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University Northern Colorado

University Northern Colorado

The University of Northern Colorado is said to be haunted by the ghost of a girl named Edith who took her own life in a dorm and a dead janitor who was accidentally killed by a student.

University of Northern Colorado

Edith is probably the most famous ghost in the University of Northern Colorado. They say her ghost haunts two dormitories: Wiebking and Wilson.

When Edith came to the university, she was a shy and awkward young woman. She was supposed to be the RA (resident assistant) for the dorm, but the other girls were very mean to her. She became the butt of all their jokes and they constantly played pranks on her, tormenting her and keeping her up until all hours.

To calm herself, Edith would go up to the attic and play with marbles. She could often be heard rolling them across the attic floor. It was her only sanctuary from all the teasing and bullying.

One April Fools’ Day, the girls in her dorm decided to play another trick on Edith. They removed all the furniture from her room and hid it. When Edith came back after class, she found her room completely bare. This was the last straw for her. She was devastated and depressed. That evening, Edith went straight up to the attic and hanged herself from the rafters.

Ever since then, students say they can hear the unmistakeable sound of marbles rolling around in the attic at night. All of the girls know it is the ghost of Edith. They hear her walking the corridors at night and the students often see suspicious shadows in their rooms. They also hear strange noises in the night of doors opening, creaking, rattling. They say Edith’s ghost plays pranks on them, changing the channels on their TV sets, flipping lights on and off and moving their furniture while they sleep.

The basement of Harrison Hall is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a janitor. The janitor was working in the basement one night, and went to the trash bin to check if it needed to be emptied. Over the bin, there was a long trash chute that extended to all the floors of the building. As the janitor was leaning over the trash bin to look inside, a student on the top floor dropped a brick into the chute. It fell all the way to the bottom and hit the janitor in the head, killing him instantly.

Ever since then, the janitor’s ghost has been seen lingering in the basement of Harrison Hall. A few years ago, some of the students went into the basement and tried to contact the ghost with a ouija board. They made contact with a spirit and asked, “Are you the dead janitor?”

The board spelled out: “Y E S”.

“Do you have any message for us?” they asked.

The board spelled the answer: “O U T”.

The students promptly finished the session and left.

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  • @Qstarrdaze How can we talk to you? And anyone who is bullied or just feels like committing suicide, talk to me. I know how it feels to bullied and believe me, IT WILL GET BETTER!! ONE PERSON CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I USED TO GET BULLIED ALL THE TIME FOR BEING WEIRD, BUT THEN I GOT CLOSER TO MY TWO BEST FRIENDS AND NOW BARELY ANYTHING CAN UPSET ME!! And also JUST IGNORE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! There is always another option.

  • @justcreeped
    I agree, that would be very respectful, I would hope that would bring them some kind of peace in the after life.

  • @sfk the ouiga board has the word yes on it so the janitor would of moved it to that just pointing that out great story btw

  • Wtf if she knew it was april foolsshe shouldve taken it as a joke i mean come on!!

  • i’ve always wondered why those being bullied don’t report the bullying instead of taking their lives

  • @Just creeped, that would be nice, I encourage you, just watch out for mad ghosts.

  • Y’know I feel bad for all these haunted places. When i grow older i will travel the world respecting them. Giving notes under their doors saying “Rest In Peace Soon” Or “I Know You’re Story I Hope You Can Recover From You’re Painful Death” I thought about this for a year now. I hope I will have enough money!

  • Instead of killing herself why didn’t she just move from the school? Those tricks and tease sessions where not worth her life. If you are being bullied seek help or you can contact me, I will talk to you.

  • @Shadow_of_Darkness

    very stupid people, and she was sick of the tormenting and teasing so killed herself.

  • She killed herself because her furniture was gone? And who drops bricks down garbage chutes?

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