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USS Hornet

USS Hornet

The USS Hornet is a haunted aircraft carrier that is now a history museum in California. It was nicknamed The Grey Ghost and was investigated by Ghost Hunters in 2008 and Ghost Adventures in 2010.

USS Hornet

Spirits of dead sailors and officers wander the narrow passageways of the USS Hornet. Doors open and close on their own, objects move across floors and fall off of shelves, and sounds from the past echo through the stairwells.

Men in naval uniforms appear out of thin air to patrol compartments as if they’re still carrying out their daily orders. People have been pushed and grabbed by some invisible force. Psychics and professional ghost hunters agree that these are the souls of suffering men, cheated out of their lives after spending their final days in hell.

USS Hornet Ghost

An aircraft carrier is one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. The USS Hornet had a steam room. If a steam pipe ruptured, it would release an invisible stream of intense heat capable of killing sailors instantly before they were aware of what happened. Their blood was instantly boiled beneath their skin, causing their skin to fall off their bodies.

One crewman had his arm severed by one of these invisible steam jets, causing him to pass out. He bled to death in this room and when fellow shipmates found him, they discovered that the steam had boiled his blood and peeled his skin from his body. Now his ghost inhabits this room, sometimes accompanied by engine sounds.

“The Catapult” was a very powerful machine that was used to “catapult” the planes off the flight deck, helping them lift-off. The Catapult room is considered one of the most dangerous places aboard an aircraft carrier, because the wire used to hook in and catapult the plane has a tendencey to snap. When it snaps, it spins around the room, slicing through anything in its path.

There were many such accidents aboard the Hornet. Several people have reported seeing a headless crewman pacing up and down in this area. Other times, only his footsteps can be heard walking across the floor. They believe it’s the ghost of crewman who was decapitated by a snapped wire. People who have seen this headless soldier report it to be the most frightening and distubing experience of their lives.

During World War II, a japanese pilot was captured and held in a cell on board the USS Hornet. While living there, he went mad in his cell and died. It is rumored that he still haunts the cell that he spent his life in, unable to get out. Stuck like he was when he was alive.

An episode of the scary reality tv show MTV Fear was filmed on board the USS Hornet. It was also investigated by Ghost Hunters in 2008 and Ghost Adventures in 2010.

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