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For years, rumors have circulated among kids about a Webkinz murderer who stalks your Webkinz pets online and kills them in horrifying ways. Some kids refuse to believe the rumors. Others say the legends are true and the killer is real. They claim that they’ve watched their pets being killed right in front of them.


The Webkinz Rumors – Who is the Webkinz Killer?

All of the rumors about the Webkinz killer have been collected here for your entertainment. Are the rumors true or is this all just a big hoax? Read the rumors, then review the evidence and decide for yourself.

Rumor 1 – The Penguin Virus

Some say the killer is a virus that attacks your Webkinz pets. You receive a message from Mrs Birdy, but it is in a black envelope. If you open the envelope, all of a sudden, your screen will go dark and a penguin with red eyes will pop up. You hear screams and other creepy noises. When the screen comes back on, your Webkinz will be all dead, lying in a pool of blood. Some people have reported seeing the floating heads of Mrs Birdy and Dr Quack over a black screen. Then, when the lights come back up, Mrs Birdy comes into your house. Her eyes turn red and the lights flicker on and off again. You hear a terrible shriek, and when the lights come back on, you see blood everywhere and Mrs Birdy is holding your Webkinz’s severed head.

Rumor 2 – The Boxes

Others say that a message from Mrs Birdy pops up on the screen, telling you that you will get a prize. It offers you a choice of three boxes – one black, one yellow and one red. Clicking the black box results in your pets getting beaten to death. A Neopet jumps out of the black box and murders your Webkinz with a hammer. If you choose the red box, Mrs Birdy stabs your Webkinz to death with a knife. If you open the yellow box, all your items and kinzcash get stolen.

Rumor 3 – The Pill

You haven’t logged on to Webkinz in a while and your pet is sick. You decide to take it to the Clinic. When you get there, Dr Quack gives you a pill for $100 Kinzcash. If you buy the pill and feed it to your Webkinz pet, it will keel over and die on the spot. Dr Quack sold you a poison pill and tricked you into killing your own Webkinz!

Rumor 4 – The Clinic

If you go to the Clinic at exactly midnight (12am) or noon (12pm) Dr Quack will open a curtain and his eyes will glow red. As you watch in horror, he will chop off the head of your Webkinz and blood will splash on the wall.

Rumor 5 – The Poster

When you visit Dr Quack, there is a poster on the wall. If you click on the poster 32 times, Dr Quack will go crazy and the lights will start going on and off. Then he takes out a chainsaw and kills your Webkinz.

Rumor 6 – The Bear

This begins when you notice a suspicious red stain on the ground outside your house. It looks like blood. Then, you will see a dark shadow race across the room. The shadow is in the shape of a bear. If you make your Webkinz go outside, you will see a bear hiding in the trees in the background. The bear’s eyes are glowing red and he is carrying a knife. This killer bear roams around and stalks your Webkinz pet, waiting for a chance to attack and stab your Webkinz to death. After the murder, there will be a large blood stain on the floor of your house and you can’t remove it. Even if you lay down new flooring, the blood stain will still appear.

Rumor 7 – The Cat

According to the legend, you go to Employment Office and that cat – Ms. Tabby Von Meow – is blabbing her dumb mouth on and on about nothing. Suddenly, she grabs a shotgun and shoots your Webkinz in the face. Ms Cowline goes to your house and takes the furniture, and Mr Arte steals all the Kinzcash.

Webkinz Killer

The Webkinz Stories – Examine The Evidence

The following stories come from people who claim they have seen their Webkinz being murdered or have heard from friends about cases where Webkinz were killed. Read them and try to figure out whether or not they are telling the truth.

Story 1 – The Black Box

Ok, I am soooo telling the truth about this. The Webkinz Killer is real! There was a black box on the floor of my friend’s Webkinz and When she clicked on it, a neopet with a knife popped out and sliced her Webkinz’s head off. I remember my friend’s sister came home from school crying when she heard about this. She was screaming “I don’t want my Webkinz to die!” It made me feel bad for her.

Story 2 – The Faces

At my school, they say that Mrs Birdy or Dr Quack’s face pops up on your screen and screams with red eyes then your Webkinz is murdered. Other people who have Webkinz say that a penguin with red eyes kills the Webkinz. Your computer screen flashes then you see your Webkinz is lying in a pool of blood. People assume immediately that Club Penguin is responsible for this. My 12-year old sister logged on to Webkinz and she saw all five of her Webkinz lying dead in pools of blood. I believe it’s true. It is kind of freaking me out. I only really have one Webkinz right now, but I don’t want her to die!

Story 3 – Dr Quack

I read that there is a killer on Webkinz and it’s the doctor… what’s his name… oh yeah… Dr Quack. It freaked me out. It said if you go to his office and click on the poster 32 times or something like that, then he will close the curtains and cut off your Webkinz’s head with a chainsaw. so anyway, my friend tried it and it really happened! OMG! There is a killer on the loose!

Story 4 – The Bomb

OK, so I’ve heard some rumors that Mrs Birdy and Dr Quack have killed some Webkinz. The sad part is that I’m getting a little freaked out. Apparently If you click on the Posters in Dr Quack’s office 32 times, his eyes will turn red and he’ll cut your Webkinz’s head off with a knife or chainsaw. I heard the same thing about Mrs. Birdy. Another rumor said that There is a red, yellow, or black box or a bomb in your house. If you click the black box or the bomb, a neopet will pop up with a knife and kill your pets. If you click the red box, Everything goes black, there’s slashing noises, the lights turn back on and your Webkinz are on the floor covered in blood.

Story 5 – The Double Murder

This is true. It happened to one of my friends twice. The first time, there was a messege from Mrs Birdy that put three boxes on the screen. They were black, yellow and red. She opened the yellow one and all her items and Kinzcash got taken away. She was so stupid she went and opened the black one and her pets got beaten to death. The second time it happened, her screen went black and she heard a chainsaw and Mrs Birdy and Dr Quack’s heads were floating around the screen and her pets were lying dead in a pool of blood.

Story 6 – The Disguise

One time I was playing on Webkinz and a character that looked like Dr Quack came into the house. He just stood in the corner watching my Webkinz for about 10 minutes. It was freaking me out, but when I looked closer I realized it was Mrs Birdy disguised as Dr Quack. Then she murdered my Webkinz right there in front of me. Afterwards, a message popped up and it was Mrs Birdy dressed as herself and she said “Sorry Dr Quack killed your Webkinz. Do you want to adopt another one.” I just watched her with my own eyes killing my Webkinz and she was trying to blame it on Dr Quack!

Story 7 – The Hobo

I totally forgot about my Webkinz for over a year. When I eventually logged on and went to my room I was shocked. It was like my Webkinz was a hobo. All he had was $1 Kinzcash and there were three boxes in front of him. I opened the yellow one first and I lost my $1 Kinzcash coin. Then I opened the black box and the screen turned dark and I saw Dr Quack come in and kill my Webkinz. I got such a fright I never played Webkinz again. This whole story happened two years ago!

Story 8 – Mrs Birdy

It’s really creepy because I logged on to Webkinz one day and my pet was just sitting around the house. Suddenly, Mrs Birdy came in and started following my Webkinz around wherever he went. I couldn’t shake her. She just kept following me around and around. Then a speech bubble popped up and I heard Mrs Bridy’s voice but she sounded weird. She said “I am Mrs Birdy and I am killing all your Webkinz, bitch!” I couldn’t log out no matter what I tried. I had to turn off my computer. I don’t know what that was all about, but my Webkinz is still OK. Nothing happened to him, but it was really creepy and I still don’t trust Mrs Birdy.

Story 9 – Dressing Up

Do you guys know that sometimes Mrs Birdy dresses up like Dr Quack and murders your Webkinz? She chopped off my friend’s Webkinz’s head. I was there when it happened. I am very scared because my friend told me that a little Lilkinz poodle came into her house and said “Warning! Mrs Birdy is coming!” Then the lights went out, she heard a scream and Mrs Birdy came in dressed as Dr Quack and killed all her Webkinz. Then a message appeared on the wall, written in blood and it said “I’m always Watching you! Love, Mrs Birdy.” Help Me! I’m scared and I want my webkinz to live!

scary for kids


  • @michele it says on the front page of the website “Dont blame us if you got scared by anything” YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  • I used to love Webkinz when I was little! I used to play it all the time and I always said how fun and great it was, because of the interactive-ness, and I eventually got tired of it and about two years ago I stopped playing then after like a year of not playing, I logged back in (my username and password were still on a piece of paper taped to the wall) and she was sick, and she died after I had got her a pill from Dr. Quack

  • Hey arthur it might be ok to say those things at home but you can at least not type the whold curse word oh and by the way why do YOU go fxxx yourself
    if anybody agrees with me type

  • i’m crying so hard rn
    i just made an account on webkinz
    tried to go to Dr. Quack’s to see if this actually works
    and it said he retired

  • First, let me just say that photo is so fake. Look at all the “scary” parts (i.e. the cut, Quack’s face, the chainsaw), especially the chainsaw. It was obviously drawn on using some crude photo shop program. Second, these stories/rumors are so fake. What is wrong with you people? If they were true, someone would have found out and sued the company or something. There would not be a webkinz today if this was true. This is probably why webkinz changed the look of Ms. Birdy and got rid of Quack, because of these dumb stories. If by some miracle this actually happened, it would have been a hacker who screwed with the programming.

  • Creepy. but couldn’t you’ve made a story about club penguin instead?

  • I have a Webkinz… O_o
    About Neopets…One time this weird girl in my class wrote a creepypasta story about them:
    “One day this girl got a NeoPets and she didn’t want it later so then she stopped playing with it and then she went back later and the NeoPets said “why did you leave me?” and there was blood everywhere the end.”
    Wow, stupid story. XD

  • @michelepmiller get off the fucking website and block it as well~ and this shizz is so scary!!!

  • This is greatly disappointing. My daughter is a big webkinz fan and came across this website. She was traumatized by the violence pictures and stories. This may seem okay for some who engage in deviant behavior. But when trying to raise a well rounded empathic child, this is counterproductive. Please consider placing a warning to young children and even an email to parents requiring their okay to access this site. Thank you for your consideration and concern for our children.

  • I tried some of these rumors an NOTHING happened. I think is sad when people try to destroy something with rumors an lies for a kids website like webkinz. Been with webkinz a very long time an have NEVER had any kind of problems. so these rumors are a bunch of LIES. I think that webkinz is a great website an so is buidabearville. you people are terrible for saying such things about a website that simply isnt true.

  • Webkinz is a fun game and all, but i have seen a video about when the screen goes black and ms. birdy pops up with red eyes and kills your pet. i tried the poster one like 2 min. ago and nothing happened. But i did get the bomb won. My sister was watching me and told me to choose the black one… i did and a little neopet came out with a chainsaw and murdered my little lion. R.I.P. king.

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