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Vineyard House

Vineyard House

The Vineyard House is located in Coloma, California and is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a crazy man who died while chained up in the basement.

Vineyard House

The Vineyard House is an old Victorian mansion that stands on a hill overlooking the town of Coloma, California. It was built some time in the 1800s and is famous for being haunted.

It was owned by Robert and Louisa Chalmers and they had a very well-known vineyard. Some of the best-tasting wine in California was produced there.

The Chalmers family had a lot of luck with their vineyard at first and they were very happy together. However, it wasn’t long until their luck began to run out.

The grapes in their vineyard were affected by a blight and it ruined their entire crop. They could no longer make any money selling wine. Then, several of their young children died, one after the other. The husband, Robert, developed an incurable disease that destroyed his brain. It made him go blind and he began to lose his mind.

One day, a man was digging a grave in the cemetery across the street. Robert came running over, told the man to get out of the way and then lay down in the grave himself and asked to be buried. Eventually, he was declared insane, so his wife chained him to a wall in the windowless basement.

Alone in the dark, he writhed and moaned, crying out and banging his head against the walls which held him captive. By this time, he was a raving maniac and he became very paranoid, believing Louisa was trying to poison him. He refused to eat anything and finally died of starvation.

After his death, the wife needed to make money or she would lose the house, so she turned the upstairs part of the house into an inn where weary travelers could stop and rest before returning to their journeys.

Those who stayed in the Vineyard House complained of hearing mysterious voices and sounds of ghostly footsteps stomping down the corridors. One guest packed his things and fled in the middle of the night, so frightened that he refused to say what he’d seen.

After Louisa died in 1901, the house was owned by many different people who fixed it up and turned it into a restaurant and an inn. Many of the owners experienced very strange things.

Guests complained of hearing the rustling of skirts, metallic clangs and heavy breathing. One couple said they were awakened in the middle of the night by a group of noisy people coming up the stairs. Planning to complain, the husband opened their door to ask them to quiet down. What he saw there were three men in Victorian clothing who vanished before his eyes.

One night, an employee was working in the bar down in the basement where the husband had died. He was cleaning up after closing time and just as he was wiping down the counter, a single glass suddenly came sliding down the bar to where he was. It had moved completely on its own.

Not long ago, a young couple from Sacramento checked into the Vineyard House. Around midnight, they were awakened by horrible screams coming from the next room. They fled to Placerville and told the sheriff it sounded as if someone was being murdered in the next room. The sheriff went to the inn to check it out and entered the room. Inside, he found the owners, sound asleep in their beds. They hadn’t heard a thing.

Louisa Chalmers and her husband and children were buried in the old graveyard directly across the street from the house. Some people who have eaten at the restaurant reported seeing a strange woman in old-fashioned clothes wandering around the graveyard. She has been seen by quite a few people, but no one has been able to identify her. She appears to people to be very sad, almost as if she is mourning.

The Vineyard House has become quite a famous haunted place and it has even been featured on such TV shows as That’s Incredible and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

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  • @furrykinz wow… That is a true story! I feel bad for you. You must have been freaking out for quite a while…but it’s still Ma good story.

  • Omg r these stories even real and great now i wont be able to sleep plz someone tell me are these stories real and plz answer so i could sleep peace fully

  • AMG this reminds me of the time my friend told me about something that happened to her. NOTE, THIS IS REAL,NOT A STINKING STORY. Here it goes, though I may not remember everything…: The summer of 2011, was a great one, though it was very scary during one part. You see, me and some friends had to come back to the school early, because volleyball tryouts are held the week before school. I was only in 4th grade, only going to watch. I was the only 4th grader, the rest were friends in the th,6th and 7th grade, trying out for the team. After tryouts were over and everyone had gone home except for I, Rachel, and my friends, Katelynne, Daniel, and Victoria, though we called her Vicky. We were all bored, and had to wait awhile because all of our parents worked for the school. We were messing around when Daniel suddenly suggested we go exploring in the patch of forest out in the baseball field. We wandered around a bit, until we came upon an old abandoned shack. We all looked at it, wondering whether or not to enter it. It was an old shack, covered in vines, some of which were brown which nearly hid everything about it, other than the front door, and the window. Finally, Vicky spoke up, “Should we go in it? It could be an adventure!” She suggested. We all looked at her with smiles. “Yea, I bet its haunted.” Daniel said. We all opened the door, and walked into it, it was a lot bigger than we had expected. There was a small hallway, which had three room in it, and in the room where we entered, there was a really small kitchen. We split up, me and Vicky, and katelynne and Daniel. Me and Vicky, had gone down the hallway to look around, and the others in the kitchen. We were only there for a few minutes when we heard Katelynne scream. Running back to the main room, we stared in horror at what she had screamed at. She had opened the refrigerator door, and a decapitated head of a man had fallen onto the ground, it was fresh. We all screamed, and turned around, only to be greeted by something we had not seen before, on the wall hung a shelf, full of knives, fresh blood covered the glistening metal. We all stared in horror at it, when we heard men talking outside. I looked out the window, and noticed they were walking into the shack. I told the rest we needed to hide, and we all ran down the three rooms. I hid under the bed, in the biggest room, Vicky in the kitchen cupboard, Daniel, in the smallest room’s closet, and Katelynne, in the third room in a corner, shielded by a couch, and cabinet. I held my breath, seeing feet come into the room. Fear rose in my heart, I didn’t know how the others were doing and didn’t want to know. I tried to move a bit closer, to get a closer look at whoever was in the shack, but while I was moving forward, I accidentally hit my elbow against the top of the bed, and closed my eyes, feeling something pull me out from the collar of my shirt. I met myself, staring face to face at a very ugly man, whose eyes were as red as blood, and teeth were as yellow as a rotten lemon, in his free hand he held a dagger, covered in blood. I screamed, and found myself on the floor, the man no where in sight. I ran out the room, meeting all of my friends, in the main room. We all looked at each other, and I turned towards the door, when the glint of a polished shotgun in the hallway caught my attention. I screamed, and turned back around, a rocking chair creaking, and a broom was sweeping away as if there was someone holding it. We all screamed, and ran out of the house, throwing rocks at the roof, why we did I have no idea, we were just scared straight, and thought we were defending ourselves. Vicky had screamed, as a bloody arm and hand, with no body, cut off from its body, appeared in the window. Screaming once more, we turned to run, none of the others had looked back, but I had made the mistake of looking back. In the window, I saw the same man, holding the decapitated head of a child, and he faded away. I turned around, and tripped, falling backwards. I felt something drip onto my head, and looked up. An axe, with a severed cats head on the sharpest point of it, was hanging on a tree. I screamed and stood up, running to catch up with my friends, this time not looking back. We all arrived back in the baseball field, our parents had heard our screams, and wanted to come check up on us. When they asked what happened, and we told them all about it, they didn’t believe us, and only said we all imagined the whole thing, and we showed them the spot where it all happened, but nothing was there, only a tree where the shack had stood. Now I’m in 6th grade, almost 7th, and none of us ever speak about it, we were just lucky that none of us went insane during the whole thing.

    The End

    (Did you like my little story? It was a true story, but nothing ever happened to the shack, and no one believed me and my friends, so nothing was done about it.)

  • Haunted places like this interest me very much. Sad how there aren’t any haunted houses in my area, but I shall hopefully get to go in one and see how long I can last in there.

  • Scaryforkids you are awesome. Please keep posting and don’t think about shutting the site down. I have been on this site since how to survive a horror movie was in recent and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for posting! :)

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