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Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle in London England is known for its haunted Watergate Tower, also known as the “Ghost Tower.”

Warwick Castle

The most famous ghost said to haunt Warwick Castle is that of Sir Fulke Greville, the owner of the castle, who was stabbed to death in 1628. Apparently, Greville and his most trusted servant were having an argument. The servant suddenly turned upon his master and stabbed him . When the servant realized what he had done, he felt so guilty that he turned the knife on himself, cutting his own throat.

Sir Greville was left to die a lingering death due to an infection of his wound, and was isolated in the South Tower. His ghost now haunts Watergate tower where he was fatally wounded and it has been renamed “The Ghost Tower”.

According to legend, Sir Greville’s ghost emerges from his portrait which hangs above the fireplace in the study, and then roams the Tower’s rooms. Moans of agony are frequently heard around the grounds of Warwick Castle.

A slavering black dog was said to haunt the grounds of Warwick Castle after a woman named Moll Bloxham was caught stealing from the Earl. The Earl was so outraged that he ordered her to be publicly punished, and she suffered brutal torture. The bitter Moll Bloxham announced a curse on the castle.

Soon after the disappearance of Moll, a black, slavering dog with red eyes began stalking the castle grounds. Attempts to kill the beast were met with failure and the evil hound continued to terrorise the community. The curse was finally broken when the beast was lured from the highest tower into the River below.

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