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USS North Carolina

USS North Carolina

The USS North Carolina is a haunted battleship that lost 10 men in battle during World War 2. Five men died when the ship was torpedoed September 1942. Another three were killed by friendly fire in April 1945. The remaining two died in separate incidents.

USS North Carolina

Today, the USS North Carolina is still haunted by at least two of the dead sailors. One is good but one is evil. One likes to rattle things, cut off the lights, slam the doors, move things around in the room. The other is cold and much more wicked. When he is near, the temperature in the room drops and you can see your own breath. He has chased people and even yelled at them.

A ghostly young blond man has been seen in the passageways. Another spirit peers out of portholes occasionally. One has even hitched a ride with an unsuspecting guest.

Hatches and doors open or close themselves, televisions and lights turn themselves off or on. Things move by themselves in front of witnesses. And they don’t hesitate to make themselves known by talking and even yelling. And of course there are cold spots, footsteps and other eerie experiences.

One night, a watchman was fixing a power box below deck when he felt a gust of cold air and a hand on his shoulder. He spun around and shone his flashlight but there was nothing there. He heard footsteps walking away.

He jerked the beam of light around the room. There were empty tables and benches. In the open hatch nearby stood a sailor with blond hair so fair it looked white. The light from the flashlight passed right through him. When the night watchman screamed, the ghostly sailor turned his head and disappeared.

It may go months or even years between experiences. Several experiences may happen in a short amount of time. But when the ghosts of this battleship become active they certainly appear to make themselves heard very loud and clear.

A paranormal investigator on board the ship saw a ghostly human head peek out from behind a locker and then abruptly disappear.

Ghost Hunters

When the TAPS investigators went to the USS North Carolina on an episode of Ghost Hunters, they heard ghostly voices, loud banging, footsteps, hatchways opening and closing and other strange noises in various parts of the ship. Also Jason and Grant saw a moving shadow that they followed. They noticed a bracket which was hanging loose from the bulkhead was moving as if someone had bumped into it. They followed the shadow into a room which had only one exit and no possible hiding place.

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