyard of the house was demolished. Inside, workmen discovered the skeletal remains of an old woman and a little boy.

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  • so the granny was killed by the family for her property and threw her in the well and the little boy saw her body in the well and since the boy knew where she was, they killed him too and threw him in the well.

    scary for kids, am i right?

  • So the ppl killed the granny and the boy saw it without them knowing…. so when he daid that they f*cked him up as well! Wow 9.999/10 well bodies

  • my theory is that the adults killed the old woman for her inheritance and when they realized the boy had witnessed them putting her in the well they figured he was a witness and he needed to die too.

  • @lexy27 I came to that same conclusion after reading this also, I was hoping to comment my interpretation but u beat me to it, well done!

  • I agree with Lexy27, instead or discussing what happened to the woman or how to plan her funeral, they immediately meet to talk about her property. Also normal adults wouldn’t instantly say someone went to heaven, it’s kind of taboo to say someone close to you is dead so quickly.

  • I really didn’t get not even by reading the comments cause in some of them it say that she fall or that she was pushed.

  • Here is my interpretation: the relatives murdered the old lady to inherit her belongings by throwing her in the well, or at last throwing her corpse; the little boy witnessed it and revealed it (hence the awkward silence) and the family then murdered him the same way to silence him.

    Scaryforkids says: You are correct!

  • I have 2 guesses. 1. The grandson killed his grandmother and then the young boy, or 2. The grandmother found out that her grandson killed the boy and he killed her as well.

  • so the grandmom was pushed into the well. I agree with @evilicious. The boy was traumatized therefore he committed suicide or so I guess… Anyways it’s good

  • great story bt i think grandma fell into the well and boy saw her… They said that grandma went to heaven so i guess the little boy wanted to follow his gradma so he also jumped… Maybe

  • The grandma was picking flower’s for the dead boy in the well and she fell in? My best guess :I

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