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Vampire Tree

Vampire Tree

The Vampire Tree is a creepy Mexican legend about a huge tree that grows out of a grave in an old cemetery.

Vampire Tree

The story of the vampire tree begins in Guadalajara, Mexico. There is a small cemetery in the middle of the city called El Panteon de Belen. Its ancient walls play host to a number of supernatural legends, the most famous of which concerns a huge tree that grows out of one of the graves.

According to the legend, many years ago, the citizens of Guadalajara were being stalked by a bloodthirsty vampire. The first sign that something was wrong came when they started finding dead animals all over the city. The people were puzzled and when they examined the corpses, it was discovered that they had been completely drained of blood.

Before long, newborn babies were being attacked in the middle of the night and their horrified mothers found the infants lying dead in their cribs. Just like the animals before them, all of the blood had been drained from their lifeless bodies. It was clear that a vampire was on the loose.

Everyone in the area was terrified and most people were afraid to venture outdoors after nightfall. There was one group of citizens who were tired of living in constant fear of the vampire. They decided that they would put an end to his reign of terror and set about tracking down the fiend.

In the dark, early-morning hours, another vampire attack was reported. The local citizens were on alert and a man was seen skulking back to his house. He had light-colored eyes and pale, white skin. The angry citizens were sure he was to blame for the attacks. They burst into his house and killed him as he lay in his bed, driving a crude wooden stake through his heart.

The next morning, they dragged his body to El Panteon de Belen and unceremoniously buried him under thick slabs of concrete, hoping this would prevent him returning from the dead.

Months later, they returned to find the concrete slabs were split and broken by a small tree that had grown from the stake that had been thrust into the heart of the vampire. Over time, the tree grew larger and larger and the locals called it “The Tree of the Vampire”.

To this day, the tree still stands in the middle of Belem Cemetery. They say that if you break off a branch, instead of sap, you will see blood oozing from stump. According to the legend, at night you can also see the faces of the vampire’s victims in the bark of the tree.

The government put a fence around the giant tree to protect it, and with good reason. They say that if the tree dies, the corpse of the vampire will rise from its grave and terrorize the city again.

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  • Actually some of u may not understand the ending of how Mario killed the vampire … It’s the same way they killed mother Annie.. Same toxic gas combo! Mario Luigi style or gangam style!

  • Baby Mario and baby Luigi
    After killing mother Annie Mario and Luigi wander alone in the world growing up slowly…
    One day they come to the vampire tree.
    Voice: release me and I’ll feed you free blood…
    Luigi: where did that voice come from….?
    Mario: we don’t want ur filthy blood we want milk!
    Luigi: bwaaaaaaaaaa ( crying) we want milk!
    Voice : aww shut up! Now release me from here I’ll feed u free milk ok?
    Mario: deal then?
    Voice:…..just how old are you?
    Mario: umm 3 and half years old maybe….Luigi how old are we?
    Luigi: I don’t care I just want to eat something I’m hungry! Bwaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Voice: stop eating my brain!
    Mario: ok what should we do?
    Voice:just cut off my branches! Uproot the tree ! Cause destruction mwahahahah!
    Mario: but we are babies!
    Voice: -_- sorry my mistake….
    Mario: so what should we do?
    Voice: hmmm you said u were babies right?
    Mario: yeah….
    Voice: come here
    Mario goes near the tree and voice tells him a plan in whisper…..
    Mario: ok we can do that!
    Mario: c’mon Luigi!
    Luigi : where?
    Mario : to the village….
    Mario: he asked us to get five tons of goo!
    Luigi: five tons of goo! Why?
    Mario : to kill the tree of course!
    Luigi: from where?
    Mario: of course I’ll ask the people here..
    Luigi : do u know what goo is?
    Mario: no I don’t know but I’ll ask the people in the village
    Mario and Luigi crawl into the assembly hall of the village and enter the stage.
    Mario: All the people present here please give me your goo!
    Man: what is the baby talking!
    Woman: oh my god! The baby wants goo!
    Mario: yes we want everyone goo!
    Man: but it went down the drain this morning!
    Luigi: we want all the goo we can get!
    Mario: can you show us where the goo went to?
    Astonished people pointed the way to a sewer pipe.
    Mario and Luigi went near the sewer pipe but stopped.
    Mario: geeez! It’s stinking! Is goo down there?
    Man : lots and lots of goo you cna get in your whole life!
    Mario : thanks but you are giving a large amount of ur property so I need to return something to u!
    Man : no thanks
    Mario and Luigi enter the drain

    A few days later…..
    Each person in the village finds their houses fill up with goo.. Their food fill up with goo. Soon they are eating goo pizzas and goo. Burgers

    They found a note written by Mario.
    ” here is the goo that u have shown me. As a reward I am giving you this too for free!” Mario

    And so Mario and Luigi feed goo to the tree and kill it
    The vampire comes out
    Vampire: it’s been soo long since I have tasted blood of babies!
    The vampire catches Mario and Luigi but the throats
    Vampire: blood!
    Mario: you want more goo?
    Luigi: ok we will get it
    Mario: mr vampire I’m afraid we will have to kill you!
    Vampire : kill me? Hahaha!
    Mario looks towards Luigi our toxic gas combo!
    And after killing the vampire in e old fashioned Mario Luigi style the brothers continue their adventures……

    This is a story with comedy in it .. This is not a particular joke like all other parodies…. Good night!

  • Death bolt that means u r fourth and I’m fifth yippee!
    Just relax dude they are just kids and in their excitement they tend to do crazy things like these which annoy adults.
    Yeah u can scold them but they just keep doing it that’s their nature.
    Well just to cool you down………..

  • sorry but this story sounds similar to the film Sleepy Hollow (1999) starring Johnny Depp!

  • Hey SFK why don’t you just delete the “first…second” comments?
    I saw you post on the other story and your getting annoyed too eh XD
    I have not thought of any other way blocking or deleting the users obviously won’t help because they will just create new ones…
    Please do something its like they are spamming and most of the times it starts a chain of 1sts 2nds 3rds etc…
    What can I say… Monkey see monkey do

  • hi i’m new to this site,although ive been reading the stories here as a free user. I once went to Mexico and cut the branch of that tree but only sap came out!!!

    Scaryforkids says: You are still a free user. LOL

  • sorry 4 that but ..
    hhhhh xD first time XP
    i know it sounds childish but i had to !!!

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