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Under the Covers

Under the Covers

Under the Covers is a scary story for bedtime about the sounds you hear at night when you’re alone in bed and unable to fall asleep.

Under the Covers

Tonight, just like any other night, you lie there in the darkness, silent and alone, with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company. You toss and turn in your bed, trying to get comfortable, but it’s just you and your thoughts. You try to think of anything that might distract you from the eerie silence that surrounds you.

Just then, you hear a creak. It’s a common sound to hear on such a quiet night, but it still makes you jump. Even though you hear the same sound every night, it still sends a chill down your spine as paranoia takes over. Your mind begins to race and your thoughts become darker.

The sound has now become the focus. You lie there, trying not to breathe, tring not to make a sound, not daring to move, listening for something and hoping you don’t hear anything. You’re too afraid to open your eyes because you dread what you might see. Your mind conjures frightening images as you lie there, alone in the dark and trembling with fear.

The terror builds in your mind and you try to find a way to calm yourself down. You pull the blankets over your head and hide under the covers, just like you did when you were a child. Under the covers, you don’t feel so scared. If they can’t see you and you can’t see them, you think you’re safe.

It’s hot under the blankets, but you put up with it because you feel protected. Gradually, you calm down and start to relax. You think logical thoughts. You tell yourself there’s nothing there in the dark that isn’t there in the light.

It’s just you and your thoughts again, alone, under the covers. You think of how silly it is to get so worked up over a little noise. With your eyes still closed, you lift the blanket off your face and breathe a sigh of relief.

That’s when you hear the sound of footsteps creeping towards your bed and a deep, rasping voice whispers, “There you are…”

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  • Why do we feel so safe under a blanket? It’s like when your feet are out and then you put them back under the blanket.
    *The robber* “Oh crap, they’ve got a blanket! Time for the next house!”

  • Good story. I never put my head under the covers because I can’t see anything.

  • Lol. I would never just hide under the covers cuz I don’t want the killer to think I’m awake I would pretend that I’m asleep but still be looking.

  • I want ups never I mean NEVER hind in the covers coz the killer might try stabbing the covers and when they doing that they might stab u in the head of somewhere painful I mean it and if I hinded in the closet I would still be scared coz that person might have a gun or something and start shooting the closet any part of it and that’s how u die also if it was a I don’t know a super natal thing then I would still die at the place I feel safe but I won’t.coz they might do something or might be carrying something u don’t expect and might start killing u 😥😥😱😱😨😲😵😶😟 I would feel awful

  • too bad im stuck between being young and old…im not a little kid, but im not an adualt, either, so i hide under covers, too sometimes

  • *hears noises*
    *gets scared*
    *hides under covers*
    *killer walks in*
    “I’m ready to kil… where is she?.. all well next time”
    like XD

  • Ha ha it’s true people do feel safe under a blanket it’s not like a murderer is going to come in and be like “I’m going to ki- oh dang it she’s under a blanket!!”

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