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Vampire Hunter

Vampire Hunter is a great game to play at a Halloween party, especially if you have a large number of guests.

Vampire Hunter

Vampire Hunter is also known as “Vampires And Villagers” or “Secret Vampire”.

First of all, you have to assign roles to people. One person is the narrator. All the rest are villagers. One of the villagers is secretly assigned a dual role as both a villager and a secret vampire.

All of the villagers and the secret vampire sit on chairs in a circle in the room. The narrator sits in front of everyone.

The narrator asks all of the other players to close their eyes and pretend to be asleep. They are all villagers, asleep in their homes.

Then the narrator says “Vampire awaken!” The secret vampire opens his eyes. The narrator asks him to point to the villager he would like to kill. The murderer points to any person in the circle, and then closes his eyes and pretends to be a villager again.

Then the narrator says, “Villagers awaken!” Everyone opens their eyes, including the secret vampire. The narrator reveals who the vampire has chosen to kill and the victim must lie down on the floor in front of everyone and pretend to be dead.

Now the villagers get a chance to discuss who they think the secret vampire is. The secret vampire, pretends to be a villager and tries to shift suspicion onto someone else. Finally, the villagers must chose one of their own to kill.

When the villagers pick someone to kill, the narrator must tell them if they have chosen correctly. If they picked the wrong person, the narrator says “I’m sorry, you have murdered an innocent person” and the victim lies down in front and pretends to be dead. If they picked the secret vampire, the narrator says “Congratulations, you have killed the vampire and saved the village” and the game ends.

As the game goes on, there will be a pile of dead bodies lying on the floor. The game will continue until the villagers figure out who the secret vampire is. If they don’t figure it out, the vampire wins.


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